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Candle Lamps

Palmer and Co.'s Patent
Magnum and New Mid-Sized

Victorian Candle Lamp

Together with every variety of their CANDLE LAMPS; in general, giving every degree of light—from that of a rushlight, to that of the most brilliant French table lamp, at reduced prices.

PALMER and Co., who have so successfully introduced the art of lighting by means of Candle Lamps and Candles, to burn WITHOUT SNUFFIING now making a new mid-sized Candle from Palm Oil, and Mid-Sized Candle Lamps for them.

The Candles give more light; last longer, and cost less, than the metallic Wick Candles.

They are not unpleasant to handle, nor have they any smell; and it is presumed they will be preferred (with the Lamp) to any mode of lighting, for all ordinary purposes.

Many ill-constructed Lamps having gone abroad, Palmer and Co. cannot be answerable for the burning of any but such as have their name on them

List of Prices of Patent Candles
Under which names orders for them are to be given.
(All to be used in Candle Lamps)

Victorian Candle Lamp Price List

Source: The Illustrated London News, September 30, 1843, p.223