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[Telescopes for Sale]

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov.3 1855, p.527

BY HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT for a valuable and extraordinary Improvement in the most powerful and brilliant TELESCOPES, Camp, Racecourse, Opera, and Perspective Glasses, to know the distances, at Messrs. S. and B. SOLOMONS', Opticians, 39, Albemarle-street, Piccadilly, opposite the York Hotel. They possess such extraordinary power that some, from 3 to 6 inches, with an extra eyepiece will show distinctly the Georgian with his six satellites, Jupiter's moons, Saturn's rings, and the double stars. With the same Telescopes can be seen a person's countenance from three and a half to six miles distant, and an object from sixteen to twenty-five miles, for the waistcoat pocket, and are of larger and all sizes, with increasing power. The Royal Exhibition, 1651.—Valuable very small powerful waistcoat-pocket glass, the size of a walnut, by which a person can be seen and known one mile and a half distant; country scenery and ships are clearly seen at twelve to fourteen miles. They are invaluable for shooting, deerstalking, yachting, to sportsmen, gentlemen, gamekeepers, and tourist. Newly-invented spectacle lenses of the greatest transparent power. The valuable advantage derived from this invention is, that vision becoming impaired is preserved and strengthened, and very aged persons are enabled to employ their sight at the most minute occupation—can see with those lenses of a much less magnifying power—and they do not require the frequent changes to the dangerous effects of further powerful assistance.