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[New Bankruptcy Act]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Sept 8, 1883

The first appointments under the new Bankruptcy Act have been made. Mr. John Smith, manager of the London and Yorkshire Bank, and author of several well-known papers on bankruptcy, read at the Bankers' Institute, has been appointed Inspector-General in Bankruptcy, and will have general charge of the administrative business intrusted to the board of Trade by the Act. Mr. R.P. Harding, the senior partner of Messrs. Harding, Whinney, and Co., accountants, receives a special appointment for five years as principal Official Receiver of the London Court of Bankruptcy. Mr. E. Hough, an assistant clerk at the Board of Trade, who has given valuable assistance in the preparation of the bill, has been appointed Chief Clerk in Bankruptcy, and will assist Mr. Smith in the general conduct of the administrative business.