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The Illustrated London News

Almshouses and School Buildings at Fulham

Dancing Lessons, 1846

Candle Lamps


Horse Riding Lessons, 1846

Kensal Green, General Cemetery, 1846

London Train Fares, 1844

Chubb's Locks, 1846

Our Mutual Friend. By Charles Dickens

The new Lord Mayor of London, 1864, 130K

Juvenile Missionary Society

Font and Pulpit of the Church of St. Stephen, 250K

Consecration, Church of St. Stephen the Martyr, Westminster, 255K

Sale of Sculpture, Bronzes, 1848

Sale of China, 1848

Sale of Furniture, 1848

Beddington House, Surrey

The Best English Watches, 1848

Sport on the Thames, 1848

Royal Chinese Junk

Canaries, Singing & Talking Birds

The Christy Minstrels

Exmoor Pony

Colosseum, Regent's Park

East India Company Tea

Hanover Square Rooms

London General Mourning Warehouse

Rare Bird, on the Firth of Forth

Holborn Viaduct, 270K

International Exhibition of 1862

Lady Godiva

Railway Gauge Commissioners

Gold in Nova Scotia

Paulsen, the Famous Blindfold Chessplayer

Agricultural Fête at Romford

Australia: Emmigration and Colonisation

Busselton, Western Australia, 130K

Death of Luther, 120K

Homerton College, 200K

Astronomy: Double Comet, 1846

Writers Course, 1844

Richmond: Reduced Fares, 1844

The Tyndale Monument


Cobbler's Stall

London Shoeblack


Footman with Flambeau



Print: View of Old Church, Pump room, Leamington Spa

Print: View of New Church, Pump room, Leamington Spa

New Barracks at Ipswich

Removal of a Dwelling House at Ipswich

Essie Deegan's Christmas Eve (150K)

Christmas in the Jungle (140K)

why the Xmas Mail was delayed (170K)

Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich (220K)

Victorian Supper scene (250K)

Salmon for Australia

Left-off Clothes for Australia


The Maharajah of Jeypore's Ball

[Duke of Wellington]

Great Storm, 1881
Blackheath Church - Spire down
Shoreditch Station: fallen Gable
Burlington Street: Roof off house

Emperor of Russia: Charing Cross
Emperor of Russia: Fleet Street
View from Blackfriars Bridge, Manchester
The Cathedral, Manchester
Grand Antiquarian Banquet at Newcastle
Harwell, Abingdon, Fire

Extracts from The Graphic, Christmas Number, 1879

19th Century Advertisements

Colman's Mustard, 70K

Brown & Polson's Corn Flour, 180K

Floral Bell Dental Wash, 170K

Macniven and Cameron Pens, 100K

Mrs. Allen's Hair Restorer, 180K

Pears Transparent Soap, 250K

Roasting Coffee

Goldsmiths' & Silversmiths' Company

Bird's Custard Powder, 1884

Hair Dye

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