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Extracts from
The Illustrated London News

Whisky Fire in Dublin

A Man Killed by a Lion

Prize Cup for Riflemen

New Breech-Loading Rifled Gun

[Photography Royal Residences]

[Southampton Church]

[Goudie's Life Jacket]

Church Extension

Wills and Bequests: Drummond

Wills and Bequests: Fanshawe

Wills and Bequests: Freshfield

Wassailing Apple-Trees in Devonshire, 200K

[British Armed Forces, Crimea]

[Volunteering at Chatham]

[Metropolitan Schools' Choral Society]

[Cricket: Surrey v. Notts]

[Crimea Medals awarded]

Landing Artillery in the Crimea

[Crimea: Invalids, Southampton]

French Glass Manufactures

Minton and Co.

Professor Isola's Toilet Stand

[International Mozart Institution]

[Grand concert, St. James's Hall]

[Academy, pianoforte playing]

[Crystal Palace Summer Concert]

19th Century Advertisements:

[Deaf: Hearing aid, 1855]

[Barley Water]

[Army Boots]

[Candle Lamps]

[Roofing Felt]

[Spring Grove, Richmond]

[Telescopes for Sale]

[E.J. Dent Watchmaker]

Recruiting in the United States

Destruction of a Chinese Pirate

The Franklin Expedition

The Sailors' Institute

The French Law of Marriage Settlement

Obituary: George Hodson

Obituary: Thomas Brandram

Obituary: Charles Evans, Anglesey

Mask of Isaac Newton

Royal Thames Yacht Prize

London Omnibus Company

Bust of the Duke of Wellington

Discovery of a Roman Sarcophagus

New Kaffir Exhibition

Paris Exposition, 1855

The Weather at Christmas, 1855

Royal Visit to Woolwich Arsenal

New Church, Argyle Square

Church, Fitzroy Square

Fire at Watford Town Hall, 210K

Bread Prices

Royal Humane Society

Portrait of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert

The Great Clock at Westminster

Health of London

The Rights of Refugees

London Advertisement Hall

Mortar Casting

Monster Snowball

Guildhall - Lord Mayor's Day, 1855

The Balaclava Hospitals, 1855

[Medical Staff Corps, 1855]

[Woolwich Dockyard, new Mortar-raft, 1855]

[Invalids, Portsmouth, 1855]

Wills, 1855

The "Arctic Council"

Founding of the Town of Dumbarton, 270K

Fire and Loss of Life

Harlaxton Hall, Lincolnshire

Pricking for High Sheriffs

Highway Robbery and Attempted Murder

Mont Blanc exhibition

Sunday Music

[Saved from Drowning, Nottingham]

Contraband of War, USA

Boiler Explosion

Royal Sardinian Chapel

Monument to Colonel Chester

View of Sebastopol, Crimea

The Madras Railway

Newgate Prison, 1888: Interior views and plan
The Chapel
The Brid-Cage Walk
The Flogging Ward
Chain Cupboard
Ground Plan

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