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Hair Dye

Source: The Illustrated London News, July 29, 1848

HAIR DYE of any Shade and a very superior Eau De Cologne—A French Lady of distinction, who has fled her country, and sought refuge in England, offers to forward, on receipt of a post-office order for 5s. or postage stamps to the same amount (but not money), a receipt (sic) for an admirable and infallible Hair Dye, which has been for many years successfully used in the Royal Court of France. This Hair Dye is simple in its application, perfectly harmless, does not stain the skin and can be made at home at scarcely any cost. Also, same price 5s., a very superior Recipe for making Eau de Cologne (equal to any ever imported into this country), without trouble, and at the cast only of a few pence per bottle. No letters without an enclosure will be attended to.—Address (free) to Madame Cecilia Labelle, 21, Catherine-street, Strand, London.