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New Barracks at Ipswich

Source: The Illustrated London News, Feb. 17, 1855

The new Artillery Militia Barracks erected at Ipswich are, we believe, the first that have been erected upon a regularly fortified plan. They occupy the crest of a hill on the north side of the town; and the Orwell river, which flows in from the German Ocean, and is navigable for 600-ton vessels to Ipswich, forms a prominent object from the parade-ground. The extent of the site is two acres and a half, which is entirely surrounded by high walls, loopholed for musketry every few feet. Along the north side of the ground is thrown up a banquette, five steps in height.

The main building is on plan in the form of an |_|_|, having bastions built out on each of its sides, loopholed at every story. The windows have wrought-iron bullet-proof shutters, also loopholed; and the whole of these openings are so arranged that no body of men could approach the building, even if they succeeded in forcing the outworks, without being subjected to a sharp and continued fire. A powder-magazine, capable of holding from twenty to thirty tons of powder and shot, is placed in the interior of the building, under ground. This is approached by two copper doors, and ventilated with copper chambers carried up to the roof.

The main building is surrounded by a fosse or dyke, formed in bricks, with the counterscarp turfed; the entrance being by a drawbridge affixed to the front bastion.

The wings, extending right and left, contain the guard-rooms, cells, black-hole, surgery, scullery, gun-stores, and gun-sheds. At present these last are occupied by four 6-pounders and two 9-pound howitzers. The walls of the main building are of considerable thickness; the stone is the very hardest Anstone, similar to that used for the river embankment at the Houses of Parliament. The whole has been executed from the designs and under the superintendence of Mr. R. M. Phipson, architect, the plans having been first submitted and approved of by the authorities at Woolwich.

Our View shows the main building and wings from the parade-ground, which latter is again surrounded by outworks, as before described.

Divisions of the Suffolk Artillery are at present quartered at Languard Fort, Tilbury Fort, and Hull; Ipswich still remaining head-quarters. The above regiment, which has been pronounced by military men of high standing who have inspected it the finest and most efficient corps of militia, is commanded by Colonel R. A. S. Adair, M.P., who, during the encampment of the regiment at Languard Fort, in 1853 and 1854, had the men well drilled and exercised in every department of artillery practice, which accounts for their present high state of discipline.

Artillery Militia Barracks