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Merchant Seamen's Corporation

Merchant Seamen's Corporation, originally incorporated 1747, by an Act of 20th George II, cap. 38, intituled "An Act for the relief and support of maimed and disabled seamen, and the widows and children of such as shall be killed, slain, or drowned in the merchant service. Its constitution and management have recently undergone considerable change; it is now under the direct control of Government, who issue and annual statement of accounts under the Act known as "The Seaman's Fund Winding-up Act," pursuant to Acts 14 and 15 Vict. c. 102; and 17 and 18 Victoria c. 104.

The balance sheet, audited June 28, 1861, shows receipts 100,124 : 14 : 1, including 38,406 from previous year; 38,700 Parliamentary vote for the year; and 3,002 : 7 : 1 voluntary contributions from masters and seamen. The amount of disbursements included 59,952 paid for pensions and annuities, and 46,166 balance in hand. The number of pensioners on the fund, Dec. 31 last, was as follows;—Masters, 2,015; seamen, 3,574; Masters widows, 3,471; Master's Children, 1519; seamen's widows, 6,874; seamen's children, 2,537: total 20,690.(sic)

Accountant, H. R. Williams, Esq., Board of Trade.—Office, 2, Hammet Street, Minories.

SOURCE: The Charities of London, by Samuel Low, Jun., London: Sampson Low, Son,
and Marston, Milton House, Ludgate Hill. 1861.