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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1831, Sunday, May 1, 1831


Armagh County—Lord Acheson and Mr. C. Brownlow are up for the county Armagh.

Athlone—Mr. James Talbot, jun. has offered himself to the electors of Athlone.

Carrickfergus—Lord George Hill is on his way to Carrickfergus, to offer himself again as a candidate for the representation of that place.

Derry County—Captain Jones s[sic] addressed the electors of the county Derry.

Donegal—Counsellor Macklin is a candidate for this county, we understand.

Drogheda—Mr. Wallace and Mr. North have addressed the electors.

Dublin City—Our late highly esteemed Representatives, Messrs. Moore and Shaw, have again offered themselves as candidates for this city on the approaching election.

Dublin University—Mr. Crampton has declared himself a candidate for the University.

Kildare County—General Hort comes forward for this county, in place of Lord William Fitzgerald, who retires from the representation. The gallant officer avows himself a stanch reformer to the fullest extent of the bill. Mr. More O'Ferrall's re-election is quite certain.

Leitrim—Mr. J. M. Clements is a candidate for Leitrim.

Limerick—M. S. Dickson is in the field as a candidate for the representation of the city of Limerick.

Meath County—Lord Killeen's address to the electors of this county has already appeared.

Newry—Issac Burke Bethel, Esq., will stand, coute qui coute, for Newry.

Sligo—Mr. J. Cooper is a candidate for Sligo.

Westmeath County—Hugh M. Tuite, Esq., will be a candidate at the ensuing election for the county Westmeath.