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Sebastopol, from the Hospital walls

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov 17, 1855, p.593

This View was sketched by our Special Correspondent, Mr. Crowe, immediately after the fall of the fortress. Several of the buildings here shown will be remembered in our previous views. The temple in the extreme left has since been referred to in the following letter from Sebastopol of October 30, the Constitutionel:—"The fire from the Russian forts for several days past has been very hot. A shell set fire to the charming little temple which crowned the eminence above the military post. It is stated that Marshal Pelissier was near the spot when the incident happened. This temple, called the Temple of Theseus, was of a rectangular form. It was surrounded with Ionic columns, and stood in the midst of a delightful little garden, but the interior was uninteresting. The Russian guns are not gallant. A pretty young English lady had her veil torn by a splinter from a shell on Sunday last. Visits to Sebastopol are very dangerous experiments."