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Directory of London and Westminster,
& Borough of Southwark.

SOURCE: Kent's Directory for the Year 1794. Cities of London and Westminster, & Borough of Southwark.

An alphabetical List of the Names and Places of Abode of the Directors of Companies, Persons in Public Business, Merchts., and other eminent Traders in the Cities of London and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark.

Cabrier, Leekey & Son, Watch makers, 15, Basinghall street
Cabrier, Favey & Exchaquer, Watch makers, 14, Wilderness row, Goswell street
Caddick William, Ironmonger, 46, Piccadilly
Cadbury Joel, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 23, Philpot lane
Cade & Weston, Wine & Brandy Merchts. 17, Cooper's cou. Crutched friars
Cadel Thomas, Bookseller, 144, Strand
Gahusac & Sons, Music sellers, 196, Strand
Cain Michael, Brandy Mercht. Bermondsey square
Cain & Old, Sugar refiners, 55, Wood street, Cheapside
Caldcleugh & Boyd, Ship & Insurance brokers, 3, Cowper's row, Crutched friars
Caldecot Joshua, Mercer, 6, Bishopsgate without
Calef & Chuter, Brokers, 24, Bishopsgate within
Callaghan Charles, Silversmith & Jeweller, 463, Strand
Callander Joseph, Tobacconist & Snuff maker, 10, High Hol.
Callender Henry, Mercht. 28, Cornhill
Calderwood, Scott & Co. Wine Merchts. 35, Swithin's-l, Cannon st.
Calloway John, Upholder, 64, New Bond street
Calthrop John, Linen draper, 63, Oxford street,
Calvert Felix & Co. Brewers, Campion lane, Thames street
Calvert Anthony, China, Glass and Staffordshire Warehouse, 21, New street, Covent garden
Calvert John, Ivory & Hard Wood Turner, 189, Fleet street
Camden, Howard & Hankin, Sugar refiners, Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Camden, Calvert & King, Merchts. 11, Crescent, Minories
Cameron Hugh, Grocer & Tea dealer, 28, Basinghall street
Cameron Ewen, Mercht. & Insurance broker, New London st.
Cammeyer Charles, Sugar refiner, 16, Great Trinity lane
Campbell John, Esq. Mercht. 4, Charterhouse square
Campbell & Anderson, Merchts. 4, Warnford court, Throgmorton street
Campbell Duncan, Mercht. 3, Robert street, Adelphi
Campbell Patrick, Mercht. Adam street, ditto
Campbell John, Upholsterer, 140, High Holborn
Campbell William, Ship's agent, 12, New square, Minories
Campbell Barnabas, Cheesemonger, 269, Wapping
Campbell & White, Timber Merchts. Whitehall wharf, Cannon row, Westminster
Campbell & Son, Cabinet makers & Upholsterers, 33, Mary le bon street, Piccadilly
Campion Edward, Wine Mercht. 70, Charlotte street, Rathbone place, & 2, Little Trinity lane, Queenhith
Cancellor John, Stock broker, 24, Threadneedle street
Cannon & Buzzard, Carvers, Gliders & Paper hangers, 109, High Holborn
Capadosi G. Mercht. 9, New buildings, Prescot st. Goodman's fie.
Cape Benjamin, Brewer, 65, Gravel lane, Southwark
Capper & Crowder, Linen drapers, 19, Gracechurch street
Capron & Hebert, Leather sellers, 3, Union st. Bishopsgate str.
Carbery Francis, Feather Manufacturer, 31, Conduit st. Hanover sq.
Carbonell, Moody & Walker, Merchts. 91, King st. Golden sq.
Carco & Reynaud, Patent Hat makers, 221, Piccadilly
Carens Tho. Esq. Mercht. 28, Martin's la. Cannon street
Carlile E. Lawn, Muslin & Thread Warehouse, 48, Bow-l. Cheapside
Carnley Robert, Grocer, 5, Lower East Smithfield
Carnley Daniel, Sadler, Mount street, Berkley square
Carp & Platt, Wine Merchts. 90, Goswell street
Carpenter Henry, Pewterer, 25, Haymarket
Carpenter, Smith, Franco & Harris, Solicitors & Conveyancers, King's arms yard, Coleman street
Carpenter Wm. Watchmaker, 15, Frith street, Soho
Carpenter Tho. Watch case maker, 5, Islington road
Carpue Francis, Silk Dyer, 26, Duke street, Lincoln's inn fi.
Carr & Witchell, Linen drapers, 375, Strand
Carr Tho. Grocer & Tea dealer, 19, Ludgate street
Carr James, Surveyor, 7, Artillery place, Moorfields
Carr John, Tobacco Cooper, 59, Great Tower street
Carr Wm. Man's Mercer, 158, New Bond street
Carr Wm. Staffordshire Warehouse, 359, Oxford street
Carr G. jun. Staffordshire Chinaman, 33, Friday str. Cheapside
Carrington & Son, Watchmakers, 22, Old Bethlem
Carrington Samuel, Cotton Mercht. 31, Nicholas lane
Carroll N. Tallow chandler, Dockhead, Southwark
Carruthers John, Laceman, 46, Cheapside
Carstairs John, Mercht. 28, Abchurch lane
Carter Richard, Hosier, 185, Strand
Carter Wm. Clock & Watchmaker, 207, Tooley str. Borough
Carter Joseph, Laceman, 42, Lombard street
Carter Francis, Surveyor, 23, Pavement, Moorfields
Carter Tho. Attorney, 25, Prescott street, Goodman's fields
Carter James, Stock & Insurance broker, 13, Birchin lane
Carter J. Stationer & Bookseller, 10, North Side Royal Exchange
Carter Tho. Mercht. 8, Crosby square, Bishopsgate within
Carter James, Attorney, 15, Bishopsgate without
Cartony Robert, Grocer, 334, Strand
Carttar & Stevens, Weavers & Warehousemen, 66, Bread str.
Cartwright Tho. Boot & Shoe Warehouse, 107, High Holborn
Cartwright & Ford, Grocers & Tea dealers, 95, Smithfield bars
Carey Wm. Optician, 182, Strand
Carey George, Haberdasher, 63, Ditto
Casamajor Justinian, Mercht. 18, St. Mary ax
Case Joseph, Warehouseman, 115, Wood street, Cheapside
Case Richard-Jeston, Warehouseman, Cockspur st. Charing cr.
Caseboult & Co. Weavers, 4, Fort street, Spitalfields
Caslon Eliz. & Co. Letter Founders, 62, Chiswell st. Moorfields
Caslon Wm. Esq. Letter Founder to his Majesty, 107, Salisbury square, Fleet street
Cass & Brown, Wholesale Linen drapers, 28, Poultry
Cass John, Haberdasher & Hosier, 122, Whitechapel
Castle Joy, Ship chandler, 38, St. Catherine's
Castle & Meadows, Silk Dyers, 32, Booth street, Spitalfields
Castle Wm. Knife case Manufactory, 38, Smithfield
Cater J. A. Hatter, 67, Pall Mall
Caton Wm. Stationer, 40, Long acre
Cator Tho. Wire worker, 89, Holborn hill
Cator Joseph, Hat maker, 58, Bishopsgate without
Cator Wm. & Co. Brewers, Old street
Cator John, Mercht. 4, Lawrence lane, Cheapside
Cattell Geo. Goldbeater, 4, Camomile street, Bishopsgate
Catterton F. Ship chandler, &c. 44, Lower Shadwell
Cattley Robert & Co. Russia Merchts. 39, Lime street
Cattley John & Stephen, Merchts. 23, Garlick hill
Cattlin Wm. Calendrer, 109, Gravel lane, Houndsditch
Cave & Son, Coppersmith, 90, Smithfield
Cave S. Cork cutter, 93, Ditto
Cave & Ashby, Grocers, 5, Cow cross, Ditto
Cave John, Haberdasher, Hosier & Glover, 273, High Holborn
Cave John, Ironmonger & Brazier, 20, Mount st. Grosvenor sq.
Cavell Wm. Bookseller, 29, Middle row, Holborn
Causton Richard & Henry, Printers, 21, Finch lane, Cornhill
Cawthorn George, Factor, 29, Abchurch lane
Cawthorn & Co. Handscrew maker, 54, Rotherhith
Cawthorn Samuel, Grocer & Tea dealer, 148, Strand
Cayley A. Russia Mercht. Batson's Coffee house, Cornhill
Cazalet & Sons, Merchts. 6, Austin friars
Cazaley Wm. Hosier, 1, Norton Falgate
Cazenove John-Henry, Nephew & Co. Merchts. 11, Copthall court, Throgmorton street
Cazenove James & Co. Merchts. Old Pay Office, Broad str.
Ceal Tho. Tobacconist & Snuff maker, 13, Whitechapel road
Centlivres Ann, Mercht. 6, Founders court, Lothbury
Chabert Philip, Mercht. 169, Fenchurch street
Chabot James, Refiner & Jeweller, 21, Gutter la. Cheapside
Chadwick & Thornicraft, Hardwaremen, 36, Cornhill
Chadwick James, Slop seller, 105, Gun dock, Wapping
Chalie John & Matthew, Merchts. 29, Mincing lane
Chalie Francis Mercht 14, Ditto
Chalk James, Laceman, 1, Strand
Chalk John, Hop Mercht. 49, Little Eastcheap
Chalk Tho. Cabinet maker, 49, Ditto
Chalklen Wm. Linen draper & Slop seller, Deptford
Chalmers & Cowie, Insurance brokers, 50, Lime street
Chambertain Wm. & Joseph, Shoe Warehouse, 116, Cheapside
Chamberlain John, Brass Founder, 18, Houndsditch
Chamberlin & Barnard, Timber Merchts. King's arms stairs, Lambeth
Chambers Tho. Silkman, 18, Ironmonger la. Cheapside
Chambers, Langston & Hall, Haberdashers, 46, Gutter la. Ditto
Champante & Whitrow, Wax chandlers & Wholesale Stationers, 2, Jewry street, Aldgate
Champante Rob. Attorney, 12, Great John str. Minories
Champion Wm. Grocer, 40, Upper Thames street
Champion & Backhouse, Wholesale Grocers & Tea dealers, 68, Snow hill
Champion Wm. Vinegar Mercht. Old street
Champney Joseph, Linen draper, 134, Cheapside
Chancellor Tho. Scale maker, 199, Shoreditch
Chandler Robert, Jeweller, 8, Leicester square
Chandle J. Woollen draper & Warehouseman, 61, Chiswell str.
Chandler Benj. Woollen draper, 25, St. Paul's Church yard
Chaplin & Burbridge, Mercers, 4, Ludgate street
Chaplin Wm. Wire worker, 24, Fish street hill
Chapman Wm. & Son, Stationers, 36, King str. Cheapside
Chapman Wm. jun. Corn Lighterman, 1, Broad st. Horslydown
Chapman James, Mathematical & Optical Instrument maker, 5, St. Catherine's
Chapman P. Warehouseman, 3, Mumford court, Milk str
Chapman Charles, Shoe maker, 80, Cornhill
Chapman, Irving & Edwards, Haberdashers, 117, New Bond st.
Chapman Wm. Auctioneer, 43, Coleman street
Chapman Wm. Salesman, 18, West Smithfield
Chapman Wm. Grocer, 10, Tower Royal, Watling street
Chapman & Co. Booksellers, 161, Fleet street
Chapman Tho. Coal Factor, Coal Exchange
Chappell Stephen, Stationer, 98, Royal Exchange
Chappell Francis, Tallow chandler, 21, Norton Falgate
Clarles & Steel, Coopers, Globe yard, Wapping
Charlesson Laurence, Sugar broker, 35, Crutched friars
Charlesworth C. Haberdasher, 124, High Holborn
Charlesworth J. Haberdasher, 18, Great Russell str. Covent garden
Charley Matthew, Mercht. 4, Tokenhouse yard, Lothbury
Charlton & Farnworth, Wine Merchts. 4, Elbow la. Dowgate hill
Charlwood Jos. Appraiser & Auctioneer, 127, High Holborn
Charnley Alex. Broker & Auctioneer, Mint street, Borough
Charretie John, Mercht. New York Coffee house
Charrington John, Esq. & Co. Brewers, Mile End
Chase Sam. & Son, Medicinal Warehouse, 31, Duke str. Smithfield
Chassereau & Co. Stationers, 65, Long acre
Chater Richard, Clock & Watchmaker, 14, Cornhill
Chater & Livermore, Clock & Watchmaker, 10, Bartholomew la.
Chatfield John & Wm. Wine & Brandy Mercht. 15, Cowper's row, Crutched friars
Chawner Henry, Working Goldsmith, 34, Paternoster row
Cheap & Loughnan, Merchts. 26, Lime street
Cheesebrough Warner, Gold & Silver Caster & Jeweller, 4, Racquet court, Fleet street
Cheltnam John, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 28, Brook st. Holborn
Cherrington Thomas, Hemp, Flax & Sacking Manufactory, Helmet row, Old street
Cheshire Walter, Agent, 11, Norman street, Ditto
Chessel S. & T. Hatters, Hosiers & Glovers, 41, Holborn
Chettle Sarah, Oil & Colour Shop, 45, Long acre
Chew John, Paper Warehouse, 49, Piccadilly
Cheyne C. & T. Pocket-book-makers, 5, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Chilcot & Cosser, Timber Merchts. Pedler's acre, Lambeth
Child Richard, Distiller, 105, Old street
Child N. Tallow chandler, 62, Bishopsgate within
Child T. Wine Mercht. 10, Golden square
Chipchase Rob. & Son, Upholsterers, 39, Dover st. Piccadilly
Chippindale Wm. Cooper, 130, Bunhill row
Chippindall R. Wholesale Birmingham Warehouse, 1, Bell's buildings, Salisbury square, Fleet street
Chipps & Long, Coach makers, 36, St. Martin's la. Charing-cross
Chisman & Hill, Ship & Insurance brokers, 5, Birchin lane
Chitty, Laurd & Norton, Coal Merchts. 10, King's arms yard, Coleman street
Chorley Charles, Oilman, 21, Beer lane, Tower street
Choumert Geo. Tanner, 1, Five Foot lane, Bermondsey
Chowne John, Mast maker, Shad Thames
Christall A. Sail, Mast & Blockmaker, 297, King's Mills, Rotherhith
Christian Joseph, Linen draper, 10, Strand
Christian Rob. Irish Linen Mercht. 5, Meeting house co. Old Jewry
Christian & Lewis, Distillers, 218, High Holborn
Christian & Son, Linen drapers, 9, Wigmore st. Cavendish sq.
Christie Robert, Mercht. 17, Austin friars, Old Broad street
Christie Wm. Biscuit baker, 15, Little Hermitage st. Wapping
Christopherson J. H. Mercht. 20, College hill
Christy & Storrs, Hat makers, 35, Gracechurch street
Chrystie & Shaw, Agents, Suffolk street, Charing cross
Chumley Wm. Cooper, 17, Water lane, Tower street
Church Matthew & Walter, Merchts. 4, America sq. Minories
Church James, Chymist & Druggist, 25, City Road
Churchyard Tho. Oilman & Dry salter, 9, Tokenhouse yd. Lothbury
Clagett Tho. & Co. Merchts. 13, Great John street, Minories
Clagget Charles, Musical Museum, 16, Greek str. Soho
Clanfield S. Exchange broker, 98, Holborn hill
Clarance & Pepworth, Tea Warehouse, 26, Whitechapel
Clarance Peter, Coal Mercht. Bow bridge, Essex
Clare Wm. Feather Mercht. 8, Clerkenwell close
Clare Francis, Auctioneer, 20, Tottenham court road
Clareson John, Linen draper, 7, Bishopsgate without
Claridge Rich. Grocer & Tobacconist, 113, Blackman street
Clark Rich. Esq. Alderman, 10, New Bridge str. Fleet street
Clark B. Hop factor & Seedsman, Spur inn, Borough
Clark Wattel, Gun maker, 133, Holborn hill
Clark & Harris, Ironmongers & Braziers, 13, Wormwood str.
Clark & Yellowley, Stationers, 72, Gracechurch street
Clark, Milner & Son, Mast & Oar makers, 239, Wapping
Clark T. Corn & Coal Mercht. Delahaye street, Westminster
Clark & Gilson, Ship brokers & Notaries, 4, Tower dock
Clark James, Oil & Colourman, 223, Shoreditch
Clark James, Weaver, 21, Curtain road, Ditto
Clark James, Oil & Colourman, 74, St. John's str. Smithfield
Clark J. Brewer, Laystall street, near Leather lane, Holborn
Clark Thomas, Hosier, 53, Barbican
Clark William, Oil cooper, Dock head, Southwark
Clark Wm. Haberdasher, 3, Leicester square
Clark John, Wholesale Cloaths dealer, 3, Union row, Tower-h.
Clark John, Linen draper, 438, Oxford street
Clark John, Oil & Colourman, 6. Redlion str. Whitechapel
Clark A. Stationer, 72, Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Clark Ebenezer, Hardwareman & Silversmith, near St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet street
Clark Thomas, Linen draper, 170, High Holborn
Clark T. Dyed Worsted & Yarn Warehouse, 5, Throgmortan st.
Clarke Wm. Brewer, White's Grounds, Bermondsey
Clarke Folliott, Glover, &c. 5, Coventry street, Haymarket
Clarke Ralph & Jane, Coal factor, Coal Exchange
Clarke & Bryson, Linen drapers, 5, Corbet co. Gracechurch st.
Clarke, Jacam & Clarke, Druggists, 8, Barbican
Clarke & Pilbrow, Timber Merchts. 242, High Holborn
Clarke Wm. Confectioner, 269, Borough
Clarke Wm. Warehouseman, 63, Whitehart inn, Borough
Clarke Harry, Insurance broker, 34, Threadneedle street
Clarke Robert & Co. Fan Manufacturers, 26, Strand
Clarke Richard, Hardwareman, 62, Cheapside
Clarke L. Goldsmith & Jeweller, 9, Holborn hill
Clarke Tho. Coach & Harness maker, Little Queen st. Holbo.
Clarke John & James, Haberdashers, 19, Southampton st. Strand
Clarke F. Fan Manufacturer, 45, Ludgate hill
Clarke Richard, Mercht. 20, Basing lane
Clarke Fran. & John, Ribbon Weavers, 8, Wood str. Cheapside
Clarke Penelope, Fan maker, 143, Leadenhall street
Clarke James, Cheesemonger 10, Snow hill
Clarke Samuel, Plumber & Glass cutter, 285, Wapping
Clarke Tho. Insurance broker, 25, Camomile str. Bishopsgate
Clarke Wm. Bookseller, 38, New Bond street
Clarke Esme & Thomas, Attornies, 143, Cheapside
Clarke & Co. Stove grate makers, 74, Whitechapel
Clarke & Son, Booksellers & Stationers, 22, Portugal street, Lincoln's inn field
Clarke Richard, Seedsman & Factor, 15, Whitechapel
Clarkson M. China & Glass seller, 127, St. John's st. Smithfield
Clarkson James, Grocer & Tea dealer, 172, Wapping
Clarkson John, Chinaman, 7, Market street, St. James's
Clarkson Wm. Wine Mercht. 107, Bishopsgate within
Clarkson & Dove, Wine Merchts. & Italian Warehouse, 61, South Audley street
Clarmont Gabriel, Mercht. 4, Crescent, Bridge str. Fleet street
Clay Henry, Japanner to his Majesty, 18, King st. Covent ga.
Clay James, Attorney, Old Pay Office, Broad street
Clay & Co. Timber Merchts. 343, King's Mills, Rotherhith
Clay George, Mercht. 39, Old Broad street
Clays Smith & Co. Merchts. 2, Crown court, Cheapside
Clayton Wm. Grocer, 363, Oxford street
Clayton W. & C. Grocers, 180, Drury lane
Clayton J. & Co. Warehousemen, 5, Bucklersbury
Cleghorn & Levy, Wholesale Cloaths Salesman, 66, Minories
Cleghorn John, Sadler, 15, Finsbury place
Cleve & Lawson, Curriers & Leather cutters, 23, Cowcross str.
Clement Mary, China & Glass seller, 24, Lothbury
Clement Peter, Warehouseman, 19, Prince's street, Ditto
Clement Thomas, Warehouseman, 15, Watling street
Clementson & Denton, Navy Agents, 14, Clement's inn
Clementson, Borradale & Co. Warehousemen, 8, Basinghall str.
Clemson James, Umbrella maker, 400, Strand
Cleveland John, Esq. Agent, 5, Savile street, Piccadilly
Clever Sam. Soap maker, Whitehart yard, Drury lane
Clifton? Milson, Mercht. 24, Winchester street, Broad street
Clifton? Wm. Chymist & Druggist, 3, Little Newport str. Soho
Cline Henry, Surgeon, 12, St. Mary-ax
Clinker Aaron, Sugar refiner, Bett's street, Ratcliff highway
Clinton & Coles, Jewellers, 16, Salisbury street, Strand
Cloake T. Upholder & Cabinet maker, 4, 5, & 6, Broker row, Moorfields
Clode E. Oiled Silk & Linen Manufacturer, 65, Newgate str
Close John, Broker, 21, Great Tower hill
Clouder & Betts, Coal Lightermen, Pickle herring wharf, Southw.
Clowes, Newberrys & Madox, Brewers, Stoney lane, Ditto
Clutterbuck H. Leather seller, 76, Newgate street
Clutterbuck Henry, Surgeon, 30, Tokenhouse yard
Coad Joseph, Stationer & Rag Mercht. Brewer st. Golden sq.
Coare & Swaine, Wine & Brandy Merchts. 8, Newgate street
Coare Wm. Wine & Brandy Mercht. 25, Ditto
Coates Wm. Oilman, 27, Little Eastcheap
Coltsworth [sic] Tho. Leather factor, New Road, Bermondsey
Cobb John, Hatter, 4, Ball alley, Lombard street
Cobbold Wm. Corn factor, 15, Haydon square, Minories
Cobham & Son, Corn Lighterman Thomas str. Shad Thames
Cochran John, Watch maker, 291, Wapping
Cochran & M'Clare, Merchts. 4, Crescent, Minories
Cock Eliza & Son, Biscuit bakers, 317, Wapping
Cock A. H. Biscuit baker, 66, Lower Shadwell
Cock & Wilson, Packers, 4, Great Bush lane, Cannon street
Cock & Crowder, Fan makers, 21, Wood street, Cheapside
Cock Abraham, Jeweller, 23, Arundel street, Strand
Cockburn P. Tobacconist & Snuff maker, 146, Fenchurch str.
Cocker Henry, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 72, Shoreditch
Cockerton Francis, Oilman, 7, Aldersgate street
Cockfield Joseph, Timber Mercht. Narrow street, Ratcliff
Cockings Thomas, Tinplate worker, 145, Long acre
Cocks John, Confectioner, 113, New Bond street
Cockshut E. Haberdasher & Milliner, 47, Fish street hill
Codrington E. Mercht. City Chambers, 121, Bishopsgate within
Coffin W. & Sons, Hop Merchts. 9, Counter street, Borough
Cogger Wm Wire worker, 23, Crooked lane
Coghlan Wm. Mercht. 6, Catherine court, Great Tower hill
Cohen Eliazer-Levy, Mercht. 8, St. Mary axe
Cohen Levy, Mercht. 23, Bivis[sic] Marks, Ditto
Cohen Mordecai, Mercht. 22, Bury street, Ditto
Cohen Levy-Barent, Mercht, 11, Angel co. Throgmorton str.
Cohen John. Tea dealer, 1, High street, Mary le bone
Coldham & Booth, Attornies, 5, Bishopsgate within
Cole M. A. Dyer, 1 & 24, Clink street, Southwark
Cole John, Man's Mercer, 154, Oxford street
Cole J. Colourman & Varnish maker, 3, Leoman's pond, Southwa.
Cole J. B. Silversmith, 54, Barbican, & 7, Panton street
Cole Martin, Timber Mercht. Cannon row, Westminster
Cole Robert, Hosier & Shirt Warehouse, 192, Strand
Cole Samuel, Hot presser & Calender, 27, Camomile street
Cole & Templeman, Stock brokers, 29, Prince's str. Lothbury
Cole J. Mahogany & Timber Broker, 5, Albion str. Blackfriars road
Cole John, Woollen draper, 154, Oxford street
Colebrook Geo. & John, Stock brokers, 7, North Side Royal Exchange, or 1, Colebrook row, Islington
Coleby John, Linen draper, 65, Bishopsgate within
Coleman John, Watch maker & Jeweller, 14, Strand
Coleman George, Silk Manufacturer, 85, Watling street
Colemere Edward, Linen draper, 22, Oxford street
Coles, Knight & Dunn, Stationers, 21, Fleet street
Coles Wm. Oil & Colourman, 24, Shoe lane, Ditto
Coles Richard, Grocer, Parliament street, Westminster
Coles Joseph, Ferrit & Galoon Weaver, 33, Aldermanbury
Coles Child & Son, Wholesale Toymen, 124, Lower Thames st.
Coles John, Malt Factor, 3, Little Trinity lane
Colhoun M & J. Coal Merchts. 1, Tavistock str. Covent gar.
Collambell Anthony, Tortoishell Case maker, 11, Goswell str.
Collard G. Broker & Auctioneer, 70, Prescot st. Goodman's fiel.
Collet Benjamin, Hosier, 211, Strand
Collett & Gram, Merchts. 45, Welclose square
Collett Robert & Co. Merchts. 71, Cheapside
Collett James, Oilman, 170, Strand
Collett Jona. Glassman, 10, Cockspur street, Charing cross
Collick John, Hair Mercht. 85, St. Martin's lane, Ditto
Collier R. Mercht. & Insurance broker, 18, St. Mary ax
Collier W. & John, Hoop Merchts. Potter's fields, Tooley street
Collier A. Watch maker, 9, New Bond street
Collier & Newman, Wine Merchts. 18, St. Mary ax
Collingnon W. H. & Co. Merchts. 9, Bush lane, Cannon str
Collinge J. Patent Axletree maker, 5, Buxton pl. Lambeth
Collings Rob. Horse Hair Manufacturer, 14, Whitecross street
Collings & Clearson, Carvers & Gilders, 125, Strand
Collingridge John, Coach maker, 35, Theobald's road
Collins Wm. Salesman, 8, Smithfield
Collins John, Millwright Press maker, Winchester yard, & 12, Stoney street, Borough
Collins & Son, Confectioners, 67, St. Paul's Church yard
Collins, Boughton, Ashness & Noble, Engine, Chain & Hand Pump makers, Bridge road, Lambeth
Collins Walsingham, Notary Public, 62, Charing cross
Collins Joseph, Hosier & Haberdasher, 95, Blackman street
Collins James, Attorney, 33, Spital square
Collins John, Needle maker, 50, St. Paul's Church yard
Collinson Ed. Tinplate worker & Oilman, 34, Lombard street
Collinson John, Hat maker & Skinner, Gravel lane, Southwark
Colnet Isaac, Ironmonger & Tyresmith, 101, Whitechapel
Collow Wm. Mercht. 6, New Broad street buildings
Cologan, Pollard & Cooper, Merchts. 20, Swithin's lane
Colquhoun James & Robert, Merchts. 14, Addle str. Alderm.
Colson & Danvers, Ironmongers, 122, Upper Thames street
Coltman John, Hosier, 132, Bishopsgate without
Collyer Wm. Hosier & Glover, 41, Poultry
Collyer Wm. Stocking Manufacturer, 293, High Holborn
Colwell Edward, Ironmonger, 58, Haymarket
Colyer & Hammond, Haberdashers, 74, Holborn bridge
Combauld Honorious & Co. Merchts. 121, Bishopsgate within
Combe Harvey-Christian, Esq. Alderman, 109, Great Russel street, Bloomsbury
Combes & Co. Back makers, 66, Houndsditch
Combes & Hillier, Mercers, 11, Chandois str. Covent garden
Combrune & Co. Brewers, 33, Golden lane
Comerford Tho. Linen draper, 78, New Bond street
Commerell F. & J. Lubbock & Co. Merchts. 2, St. Mildred's court, Poultry
Compigne Michael, Mercer, 48, Holborn
Complin Joseph, Mercht. 62, Fenchurch street
Compton John, Stone Blue maker, 11, Widegate street
Comrie & Dixon, Attornies, 42, Fleet street
Conder Samuel, Stationer, 84, Cheapside
Coney, Williamson & Wilson, Steel Merchts. 145, Leadenhall st.
Connell Cornelius, Glass & Chinaman, Cockspur st. Charing c.
Conningham Wm. Mercht. 13, Sherborn lane, Lombard street
Constable Michael & James, Flour factors & Corn & Coal dealer, Shad Thames
Constant Thomas, Brewer, Bermondsey street road
Conway & Parkin, Grocers, 46, Strand
Conyers Richard, Linen draper, 12, Lothbury
Conyers, Selby & Co. Wine Merchts. 3, Argyle street
Cook James, Tobacconist, 19, Queen street, Cheapside
Cook Samuel, Grocer, 50, Bedfordbury, Coventry garden
Cook & Grieve, Silk dyers, 17, Booth street, Spitalfields
Cook & Dobson, Haberdashers, 23, Friday street
Cook Wm, Tobacconist, 231, Tooley street, Borough
Cook John, Coal Mercht. 60, Park street, Grosvenor square
Cook T. & J. Curriers & Leather cutters, 178, Borough
Cooke Charles, Bookseller, 17, Paternoster row
Cooke Thomas, Warehouseman, 55, Aldermanbury
Cooke William, Hosier, 434, Strand
Cooke & Co. Malt Distillers, Stratford
Cooke Tho. Wholesale Hardwareman, 21, Thavies inn, Holb.
Cooke Robert, Army Agent, 50, Rathbone place
Cookson Timothy, Broker, 3, Church court, Clement's lane
Cookson & Shuttleworth, Merchts. 79, Upper Thames street
Coope, Coope Coope, Sugar refiners, Osborn str. Whitechapel
Cooper J. Wheelwright & Timber Mercht. 4, Stoney-l. Southw.
Cooper & Son, Carpet Manufacturers, 118, Dorset street, Salisbury court, Fleet street
Cooper & Nixon, Merchts. 2, Brabant court, Philpot lane
Cooper David, Orange Mercht. 117, Lower Thames street
Cooper Henry, Coach maker, Mount street, Grosvenor square
Cooper J. Looking glass Manufactory, 20, Noble st. Foster la
Cooper T. Packer, 20, Great St. Helen's, Bishopsgate within
Cooper James, Corn factor, 10, Savage gardens Tower hill
Cooper James, Mercht. 3, Cullum street
Cooper Joseph & Son Stationers, near the Admiralty
Cooper, Smith & Husband, Haberdashers, 6, Ludgate hill
Cooper William, Mercer, 101, Minories
Cooper James, Mill stone Mercht. & Millwright, Poplar
Cooper John, Cabinet maker, 3, St. Michael's alley, Cornhill
Cooper David & Philip, Mercers, 14, Holywell street, Strand
Cooper Nath. Seed Mercht. 24, Dean street, Southwark
Cooper J. Rope, Line & Twine maker, 18, Middle row, Holb.
Cooper John, Tobacconist, 416, Oxford street
Cooper & Co. Stock brokers, 5, Pope's head alley, Cornhill
Cooper & Swannack, Grocers & Tea dealers, 28, Brydges street, Covent garden
Cooper & Son, Stationers, 40, Charing cross
Cooper George, Oilman, 179, Fleet street
Cooper & James, Corn factors, Savage gardens
Cooper Joseph, Cabinet & Looking glass Manufacturer, 37, Bishopsgate within
Coore John, Attorney, 30, Winchester street
Cope Walter, jun. Ship & Insurance broker, 15, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Cope Ann, Silk Mercer, 117, High Holborn
Cope Thomas, Broker, 24, Rood lane, Fenchurch street
Copeland & Ellis, Tea dealers, 75, Cheapside
Copeland Gabriel, Oil factor, 56, Queen street, Ditto
Copeland Wm. Soap Manufacturer, Sharp's alley, Cowcross st.
Copestake Henry, Jeweller, 9, Bell's buildings, Salisbury squ.
Coplen Richard, Tobacconist, 18, Duke str. Lincoln's inn fields
Copley Wm. Cheesemonger, 12, Whitechapel
Copper Company's Office, 22, Bush lane, Cannon street
Copous John, Coal Mercht. & Wharfinger, Narrow st. Ratcliff
Coram Robert, Man's Mercer, 3, Minories
Corbett James, Tyre & Nail Warehouse, Bankside
Corbold & Hemsley, Engravers, 37, Foster lane, Cheapside
Corbyn, Beaumont, Stacey & Messer, Chymists & Druggists, 300, High Holborn
Corbyn Joseph, Mercht. 35, Southampton street, Strand
Corcoran Bryan, Stationer & Paper hanger, 47, Mark lane
Corden & Jones, Wharfingers & Coal Merchts. Capper's wharf, Beaufort buildings, Strand
Corder John, Seedsman, 4, Church row, Horslydown
Cording Tho. Perfumer & Hardwareman, 233, Strand
Cornell & Acton, jun. Goldbeaters, 72, Shoe lane, Fleet street
Corney E. B. Mercht. 30, Old Bethlem
Cornish Andrew, Broker, 24, Walbrook
Cornwall J. Esq. Mercht. 6, King's arms yard, Coleman street
Corratt & Williams, Calenders & Glazers 178, Aldersgate st.
Corrie James & Son, Timber Merchts. Nine Elms, Vauxhall
Corrie John, Timber Mercht. Vauxhall
Corrock & Son, Robe makers, 29, King street, Cheapside, & 78, Chancery lane
Cory George, Linen draper, 292, Borough
Cory Wm. Cheesemonger, 24, Leadenhall street
Cossart J. J. Wine Mercht. 11, Great St. Helen's
Cosser S. Timber Mercht. Mill Bank street, Westminster
Costeker Stephen, Hardware & Metal Button Warehouse, 1, Great Eastcheap
Coster Edward, Oil cooper, 138, Upper Thames street
Cotes Nathaniel, Mercer, 2, Panton street, Haymarket
Cotes, Mullis & Titford, Silk Weavers, 12, Union street, Bishopsgate without
Cotter & Bispham, Wine & Brandy Merchts. 150, Fenchurch st.
Cotterell Wm. Esq. City Sword Bearer, 14 Old Broad street
Cotterell D. Leather seller, 25, Bermondsey street
Cotterill Wm. Salesman, Mile End
Cotterill Edmund, Salesman, 1, Bayne's row, Coldbath fields
Cotton Josiah & Son, Merchts. 118, Bishopsgate within
Cottle Robert, Linen draper & Mercer, 21, Bishopsgate without
Cotton T. Frame maker, Carver & Gilder, 42, Fenchurch str.
Cove Augustus, China & Glass seller, 62, Gracechurch street
Covell John, Sail maker, Mill stairs, Rotherhithe
Coverdale Norrison, Mercht. St. Ann's Place, Limehouse
Coulson J. N. Ship & Insurance broker, 26, Jewry str. Aldgate
Coulson, Jakes & Co. Iron Merchts. 95, Dyers hall, Upper Thames street
Coulthard Wm. Warehouseman, 56, Basinghall street
Coulthard, Ker & Gray, Linen drapers, 109, Cheapside
Coumbe Wm. Hatter, 16, Poultry
Counsell James, Blackwelhall factor & Warehouseman, 18 Basinghall street
Coup Claude, Hatter, 59, New Bond street
Coupland Robert, Linen draper, 45, Fleet street
Courage John, Brewer, Horslydown Old stairs
Course John, Oil & Colourman, 173, St. Johns st. Smithfield
Court Widow & Son, Merchts. 6, Nicholas-l. Lombard street
Court Charles, Mercht. 8, Lime street
Court Christ. & Co. Merchts. 9, Savage gar. Crutched friars
Courthope J. B. Boat builder, 362, King stairs, Rotherhith
Courtnay B. Perfumer, 331, Strand
Courtney Tho. Mercht. 13, Finch lane, Cornhill
Coussmaker J. N. & L. R. & W. K. Merchts. 24, Threadneedle street
Coutts A. Mercht. 22, Prince's street, Lothbury
Cowan Tho. Army Agent, 32, Ely place, Holborn
Coward & Son, Goldsmiths, 27, Cornhill
Cowcher & Finch, Pin makers, 46, Cannon street
Cowderoy W. Grocer & Tea dealer, 116, Great Russel st. Bloomsbury
Cowell John, Watchmaker, 97, Royal Exchange
Cowell J.& G. Brandy Merchts. 8, Water lane, Thames str.
Cowell John, Salesman, 8, Smithfield
Cowell Stephen, Grocer & Tea dealer, 89, Ditto
Cowell & Cole, Brewers, Maid lane, Southwark
Cowell & Warburton, Wine & Brandy Merchts. 26, Love la. Eastch.
Cowen Henry, Goldsmith & Jeweller, 3, Sidney's alley, Leicester fi.
Cowie John, Refiner, 27, Falcon street, Aldersgate street
Cowland W. Brazier & Iron Plate worker, Aylesbury st. Clerkenwell
Cowle, Bramer & Oom, Merchts. 5, New Broad street
Cowley John, Mercht. & Scotch factor, 31, Cateaton street
Cowley & Field, Blackwelhall factors, 84, Basinghall street
Cowling Edward, Haberdasher, 18, Poultry
Cowper Edward, Grocer & Tea dealer, 279, Borough
Cowper Henry, Mercht. 6, Union street, Bishopsgate without
Cox & Braddick, Merchts. 22, Foster lane, Cheapside
Cox, King, Curtis & Payne, Brewers, City road
Cox, Merle & Co. Refiners, 2, Cox's court, Little Britain
Cox, Habbe & Co. Russia Merchts. 2, New co. Crutched friars
Cox & Meek, Coal Merchts. Whitefriars New wharf
Cox Joseph, Paper stainer, Thomas street, Shad Thames
Cox Alex. Tho. & Co. Glass Manufactory, Falcon stairs, Southwark
Cox & Greenwood, Esqrs. Agents, Craig's co. Charing cross
Cox Thomas, Mercht. 15, Winchester street, Broad street
Cox Tho. Provision Warehouse, 31, James str. Covent garden
Cox & Phillipson, Stationers & Rag Merchts. 32, Ditto
Cox Joseph, Optical Instrument maker, 3, Barbican
Cox Edmund, Cooper, 121, Bunhill row
Coxe Edward & Dan. Meilan, Merchts. 115, Leadenhall str.
Coxe P. Agent & Insurance broker, 1, Newcastle co. College hill
Coxe Henry & Sam. Merchts. 8, Prescet [sic] str. Goodman's fields
Coxhead, Stevens & Co. Timber Merchts. 9, Great Hermitage st.
Coxhead & Rutt, Hair, Flock & Blanket Warehouse, 219, Bermondsey street
Crabb James, Insurance broker, New Lloyd's Coffee house
Crabb Benjamin, Oilman, 111, Holborn hill
Crabb Ed. Oilman & Russia Matt Warehouse, 10, Lombard str.
Crabb Wm. Hatter & Hosier, 124, Minories
Cracraft Rich. Attorney, 12, Nag's head co. Gracechurch str.
Cradock & Renorden, Sadlers, 114, Holborn
Cracklow Henry, Hat maker, 205, Tooley street
Craig & Co. Linen drapers, 316, High Holborn
Craik Geo. Sail maker, Three Tun co. Charlotte str. Wapping
Crallan John, Black Silk Weaver, 1, Chapel yard, Spital sq.
Cramond Arthur, Warehouseman, 20, Abchurch lane
Cranage Tho. & Son, Coal Merchts. Hungerford wharf
Cranch & Withall, Weavers, 10, Middle Moorfields
Crane John, Orange Mercht. 10, Botolph lane
Crane C. Grocer & Tea dealer, 20, Great Trinity Lane
Crane Charles-T. Mercht. 13, Bow lane, Cheapside
Crapping & Rose, Mahogany Merchts. Prince's st. Leicester fi.
Craven John & Co. Sugar refiners, Buckle str. Goodman's fi.
Craven & Baalam, Merchts, 40, Fish street hill
Craven & Lucas, Wholesale Linen drapers, 39, Gracechurch st.
Craufurd P. G. Esq. Army Agent, 24, Soho square
Crawford & Loraine, Timber Merchts. Store str. Bedford squ.
Crawley Ambrose, Mercht. 1, Lawrence pountney hill
Crawley Wm. Druggist, 181, Bishopsgate without
Crawley, Millington & Co. Ironmongers, 151, Upper Thames str.
Creasey John, Grocer & Tea dealer, Broadway, Deptford
Creed Wm. Hardwareman & Cutler, 3, Bridge road, Lambeth
Crawshay, Son & Thompson, Iron Merchts. George yd. Thames str.
Creak Wm. Tea dealer, 69, Cornhill
Creasey J. Currier & Leather cutter, 2, Great Russel str. Bloomsbury
Creasey Thomas, Currier & Leather cutter, Greenwich
Creed, Farr, Usher & Co. White Lead Works, Horslydown la. & Buckle street, Goodman's fields
Cremer Geo. Brush maker & Turner, 93, Holborn hill
Creswick James, Paper & Pasteboard Warehouse, 10, Basing lane
Crew & Allport, Merchts. 15, London str. Fenchurch str.
Cribb Robert, Carver & Gilder, 288, High Holborn
Crippen John & Co. Stationers, 53, Great Tower street
Crippen James, Hair seller, 14, Cow lane, Smithfield
Cripps & Francillon, Jewellers, 24, Norfolk street, Strand
Crisp & Goddard, Ribbon Weaver, 8, Foster lane, Cheapside
Christall Alex. Sail, Mast & Block maker, 297, Rotherhith
Croft Thomas, Mercht. 1, Earl street, Blackfriars
Croft, Cumberland & Co. Brokers & Auctioneers, 46, Bread str
Croft Francis, Leather seller, 35, Friday street, Cheapside
Crofton & Oliver, Hop factors, 4, Union street, Borough
Crofton Abraham, Tobacconist & Snuff maker, 8, Watling str.
Crockatt & Jones, Merchts. 22, Throgmorton street
Croke Geo. Tinplate worker, 44, Fore street, Moorfields
Crompton James, Paper hanging maker & Upholsterer, Cockspur street, Charing cross
Cromwell Tho. Ribbon Weaver & French Trimming maker, 44, Old Bailey
Crook & Eyston, Haberdashers & Hosiers, 109, Pall Mall
Crook Tho. Coach & Coach harness maker, 4, Great Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields
Crook Joseph, Dyer, 24, Redlion street, Spitalfields
Croome James, Auctioneer, &c. Founder's hall, Lothbury
Crosby George, Agent, 7, Bruton street, Berkley square
Crosby B. Bookseller & Stationer, 4, Stationer's court
Cross & Wilkinson, Linen drapers, 57, Smithfield
Cross Tho. Chinaman, 3, Ludgate street
Cross James, Attorney, King str. Snow's fields, Southwark
Crossley Richard, Goldsmith, 14, Giltspur street
Crouch & Son, Grocers, 7, Cross street, Carnaby market
Crouch Joseph, Hatter & Hosier, 98, Whitechapel
Croucher & Martin, Glass cutters, 23, Queen str. Cheapside
Croughton S. Wholesale Linen Warehouse, 14, Friday street
Crowder & Lavie, Attornies, Frederick place, Old Jewry
Crowder Wm. Goldsmith & Jeweller, 1, Bunhill row
Crowley J. Wholesale Hardwareman, White Hart inn yd. Borough
Crowley T. Yarn factor & Warehouseman, 2, Little Winchester str.
Crowther P. W. Attorney & City Solicitor, 25, King str. Cheapside
Crowther Wm. Carrier & Leather cutter, 7, Little Aylie str.
Crozier George, Man's Mercer, 15, Leicester fields
Crozier & Scott, Wholesale Mercers, 143, Cheapside
Crucefix Rob. Kerseymere Warehouse, 2, King str. Ditto
Cruger Henry & Co. Merchts. 31, Dowgate hill
Cruikshanks John, Stock broker, 6, Birchin lane
Crutchfield John & William, Turpentine Manufacturers & Colourmen, 4, Holborn bridge
Cruttenden & Cobb, Grocers, 30, Newgate street
Cuff Joseph, Cheesemonger, 115, Whitechapel
Cullen Murty, Biscuit baker, 282, Wapping
Culmer Josiah, Mathematical Instrument maker, 130, Ditto
Cullingworth & Co. Hosiers, 56, Threadneedle street
Cullum M. Sword cutler to his Majesty, 9, Charing cross
Cumine Wm. Mercht. 20, Salisbury street, Strand
Cumming R. & P. Merchts. 2, Bown's buildings, St. Mary ax
Cummins Wm. & Jos. Silk Mercers, Postern row, Tower hill
Cundell & Bickerstaff, Chymists & Druggists, 47, Minories
Cundell H. jun. Chymist & Druggist, 123, Ditto
Cunis Cornelius, Mercht. 70, Mark lane
Cunningham John, Hatter & Hosier, 163, Piccadilly
Cunningham Rich. Coal Mercht. 11, Upper Thames street
Curling Robert, Broker, 3, Torrington street, Wapping
Curling, Johnson & Co. Wharfingers, Galley key, Thames str.
Curling & Hooper, Wine & Brandy Merchts. 18, Borough market
Currie D. Mercht. Lambeth hill, Doctor's commons
Currie Colin, Mercht. 48, Lime street
Currie Mark, Distiller, Duke street, Bloomsbury
Curry R. S. Grocer & Tea dealer, 78, Leadenhall street
Curteis Susanna & Son, Brewers, 260, Wapping
Curteis & Croughton, Wholesale Linen drapers, 9, Friday str.
Curtis James, Oil & Colourman, 79, Cornhill
Curtis James, Mercht. Old South Sea house
Curtis John, Wine Mercht. Mile End
Curtis John, Stationer, 8, Ludgate hill
Curtis Tho. Russia Broker, 28, Mansell str. Goodman's fields
Curtis Tho. Mercht. Crescent place, New Bridge street
Curtis Thomas, Flour factor & Hop dealer, 77, Lemon street, Goodman's fields
Curtis Wm. Esq. Alderman & Mercht. Southgate, or Old South Sea house
Curtis Tim. & Wm. & Clarke, Biscuit bakers, 236, Wapping
Curtis Benjamin, Linen draper, 97, Minories
Cuthbert & Son, Upholsters &c. 141, Long acre
Cuthbert T. & J. Wax & Tallow chandlers, 16, Bridge str. Westminster
Cuthell John, Bookseller, 4, Middle row Holborn
Cutler James, Corn dealer, 97, Fleet market

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