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The Illustrated London News, Sept. 18, 1869.

Mr. Thomas Witter Jackson has been appointed magistrate for her Majesty's settlement on the Gambier, on the western coast of Africa. 

Mr. George Verdon, the Agent-General for Victoria, states that he has received by the last mail from Melbourne 115 rough diamonds of various sizes, weighing together 32½ carats, which were obtained in three weeks from a small piece of ground near Mudgee, in New South Wales. 

The probable fate of Dr. Livingstone has called forth a letter from Mr. H. W. Bates, assistant secretary to the Royal Geographical Society, in defence of the conduct of the society in refusing to send out another search expedition. Judging from the cheerful letters of the renowned traveller himself, and from those of Dr. Kirk, Mr. Bates thinks that no fear need be entertained for the Doctor's safety and if Sir Roderick Murchison's hypothesis be true, the continued silence of the traveller would be explained. The subject will be discussed by the council at their next meeting, and several able and distinguished men have offered themselves to Sir Roderick Murchison to lead a search expedition to Cazembe.