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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1831, Sunday, May 1, 1831


Angus, &c.—Mr. Ross, for, has secured Arbroath and Montrose; Sir J. Carnegie, against, has got Aberdeen and Bervie.

Argyleshire—Mr. W. Campbell is in the field for this county: he voted for the bill.

Ayrshire—Mr. Oswald, of Auchintreen, has announced himself for this county as a reformer, in opposition to Mr. Blair, the late member, who voted against the bill

Dumbartonshire—Mr. J. C. Colquhoun, in favour; and Lord W. Graham, against.

Dumfries—Mr. Hope Johnstone, in favour; Mr. R. Dundas, against.

Dysart, &c.—Lord Loughborough, the late member, is a candidate. The Town Council have called on Mr. Ferguson, of Raith, to stand as a real reformer.

Edinburgh—Mr. Jeffrey has announced himself as a candidate; so has M. R. A. Dundas. All the incorporations are meeting in favour of the Lord Advocate.

Edinburghshire—Sir George Clerk, in his address, says, "that he is ready to give his support to any measures calculated to correct the abuses which may have grown up in the political system."

Fifeshire—Mr. J. Lindsay opposes Captain Wemyss, who supported ministers.

Glasgow, &c.—Mr. Campbell, the late member, is in the field. Mr. Dixon has announced himself in opposition.

Haddington—Mr. Stewart, of Alderson, a reformer, has secured the votes of Haddington and Jedburgh.

Haddingtonshire—Mr. D. Baird and Mr. Grant Suttie, in favour; Mr. J. T. Hope and Mr. Balfour, against.

Kirkcudbrightshire—Mr. Cutlar Ferguson has come forward here on his old principles as a supporter of the ministerial bill of reform. A second candidate has started, Mr. Forbes, of Callendar House, who declares himself "firmly resolved to support establishments in Church and State," and "not indisposed to support any change in the representation, consistent with the safety of the constitution."

Lanarkshire—The freeholders have met, and called on Mr. J. Maxwell, jun. to oppose the Hon. Charles Douglas.

Linlithgow—The Town Council give their support to Mr. Gillon, a decided friend of the Reform bill.

Linlithgowshire—Mr. A. Hope, against.

Perth Burghs—The friends of the Lord Advocate have commenced a canvass. Perth and St. Andrews have declared in his favour, and it is said he has secured Cupar. If Dundee be restored in sufficient time his election is sure.

Perthshire—Sir G. Murray is up again. He declares, in his address, that "he never has been an enemy at any period of his public life, to prudent ameliorations of the political system of the country.

Renfrewshire. Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, one of the w Scotch members who supported the bill, has addressed the electors. Mr. Campbell, it is said, will stand.

Ross-shire—Mr. Mackenzie, against.

Roxburghshire—Mr. Scott, who voted against ministers, says in his address so the freeholders, that " after the late discussions, &c. in the house, he is inclined to believe that some equitable and moderate alteration as to the distribution of the elective franchise ought to be adopted."

Selkirk Burghs—Mr. Gillon?,in favour.

Selkirkshire—Mr. A. Pringle has solicited the suffrages of the freeholders; be opposed the bill. Mr. A. E. Lockhart is to be put in nomination on the other side.

Stirling Burghs—Mr. Johnstone has come into the field as a reformer.

Stirlingshire—Admiral Fleming, in favour.