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[Volunteering at Chatham]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 10, 1855, p.562

Volunteering of troops at Chatham for the 19th Regiment of Foot, now in the Crimea, commenced on Monday last, and was continued next day. An especial parade of the provisional battalion was formed each day, on the parade-ground of the barracks, to the number of 2500 men. Colonel Henry Jarvis, with Major Jackson, appeared on the ground at two p.m., when the Commandant of the battalion, Colonel Jarvis, read the general order of Viscount Hardinge, G.C.B., the Commandre-in-Chief, dated Horse Guards, 2nd of November, calling on the men of the provisional battalion to volunteer for the both Regiment, none to be under nineteen years of age; the men must be of a robust and sound constitution, and able to take the duties of the field. The troops were formed in open columns of dèpôts, and after the Colonel had read the official letter he addressed the men of each dèpôt relative to their volunteering; a bounty of 1 to be given to each man, if approved of on medical inspection. Between two and three hundred volunteered on Monday and Tuesday. The provisional battalion is also open for volunteering to the corps of the Royal Sappers and Miners, and eighteen men have volunteered for that service. Volunteering is to be kept open for six months.