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Mr. Abraham T. Chatterton, brother of the new Vice-Chancellor under the Irish Court of Chancery Bill, has been appointed to the chief clerkship which it creates, at a salary of £800 per annum. 

At Chancery Chambers, on Tuesday morning, before Mr. Buckley, Chief Clerk, Mr. Hardie (Maynard and Son) applied, on the part of Sir Morton Peto and two other defendants, in the suit which has been some time pending between the General Credit Company and the London, Chatham, and Dover Railway Company, and which was excluded from the "suspense term" of ten years against the railway, for further time to answer. The Chief Clerk granted ten days; and this suit, which has "dragged its slow length along" for some time, will now proceed, as all the answers will be shortly filed. 

A further dividend of 2s. in the pound has been declared in the matter of Overend, Gurney, and Co. (Limited), payable from the 11th inst. This will make a total distribution of 12s. in the pound. 

The examination of Peto, Betts, and Crampton took place, on Wednesday, in the Bankruptcy Court. Mr. Lawrance, for the bankrupts, said that no accounts had been filed, as the number and amount rendered the completion of them at present impossible. The assignees consented to the proposed adjournment, which accordingly took place, until Jan. 17. 

A curious point came before the revising barrister at Warrington, on Tuesday. An election agent, in sending in an objection, did not sign the notice in the usual way, but stamped a facsimile of his signature upon the paper. This, it was contended, was not a signature within the meaning of the Act.; but the revising barrister decided that it was sufficient. The matter, it is stated, will be carried before the superior courts. 

A special commission has been issued under the seal of the duchy of Lancaster for the trial of persons charged with having taken part in the late rescue of prisoners at Manchester. Two of her Majesty's puisne Judges will proceed to Manchester for that purpose, and will probably commence their sittings on the 28th inst.The examination of the prisoners was concluded last Saturday. Several witnesses were called to prove alibis in respect to some of the prisoners; but the magistrate decided that they must all be committed for trial. This was accordingly done. Fifty-five men have from time to time been arrested upon suspicion; but for want of evidence to justify their retention thirty of that number have been discharged, leaving twenty-five now in custody, twenty-three of whom have been fully committed to take their trial on the capital charge, and two, Francis Macnamara and Daniel Redden, two men apprehended in Liverpool on Thursday night, have been remanded till Monday week. The names of the men committed areWm. Gould, Wm. O'Mara Allen, Edward Shore, Michael Larkin, John Martin, John Brennan ...[document incomplete]