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[Exmoor Ponies]

Source: The Illustrated London News, June 29, 1861, p.617

Mr. Robert Smith has a very plenteous crop of "Bobby" foals this year from the Exmoor pony mares, which he purchased from the stock of Mr. Knight, M.P, Nearly the whole of them are bays, and generally with a small star on the forehead. He has not hired St. Michael, but Rangoon, an Arab charger, who was ridden in the Crimea, and intends to try a second edition of that Eastern cross to which the Knight Exmoors owe so much of their celebrity. Magnet, a grandson of Lanercost, has also been used, and thus the place of the renowned "Bobby," who has been at his old quarters near Newark-upon-Trent this season, bids fair to be filled up. Mr. Smith's Exmoor cobs will be sold at Taunton this year on the last Saturday in September, and Mr. Knight's Exmoor ponies which are being broke to the saddle (a great-boon to purchasers) will, we believe, be sold about the same time, either there or at Bridgewater.