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[Tapestry, Paintings on Canvas]

Source: The Illustrated London News, March 12, 1881, p.251

An exhibition of paintings on canvas in imitation of tapestry by lady amateurs and artists has been opened in a new gallery on the premises of Messrs. Howell and James, Regent-street. This new, or rather revived art—for it was formerly practiced in Holland and France—has lately been cultivated with considerable success. A set of stains or dyes have been prepared by chemists, and classes in connection with this exhibition have been formed under the direction of Mr. Doulevy and Miss Florence Judd. Although these paintings are not, of course, equal in character of colour the productions of the loom with woven self-coloured threads, and although they do not convey the charming broken playful effect of real tapestry, they yet form a very acceptable substitute where costly tapestries are unattainable, and open a new field of employment for amateurs and artists. Some of the paintings shown are original designs: others are copies of fine ancient works: and several have much merit.