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[London Streets renamed]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Jan 30, 1864, p.99

The Metropolitan Board of Works, on the recommendation of the Building Act and General Purposes Committee, have resolved to alter the names of many important thoroughfares in the metropolis, by abolishing the subsidiary names and giving one name to the whole line of thoroughfare, and re-numbering the houses, among which were the following:—Holloway-road, from the Cock to the Great Northern railway-bridge; George's-road, Holloway; Canonbury Park North and Canonbury Park South, Islington; New Kent-road; Lucknow-road, Paddington; Page-street, Westminster; Willes-road, Kentish-town; Sidney-street, Mile-end Old Town; Pelham-place, Brompton; Marquees-road, Islington; Russell-street, Mile-end Old Town; Barnsbury-road, Islington; Maltby-street, Bermondsey; Halton-road, Islington; Philpot-street, Mile-end Old Town; Almorah-road, Islington. The applications from the vestry of Camberwell as to re-naming High-street, and from the vestry of St. Marylebone for the restoration of the names of terraces, &c., in Marylebone-road, were refused.