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Health of London

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 17, 1855, p.583

During the week that ended last Saturday the, births of 896 boys and 818 girls were registered within the metropolitan districts, exceeding the average of the ten corresponding weeks of the ten preceding years by 141 boys and 104 girls. The mortality of London shows a tendency to increase, but it continues much below the rate which is usually found to prevail in the beginning of this month. Last week the deaths of 986 persons were registered, viz., 473 males and 513 females. The daily average number of deaths is 141, being less by 21 than the daily average rate of mortality in the corresponding weeks of the last ten years, and exceeding the average number that occurs daily in the healthy districts of England by the same number. Cholera was fatal in only two cases. Scarlatina carried off 61 persons, and is on the increase. To zymotic diseases 217 deaths, and to diseases of the tubercular class. 157; and to violence, privation, &c., 31 deaths are ascribed.