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[Life Jacket, Goudie]

Source: The Illustrated London News, June 26, 1875, p.615

An excellent and inexpensive life-saving dress—Goudie's—was exhibited yesterday week at the swimming fete of the East and West India Dock Company's Swimming Club. This patent macintosh can be worn as an ordinary waterproof-coat in rainy weather; and, on an emergency at sea or on the river, an air-tight bag round the neck can be inflated in a minute, and this impromptu life-belt will support the bearer in the water with ease, and a weight of thirty pounds besides. The buoyancy of Goudie's coat was amply proved on the evening in question, the wearers of the dress floating upright with their shoulders well out of the water. Mr. Dunn, who attended officially on the part of the Admiralty, was warm in his commendation of Goudie's patent life-preserver, the London agents of which are Messrs. Ridley and Stephenson, Gresham street, City.