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Emmigration and Colonisation

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 29, 1848, p.63

Immigration being much required in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, &c., and as the supposed expense of an Outfit often prevents Individuals Emigrating, S. W. SILVER and Co., CLOTHIERS, OUTFITTERS, and CONTRACTORS (having a large interest to maintain in those Colonies), have been advised to make known that they can supply a comfortable OUTFIT, including Bedding, for Male or Female Emigrants from Four Pounds (net) upwards, or less (Two Pounds, if needful); and for Children in proportion, at No. 4, Bishopsgate-street Within, opposite the London Tavern, where lists will be given on application.

S. W. S. & Co., being the makers of nearly every article in all the Outfits they supply, and as one of their objects is to promote Emmigration, they neither receive from agents, or pay the too usual commission to any person introducing passengers to be fitted out, so that the passage and outfit may be procured at the least possible expense; but they will, on application, advise passengers how to obtain the most economic passage to the Colonies. They leave a representative in every Australian Colony, to whom they ship Clothing monthly; thus they would forward small parcels free of expense.

Naval and Military Officers, Midshipmen, Cadets, Civilians, Ladies, &c. are outfitted as heretofore at the Cabin-Passenger Outfitting Warehouse, Nos. 66 and 67, Cornhill(the Emmigration Outfitting being exclusively at No.4 Bishopsgate-street Within) London, and each branch at St. George's-crescent, Liverpool.