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Lord's Cricket Ground

Source: The Illustrated News of the World, May 22, 1858, pp.251,252

In connection with the monument of Lillywhite we also give here an engraving of Lord's Cricket Ground, which will be welcome to the many admirers of this manly English sport. On Monday the first match of interest took place at Lord's, when the following sides contended:—

MARYLEBONE CLUB.—Major Boothby, Captain Bathurst, G. W. Barker, Esq., C. Gordon, Esq., A. Haygarth, Esq., C. Hope, Esq., E. G. Hartnell, Esq., A. Infelix, Esq., A. F. Payne, Esq., A. Watson, Esq., and H. Wilson, Esq.

ALL IRELAND.—Hon. S. Ponsonby, Major Hume, Captain Bateson, R. A. Fitzgerald, Esq., W. Johnson, Esq., J. Mackie, Esq., T. Quin, Esq., J. C. Kelly, Esq., P. O'Donongh, Esq., Doyle, and Laurence.

The Whit Monday match takes place on the 24th, when the following celebrated players will contend. Mr. Dark has selected England from the two Elevens, and it will be seen—with the exception of Caffyn, who will be unavoidably absent, owing to his Winchester engagement—the strength of England is well represented. The names of the University, too, are so well known as to need no further comment.

ENGLAND—A. Haygarth, Esq., W. Nicholson, Esq., Bell, Grundy, Jackson, Lockyer, Lillywhite, Martingell, Parr, Stephenson, and Wisden.

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD—Hon. C. Fiennes, Hon. W. Fiennes, H.G. Alington, Esq., W. H. Bullock, Esq., K. E. Digby, Esq., W. Hodgkinson, Esq., A. Infelix, Esq., C. G. Lane, Esq., H. Linton, Esq., C. D. Marsham, Esq., J. Morley, Esq., W. F. Traill, Esq., and B. Waud, Esq.


Monument to Lilliwhite
in Highgate Cemetery