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[Crimea: Invalids arrive at Southampton]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 10, 1855, p.562

The Ripon transport arrived at Southampton on Monday morning from the Black Sea, with invalids, &c.  Among them are, from Balaclava—Captain Arbuthnot, R.A.; Lieutenant De Winton, R.A.; Quartermaster Walker, 71st Highlanders; Lieutenant Maxwell, R.A.; Lieut.-Colonel Fitzmayer, R.A.; Captain Warburton, 3rd Buffs; Lieut.-Colonel Herbert, 3rd Regiment; Captain Drewe, 23rd; Ensign Young, both, wounded in left hand; the Hon. Lieutenant Deane, 4th Dragoon Guards; Major Custance, 6th Dragoons; Major King, 49th; Captain Pocock, 30th; General Bentinck, and Major Armitage.  From Constantinople—Lieut.-Colonel Thomas. From Malta—Mr. Owen and Mrs. Eman. From Gibraltar—Major Strachan, Quartermaster-Sergeant Goodman, Messrs. Smith, English, Hick, &c.  As soon as the Admiralty were made acquainted with the arrival of the transport, a telegraphic message was forwarded to the Peninsular and Oriental Company, asking what number of troops the Ripon was capable of conveying to the Crimea, in addition to 200 tons of coffee, and what would be the earliest moment she could be got ready to depart?  The reply returned was to the effect that accommodation could be provided for about 550 men, and that the ship would be ready for sea in the course of a week.