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Recruiting in the United States

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.10 1855, p.562

Mr. Crampton, the British Minister at Washington, has been found guilty of violating our neutrality laws in the matter of recruiting soldiers in the United States for the service of the Allies against Russia. It is reported that our Cabinet have therefore instructed Mr. Buchanan, our Minister at London, to demand the recall of Mr. Crampton and certain of her Majesty's Consuls implicated in the same unlawful business. Now, we have a Russian case or two in the same category. A correspondent of one of our morning contemporaries puts the following case in reference to the anticipated withdrawal of Mr. Crampton—"I wish to know what steps have been taken, or are to be taken, to have the Russian Minister withdrawn. The whole country has been publicly and repeatedly informed, in a boastful, triumphant manner, that James C. Thompson, the proprietor of the machine-works on Quay-street, Albany, has been offered the situation of chief engineer in the Russian navy. We have it proclaimed that his salary is to be 6000 dollars a year, together with a free dwelling-house; and it is openly avowed that Mr. Thompson had gone to Washington to complete the engagement with the Russian Minister." On Wednesday, it appears, the United States Deputy-Marshal, Horton, of this port, seized the ship Maury, on suspicion that she was engaged in the service of Russia, and had on board articles contraband of war, cannon, muskets, powder, balls, &c., being found among the materials of her cargo. This, however, in not yet proved so clear a case of the infraction of the, law as that of the Russian Minister in the engagement of Mr. Thompson. The ship may be destined to some country not engaged in a war with a foreign enemy; but the admission that Mr. Thompson has been at Washington to complete his arrangement with the Russian Minister, as chief engineer of the Russian navy, under the very noses of the President, his Premier, and his Attorney-General, is certainly a cool operation compared with the proceedings of Mr. Crampton. What says the Premier!—New York Herald.