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Source: Bell's Weekly Messenger, No.1858, Sunday, November 13, 1831

Important to Travellers and Inn Keepers.

A question of great importance to the above description of persons has just been decided in the Court of King's Bench. In December last, a lady, named Kent, was staying at an inn in Brighton, kept by a person named Shuter, and a reticule, containing Bank-notes to the value of 60l. having been stolen from her bed-room, an action was brought against the landlord of the house, which came on for trial at the last Sussex Assizes, when the Jury, under the direction of Mr. Justice Gazelee, found a verdict for the plaintiff. The defendant applied to the Court to set aside the verdict, on the ground that the property stolen was in the exclusive care of the plaintiff herself, and that consequently he was not responsible for it. Lord Tenterden (with whom the other Judges concurred), decided that the verdict could not be disturbed, for the law held the keeper of an inn responsible for the safety of all property.

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