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Pension Funds

SOURCE: The Charities of London, by Samuel Low, Jun., London: Sampson Low, Son, and Marston, Milton House, Ludgate Hill

Provident and Benevolent Institutions for aiding the Resources of the Industrious.

Benevolent and Provident Pension Funds - Introduction

British Beneficent Institution

Lambeth Pension Society

London Aged Christian Society

City of London General Pension Society

The National Benevolent Institution

Royal General Annuity Society

Royal General Pension Society

Aged Poor Society

Friendly Female Society

Aged Pilgrim's Friend Society

Queen Anne's Bounty Office

The Clergy Orphan and Widow Corporation

The Society of the Festival of the Sons of the Clergy

Society for the Relief of Poor, Pious Clergymen

Arnold's Fund

Ashton's Charity

Bishop Porteus's Annual Donations

Cames Charity, for Widows of Clergymen

The Cholmondeley Trust

Clergy Fund of the Church of England Life and Fire Assurance Institutions

The Friend of the Clergy Corporation

The Rev. Dr. George Richards' Charity

Clergy Provident Society

Clerical Fund and Poor Clergy Relief Society

The Thomson Hankey Charity

The London Clergy Widow Fund

The Scientific Relief Fund

Artists' Benevolent Fund

Artists' General Benevolent Institution

Architect's' Benevolent Institution

Sir John Soane's Charity

Society of Schoolmasters

Bromley College, for widows and daughters of clergymen, see chapter on asylums. [Editor: Not currently online]

Ministers' Friend, or Associate Fund

The "Christian Witness" Fund

Evangelical Magazine Fund

Society for Assisting to Apprentice the Children of Dissenting Ministers of Evangelical Sentiments

Protestant Union

Royal Literary Fund

Society for the Relief of Widows and Children of Protestant Dissenting Ministers

Society of Schoolmasters

Church Schoolmasters' and Schoolmistresses' Benevolent Institution

Governesses' Benevolent Institution

Temporary Residence for Governesses

Home for Gentlewoman

Establishment for Gentlewoman during Temporary Illness

The Ladies Institution for Females of Weak Intellect

Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain

Royal Society of Female Musicians

The Choral Fund

Choir Benevolent Fund

The Patriotic Funds (see Chapter vii). [Editor: not currently online]

The Central Association in aid of Soldiers' Wives and Families (see Chapter vii). [Editor: not currently online]

The Wellington College (see Chapter x). [Editor: not currently online]

Army Medical Officers' Benevolent Society

The Wellington and United Service Benevolent Institution, also, The Officers' Widow and Orphan Permanent Fund. Advertisements respecting these two institutions having appeared up to a recent date, it may be as well to intimate here that the institutions are no longer in existence.

Merchant Seamen's Corporation

Royal Naval Annuitant Society

The Royal Naval Benevolent Society

London Maritime Institution

Master Mariners' Benevolent Society

Royal Naval Medical Supplement Fund

Society for the Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men

Medical Benevolent Fund

Royal Medical Benevolent College Fund

Law Association

Solicitors Benevolent Association

United Law Clerks Society

Provident Clerks' Benevolent Fund

Booksellers Provident Institution

The Booksellers Provident Retreat

Stationers' and Paper Manufacturer's Provident Society

Printers Pension Society

Virtuosi Provident Fund

Bookbinder's Pension Society

Vellum-binders and Machine Ruler's Pension Society

Covent Garden Theatrical Fund

Royal Dramatic College Fund

Royal General Theatrical Fund

Benevolent Fund of the Sacred Harmonic

Society of Dancers and Teachers of Dancing

Organ-builders' Benevolent Institution

Watch and Clock-makers' Benevolent Institution

Goldsmiths' Benevolent Institution

Iron, Hardware, and Metal Trades' Pension Society

Ship-brokers, Ship and Custom House Agent's Benevolent Society

Railway Benevolent Institution

Hotel and Tavern Keepers' Provident Institution, established 1839. For the relief of aged and necessitous members.
Treasurer, T. H. Burrell, Esq.

The Master Coachbuilders' Benevolent Institution

Commercial Travellers' Society

Grocers' and Tea Dealers' Benevolent Protection Society

Permanent Fund of the Society of Licensed Victuallers

Job and Postmaster's Provident Fund

Butchers' Charitable Institution

Cheesemongers' Benevolent Institution

Fishmongers' and Poulterers' Institution

Furniture Brokers Benevolent Institution

Aged and Infirm Journeymen Tailors' Benevolent Institution

Linen Drapers', Silk Mercers', etc., Institution

Pawnbrokers' Charitable Institution

Agricultural Benevolent Institution

Builders Benevolent Institution

Cumberland Benevolent Institution

Foundling Benevolent Fund

British Hair-Dressers' Benevolent

London General Porters' Benevolent

Royal Gardeners' Benevolent Institution

Royal Masonic Benevolent Annuity Fund

Benevolent Society of Blues

Tallow Chandlers' Benevolent Society