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The Illustrated London News

The Prince's Well, Glenmark, Scotland

The Testimonial to Admiral Rous

New Congregationalist Chapel at Halstead, Essex

Presentation of Indian Medals

Her Majesty's steamer Triton

Scottish Tourist Season

Auction Sale at Stowe, 170K

Temple of Ancient Virtue, Stowe, 150K

The new Harbour works at Dover

New Lantern for the Eddystone Lighthouse

Family Colonisation Loan Society

Bankruptcy Act, Appointments under new Act

Captain Cook, Ship, the Resolution

Chess Player, New Orleans, America

New Clock, Royal Courts of Justice

Opening of free library, Newark

Flower show at Salisbury

The Willesden Cottage Hospital

Royal Agricultural Society's Meeting at York

Births, Marriages, Deaths

British Missions

Church Pastoral Aid Society

Church: Preferments and Appointments

Grand Western Archery Society

Roman Catholic Church of St. George

Nugget of Gold at Melbourne

Tapestry, Paintings on Canvas

Theatres Closed

Royal Italian Opera

Courtauld funding of Mechanics' Institute

London Streets renamed

Exploration of New Zealand

Roman Settlements, East Ham, Essex

Southwark Bridge Company

University of London

Church of St. Botolph, at Boston

Camden Town Ragged Schools

Lord's Cricket Ground

Juba at Vauxhall

Gresham Life Assurance Society

The "Sea Lioness"

National Sports

Old Cloisters at Westminster

The City of London School

A Perilous Balloon Adventure

The new Uniform of the London Postmen, 180K

[Grove Park School, Wrexham]

The Great Fire in Southwark - Sunday (230K)

The Great Fire in Southwark - Monday (270K)

Exhibition at Agricultural Hall, Islington

Bishop Patteson Memorial Church (200K)

The Queen v. O'Connell (250K)

Night Scene on the Serpentine (200K)

The Soldiers' Daughters' Home (130)

Italy: American pilgrims

Brompton Hospital for Consumption

Festival at Grimston Park, Yorkshire (250K)

National Thrift Society

Voyage to Valparaiso, [1852], 240K

Departure of the Court for Scotland, 155K

Fashions for November, 1853

Redcliffe Infant School, Bristol

Health of London

Meetings and Anniversaries

The "Gunpowder" at Rotherhithe

Model of the Royal Exchange

Baths and Wash-houses for the Labouring Classes

The Serpentine

New South Wales

The Horticultural Society Fete, at Chiswick, 180K

Juvenile Entertainment at the Mansion House, 225K


Imperial Apartments at Buckingham Palace

Easter Sunday at Jerusalem

Improvement in Photography

Paris Fashions for May, 220K

The Arctic Expeditions

Post Office London Directory for 1856

State Opening of Parliament, 1848, 270K

The Stamford and Essendine Railway, 200K

Bloomsbury Flower Show in Russell Square, 220K

Monkey House, Zoological Society's Gardens, 180K

Danger of Street Crossings in London

Cricket Matches, Lord's, Marylebone Club

Balloon Ascent, Vauxhall Gardens, 180K

Mr. Albert Smith's Ascent of Mont Blanc, 170K

Great Bell, Palace at Westminster, 220K

Holdernesse House, Park Lane, 200K

Eastbourne: Working Men's Hall

Births, Marriages, Deaths

Woolwich Arsenal (240K)

Law and Police

Industrial Investments

Saved from the "Ava"

London Foreign Exchange, 1848

Art School: Ipswich

Legal: Wills and Bequests

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