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[Candle Lamps]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.3 1855, p.527

CANDLE LAMPS.—The high price of Oil, and the reduction is the price of Candles, has directed public attention to CANDLE LAMPS. Those manufactured by PALMER and CO. may be relied upon as excelling other Lamps in facility of management, cleanliness, and general convenience. They are adapted for giving any degree of light, and are suited to all purpose of domestic use. Palmer and Co. having rendered both the Candles and the Lamps as perfect as possible, care should be taken to procure Lamps and Chimney Glasses, stamped "Palmer and Co.," as they cannot be answerable for the burning of their Candles when the Lamps or Chimmeys used are not of of their own manufacture.—Sold retail by all Lamp Dealers, and wholesale by Palmer and Co., Sutton-street, Clerkenwell.