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Directory of London and Westminster,
& Borough of Southwark.

SOURCE: Kent's Directory for the Year 1794. Cities of London and Westminster, & Borough of Southwark.

An alphabetical List of the Names and Places of Abode of the Directors of Companies, Persons in Public Business, Merchts., and other eminent Traders in the Cities of London and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark.

Eade, Allen & Son, Ship chandlers, 74, Wapping wall
Eades George, Coach maker, 34, Camomile street
Eagleton & Co. Tea Warehouse, 9, Bishopsgate within & 42, Cheapside
Eamer John, Wholesale Grocer, 3, Wood street, Cheapside
Eamer & Co. Sugar refiners, Gloucester co. Whitecross street
Earley John, Wine Cooper, 16, Philpot lane
Earnshaw T. Clock & Watchmaker, 119, High Holborn
Eastman Hugh, Ship & Insurance broker, 2, Ball co. Cornhill
Eastup Tho. Coal & Coke Mercht. 24, Hollis str. Cavendish sq.
Easum M. Rope, Line, Twine & Net maker, 14, Butcher r. Ratcliff c.
Eaton Mich. Hosier & Haberdasher, 10, Gracechurch str.
Eavestaff G. Corn chandler, Bedford street, Holborn
Eddie, Beck & Wright, Seedsmen, 68, Strand
Eden Tho. & Co. Merchts. 9, Savage gardens, Crutched friars
Edgar M. Grocer & Tea dealer, Tothill street, Westminster
Edge Tho. Confectioner, 295, High Holborn
Edgerton E. & J. Booksellers, 32, Charing cross
Edgley Thomas, Mercht. 4, Billingsgate
Edie & Co. Merchts. 5, Tokenhouse yard
Edington John & Son, Coal Merchts. Earl street, Blackfriars
Edis John, Grocer & Tea dealer, 107, Whitecross street
Edison John, Attorney, Coopers hall, Basinghall street
Edlin Edward, Turner, 34, New Bond street
Edmeads Rob. Seedsman, 63, Charing cross
Edmeston James, Grocer & Tea dealer, 213, Wapping wall
Edmonds & Harper, Stationers, 14, Poultry
Edmonds Luther, Oil & Colourman, 73, Shoreditch
Edmonds John, Brewer, 63, Gray's inn lane, Holborn
Edmonds John, Mercer, 297, High Holborn
Edmonds Richard, Seedsman, 96, Gracechurch street
Edwards Richard, Bookseller, 142, New Bond street
Edwards John, Stationer, 12, Watling street
Edwards John, Attorney, 32, New Bridge street, Blackfriars
Edwards Charles, Ship chandler, 292, Wapping
Edwards & Bullen, Brandy Merchts. 11, Morgan's la. Tooley st.
Edwards Sam. Wine Mercht. 8, Beaufort buildings, Strand
Edwards Miles & Tho. Cotton Merchts . 7, Great Bush-l . Cannon str.
Edwards Rob. Linen draper, 248, High Holborn
Edwards James, Bookseller, 78, Pall Mall
Edwards Wm. Jeweller, 36, Coleman street
Edwards Wm. Broker, Stock Exchange
Edwards E. Milliner, 20, Tavistock street, Covent garden
Edwards H. Chymist & Druggist, 47, Old Gravel lane, Ratcliff highway
Edwards E. Broker, 18, Camomile street, Bishopsgate
Edwards & Greene, Gauze Weavers & Warehousemen, 56, Friday st.
Egan Constantine, Mercht. 9, Finch lane, Cornhill
Egerton Ezekiel, Mercht. 49, Watling street
Egerton Wm. Mercht. 11, Charlotte street, Blackfriars road
Egg D. Gun maker, 1, Haymarket
Eggers Henry, Sugar refiner, 3, Great Garden st. Whitechapel
Eggers & Co. Sugar refiners, Cable street, Welclose square
Eguino Francis, Mercht. 22, Finsbury square
Eicke D. Exchange & Insurance broker, 19, Nicholas lane
Eland Tho. Wine & Brandy Mercht. 38, Little Eastcheap
Eldred Edward, Tea dealer, 84, Long acre
Eldred Tho. Ship & Insurance broker, 6, Castle co. Birchin lane
Eley & Son, Goldbeaters, 105, Shoe lane, Fleet street
Eley Wm. Silver Buckle maker, 14, Clerkenwell green
Elgie John & Co. Corn factors, 92, Cannon street
Ella Tho. Grocer & Tea dealer, 27, Tooley street
Elletson D. Upholsterer, &c. 109, St. Martin's la. Charing cross
Ellill John, Lead Mercht. & Shot maker, 26, Queen st. Cheapside
Elliot D. Mercht. & Insurance broker, 1, Cushion co. Broad str.
Elliot Nathaniel, Mercht. Well street, Hackney
Elliot Rob. Rope, Line & Twine Manufactory, St. Catherine's
Elliot, Walley & Adam, Merchts. 1, Hylord's co. Crutched friars
Elliot & Ault, Warehouse keepers, 8, Billiter lane
Elliot & Miller, Goldsmiths & Jewellers, 119, Oxford street
Elliott Wm. Chinaman, 27, St. Paul's Church yard
Elliott, Robinson & Kitchiner, Wholesale Tea dealers, 25, Prince's street, Lothbury
Elliott Charles, Upholsterer, &c. 97, New Bond street
Elliott J. Stock, Insurance & Ship broker, Stock Exchange
Elliott & Brooks's Mahogany Wharf, 66, Bankside, Southwark
Elliott & Anderson, Floor Cloth Manufacturers, 22, Friday st.
Elliott Rob. Tobacconist, 33, Norton falgate
Elliotson John, Chymist & Druggist, 106, Borough
Ellis J. & T. Hop factors, 55, Ditto
Ellis Tho. & Son, Hop Merchts. & Seedsmen, 81, Ditto
Ellis Wm. Auctioneer, 126, Fenchurch street
Ellis Wm. Mercht. 89, Cheapside
Ellis Tho. & Wynn, Oil & Colourmen, 43, Compton str. Soho
Ellis Tho. Harness maker, 84, Blackman street, Borough
Ellis 8am.[sic] Stationer, 11, Queen street, Cheapside
Ellis, Parry & Co. Silk Manufacturers, 56, St. Paul's Church yd.
Ellis Ralph, Attorney, 37, Basinghall street
Ellis John, Linen draper, 31, Tavistock street
Elliston & Weeden, Brush makers, 83, Whitechapel road
Elmore John, Leather seller, 27, Monmouth street
Elmsley Peter, Bookseller, 87, Strand
Else Wm. Lace & Fancy Warehouse, 5, Crown co. Cheapside
Elsee & Cotton, Wholesale Dealers in Paper and Rags, 198, Upper Thames street
Elston Wm. Man's Mercer & Button seller, 40, Cloth fair, Smithfield
Elton, Hammond & Parker, Wholesale Tea dealers, 21, Milk st.
Elton & Radcliff, Hardwaremen, 109, Whitechapel
Elward, Marsh & Bailey, Cabinet makers & Upholsterers, 13, Mount street, Berkley square
Elwin Fountain, Army Agent, 5, Coney co. Gray's inn, Holborn
Elwin & Flower, Warehousemen, 7, Watling street
Ely J. Mill & Handscrew maker, 19, Crooked lane, Cannon str.
Elyard Samuel, Broker, 16, Great St. Helen's
Elyard Wm. Ship broker, 2, Crescent, Minories
Emerton, Alex. & Co. Colourmen, 270, Strand
Emery Josiah, Watchmaker, Cockspur street, Charing Cross
Emley Sam, Coffin Furniture Manufactory, 71, Snow hill
Enderby S. & Son, Oil Merchts. Paul's Wharf, Thames street
Enderby S. White lead Manufactory, 9, Leoman's pond, Southwa.
Engel Henry & Co. Sugar refiners, 48, Welclose square
England G. P. Organ builder, Stephen str. Tottenham court road
Englehart Francis, Confectioner & Grocer, 18, Cannon street
Epworth Jos. Cabinet maker, 12, Little St. Martin's lane
Ernst G. A. & Son, Merchts, 5, Green Lettice la. Cannon str.
Escola, Joseph-Fidel, Spanish Mercht. 29, Tokenhouse yard
Essex Jos. Ribbon Manufacturer, 135, Bishopsgate without
Essex H. Hardwareman, 224, Strand
Esdaile James & John, Army Accoutrement maker, 110, Bunhill r.
Estcourt & Co. Attornies, 2, New buildings, Lincoln's inn
Etheridge, John & Son, Scarlet dyers, Hoxton
Evance John, Pocket book maker, 81, Queen str. Cheapside
Evans C. & Co. Wholesale Hardwaremen & Jewellers, 31, Lime str.
Evans & Gaskell, Wholesale Line drapers, 33, Cateaton str.
Evans Tho. Hosier & Haberdasher, 66, Wardour str. Soho
Evans E. Tea dealer & grocer, 127, New Bond street
Evans Geo. jun. Hop Mercht. 7, Counter street, Borough
Evans James, Bookseller, 32, Paternoster row
Evans John & Pervical, Hop factors, 256, Borough
Evans Rice, Grocer & Tea dealer, 229, Shadwell
Evans & Demain, Distillers, 12, St. Catherine's
Evans John & William, Lines drapers, 171, Wapping
Evans J. & Son, Watchmakers, 7, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Evans Henry, Mercht. 27, Hatton garden
Evans Rob. Gold beater & Refiner, 74, Long acre
Evans Rees & Co. Manchester Warehousemen, 16, King st. Cheap.
Evans Sarah, Silk dyer, New George str. Bethnal green
Evans & Welch, Slop sellers, 134, Leadenhall street
Evans Benj. Print seller, 42, Poultry
Evans & Davis, Brandy Merchts. 5, Bow street, Bloomsbury
Evans J. Timber Mercht. 53, Great Surry str. Blackfriars road
Evans Ebenezer, Leather seller, 18, New Compton str. Soho
Evans Richard, Oilman, 6, Market street, St. James's
Evans Thomas, Bookseller, 46, Paternoster row
Everard John, Oil & Colourman, 19, Houndsditch
Everard J. Silk Weaver, 4, Wood street, Spitalfields
Evered Rob. Bolting-cloth Weaver, 195, Upper Thames street
Everett Tho. Factor & Warehouseman, 1, Castle co. Lawrence lane
Everett John, Mercht. 11, Basinghall street
Everidge John, Looking & Coach Glass Manufactory, Gravel lane, Southwark
Everingham Benjamin, Slop seller, 67, Wapping wall
Everth & Doxat, Merchts. 8, Swithin's lane, Lombard street
Eustace & Holland, Wharfingers, George stairs, Shad Thames
Ewans D. Surgeons Instrument maker, 10, Old Change, Cheapside
Ewbank John, Cambrick Mercht. 23, Bucklersbury
Ewbank Samuel, Linen draper, Vere street, Cavendish square
Ewer Walter & John, Merchts. 2, Little Love-l. Aldermanbury
Ewsters William, Ironmonger & Brazier, 101, Cheapside, & 87, Basinghall street
Ewsters Richard, Pocket book Manufactory, 77, Fleet street
Exeter James, Coach maker, 272, Whitechapel road
Eyre William & Co. Wine & Brandy. Merchts. 34, Great St. Helen's
Eyre & Acton, Wholesale Linen drapers, 11, Friday street
Eyre Thomas, Upholstery Warehouse, 356, Oxford road
Eyre & Large, Upholsterers & Cabinet makers, 226, Piccadilly

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