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Professor Isola's Toilet Stand

Source: The Illustrated London News, Nov. 10, 1855, p.562

The neighbourbood of the Bohemian manufactures is one of the most interesting parts of the Exhibition. Perhaps the value of these contributions may be best tested by the number of samples marked "vendu." To the English eye some of the designs may appear extravagant, as, for instance, that very apoplectic lobster, planted upon a slab, for a paper-weight. Then, of course, there are the long-establised periwigged lovers, who have so long lived in the hearts, or moulds, of Continental potters; fowls setting upon the lids of dishes; Napoleon the First, the present Sultan, Napoleon the Third, dogs and horses reclining, excellently modelled; some beautiful dishes in imitation of shells; and some cheap and wonderfully pretty tea-services. It is opposite the stall crowded with these contributions that the authorities have placed the beautiful white marble Toilet Stand, sculptured by Professor Giovanni Isola. The Engraving better describes the merits of this beautiful production than we can hope to do by words. We may, however, add that it is executed with the most delicate finish in spotless white marble.

Toilet Table