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The Sale at Stowe, 1848

Source: The Illustrated London News, August 26, 1848, p.126

The specimens of Sèvres porcelain already sold are of the richest and most varied character; and many of the coffee and chocolate cups and saucers and salvers are of wonderfully exquisite finish and detail. The coffee cups, &c. are decorated with festoons and scrolls of imitation pearls, rubies, and turquoise, of matchless brilliancy and accuracy of colour; and some are also enriched with fictitious cameos, of great truthfulness of detail and expression. One of the chocolate cups, with cover, of bleu du Roi, ornamented with two exquisite miniatures of ladies and four paintings of Cupids, sold on Saturday, Aug. 19, realised the enormous price of 45 guineas, although whilst the things were on view it was slightly injured. On the same day, another one of bleu du Roi, with imitations of pearls, cameos, &c., sold for £35 10s. Two salvers, of oblong square form, the ground colour of turquoise ornamented with subjects after Watteau, mounted as tables in frames of ormolu of beautiful design, sold for 81 and 100 guineas respectively. The Dresden tea and coffee services, coffee-pots, tea-kettles, déjeûners, &c., painted with landscapes, sea-ports, flowers, subjects after Watteau, Boucher, &c., are of beautiful character and design, and have commanded high prices.