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Lady Godiva

Source: The Illustrated London News, June 29, 1861, p.617

(To the Editor.)—Last week you gave an engraving of a statue of the celebrated Lady Godiva. Some of your readers may not be aware that there are one or two families still existing who are descended from her. The present Earl of Derby's ancestor, Lord Stanley, was great grandson of Lady Godiva and her husband Leofric. The Woolryches, Baronets of Shropshire, now represented by the Vicar of Crowle, descend in a direct male line from her daughter Edgiva, or Aldith, the two being synonymous, who married her first cousin, Wolfric, or Wolrych, Lord de Aldithley; and, what is curious, the arms and crest of that family—swans—had their origin in Edgiva, who, from her extraordinary beauty—the theme even of Nornam panegyric—was called "Edgiva Swanneschals," or Swan's Neck.—ANTIQUARIAN.

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