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Queen Anne's Bounty Office

Queen Anne's Bounty Office, 3, Dean's Yard. This office belongs to a corporation, established by Act of Parliament of the 3rd of Queen Anne, February 1704, for the better maintenance of the poor clergy, by the augmentation of small livings. The consolidation of the offices of First Fruits and Tenths with the Bounty was effected by Act of Parliament, 1 Victoria, 1838.

The First Fruits are payable by every new incumbent, at the Bounty Office, within three months after his admission. The yearly tenths become due on the 25th December, and must be paid early in each year. Hours of attendance from 10 till 4 o'clock, Secretary's and First Fruits and Tenths department; and from 10 till 2, Treasurer's department.

By the return ordered by Parliament in February 1861, it appears that during the year ending Dec. 31, 1859—
The amount received for First Fruits and Tenths was 15,350. Benefactions for augmentations of livings, 16,654. Produce of stock, 21,199. Income from capital, 82,845. Mortgages and other productions of sales, etc., above 80,000. Total receipts, 246,072 : 18 : 4.
And the disbursements, paid to the clergy, etc.—
Appropriated to their livings, etc., 79,662.
Paid for purchase of residences, lands, tithe-rent charges, etc., 20,622
Paid for erection of houses, 24,175.
Loan on mortgages to build, etc., glebe houses, 48,281.
Purchase of stock, 58,028.
Salaries, annuities, rents, legal expenses, about 7,000, with a cash balance of 6,000 carried on to 1861.

SOURCE: The Charities of London, by Samuel Low, Jun., London: Sampson Low, Son,
and Marston, Milton House, Ludgate Hill. 1861.