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[Barley Water]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.3 1855, p.527

The Best Food for Children, Invalids, and others.

ROBINSON'S PATENT BARLEY, for making superior BARLEY-WATER in fifteen minutes, has not only obtained the patronage of her Majesty and the Royal Family, but has become of general use to every class of the community; and is acknowledged to stand unrivalled as an eminently pure, nutritious, and light food for infants and invalids; much approved for making delicious custard-pudding, and excellent for thickening broths or soups.

ROBINSON'S PATENT GROATS for more than thirty years have been held in constant and increasing public estimation as the purest farinae of the oat, and as the best and most valuable preparation for making a pure and delicate GRUEL, which forms a light and nutrition supper for the aged, is a popular recipe for colds and influenza, is of general use in the sick-chamber, and, alternately with the Patent Barley, is an excellent food for infants and children.

Prepared only by the Patentees, ROBINSON, BELLVILLE, sad CO., Purveyors to the Queen, 64, Red Lion-street, Holborn, London.

The Proprietors of Robinson's Patent Barley and Patent Groats, desirous that the public shall at all times purchase these preparations in a perfectly sweet and fresh condition, respectfully inform the public that every packet is now completely enveloped in the purest tinfoil, over which is the usual and well-known paper wrapper.

Sold by all respectable Grocers, Druggists, and others, in town and country, in Packets of 6d. and 1s.; and Family Canisters, at 2s., 5s., and 10s. each.