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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1827, Sunday, April 3, 1831.

Ancient Relics

The partial draining of Loch Leven, which has lately been effected by the neighbouring proprietors at a considerable expense, has been the means of bringing to light two highly interesting relics of the days of the beautiful but unfortunate Mary. The first is a marble figure, delicately sculptured, of the human form in miniature, which was found near the island of St. Serf, and is supposed to have decorated one of the niches of its famous monastery. The other is a handsome sceptre, apparently of cane, hilted with ivory, and mounted with silver, upon which latter were the letters of the words, "Mary, Queen of Scots," are almost wholly legible, although both the ivory and silver are much decayed. The sceptre was found near the "Mary Knowe," the supposed landing spot of the fair sovereign, in her memorable escape from the Castle of Loch Leven. These important relics were both discovered last week by some boys, who were amusing themselves on the newly-reclaimed land, and are, we understand, now in the possession of Lord Chief Commissioner Adam.—Edinburgh Advertiser.