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Directory of London and Westminster,
& Borough of Southwark.

SOURCE: Kent's Directory for the Year 1794. Cities of London and Westminster, & Borough of Southwark.

An alphabetical List of the Names and Places of Abode of the Directors of Companies, Persons in Public Business, Merchts., and other eminent Traders in the Cities of London and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark.

Gabrielli, Macirone & Co. Merchts. 5, Bury str. St. Mary ax
Gage Andrew, Wine Mercht. 38, Crutched friars
Gainsford Nicholas, Cheesemonger, 6, Holborn bridge
Gaisford Wm. Clothworker, 5, Little Britain
Gaitskell J. & Son, Distillers, Cherry garden stairs, Rotherith
Gaitskell Joseph, Ship chandler, 332, Wapping
Galbraith James, Bookseller, 59, Paternoster row
Galbraith, Henderson & Co. Callico & Handkerchief Printers, 57, Friday street
Galbreath David, Mercht. 1, Coleman street buildings
Gale Curwen, Ship & Insurance broker, 34, Great Tower hill
Gale Edward & Son, Rope makers, Love lane, Shadwell
Gale John, Engraver, 35, Crooked lane
Galiegue J. M. & P. Silk Weavers, 36, Union st. Spitalfields
Gall & Smart, Distillers, 217, Piccadilly
Gallatly J. S. Insurance broker, 11, Scot's yd. Bush la. Cannon st.
Galley & Beardmore, Stock brokers, 4, Castle al. Cornhill
Gamidge W. Stationer, 77, Newgate street
Gammon Oliver, Oil & Seed Broker, 3, Winchester str. Broad str.
Gandolphi Peter-N. & Co. Merchts. 30, Throgmorton street
Garay, Bergareche & Co. Merchts. 54, Pay Office, Old Broad str.
Garden John, Army Accoutrement maker, 203, Piccadilly
Gardiner Alex. Sadler & Harness maker, 41, Long acre
Gardiner Edward, Silk dyer, 190, Bermondsey street
Gardiner Henry, Print Warehouse, 56, Bread street
Gardiner & Stevens, Bent Timber Wheel Manufactory, 9, Wormwood street, Bishopsgate within
Gardiner Geo. Scotch Warehouseman, 4, Watling street
Gardner Henry, Bookseller, 200, Strand
Gardner Frederick, Stationer, 24, Birchin lane
Gardner & Begnall, Sail cloth Merchts. 90, Tower street
Gardner Rich. Grocer, 29, Fore street, Moorfields
Gardner John, Seedsman, City Road
Gardner John, Oilman, 484, Strand
Gardner Sam. Worsted maker & Hosier, 189, Borough
Gardner B. F. Silk Weaver, 2, Honey lane market
Gardner John, Wine & Brandy Mercht. New co. Swithin's la.
Gardner & Preist, Wholesale Cutlers, 382, Strand
Gardner Daniel, Linen draper, 18, Cloth fair, Smithfield
Gardner, Manser & Co. Iron Foundry, King & Queen stairs, Rotherhith
Garle Tho. & John, Sugar refiners, 17, Bennet's hill, Doctor's commons, & 24, Carter lane
Garnett, Randall & Brent, Patent Block makers, Cuckold's point, Rotherhith
Garratt F. Wholesale Tea dealer, 7, Old Swan, London bridge
Garratt John, Tea broker, 7, Great St. Thomas Apostles
Garraway & Webb, Tea dealers, 302, Strand
Garrett Wm. Cheesemonger & Oilman, 36, Tower street
Garrett Alex. Stationer & Paper hanger, 55, Newgate street
Garsed, Wilkinson, Meyricke & Dowell, Ribbon Weavers, 1, Goldsmith street, Wood street
Garth Jonathan, Oil & Colourman, Rotherhith
Garton John, Hosier & Manufacturer, 97, Cheapside
Gascoigne T. W. Plumber, 3, George street, Minories
Gascoigne James, Sugar broker, 27, St. Dunstan's hill
Gascoigne, Dawson & Dixon, Wharfingers, Porter's & Bear Keys, Lower Thames street
Gask & Eyre, Grocers, 40, Aldgate High street
Gasquet John, Mercht. Hoxton, or Antigallican Coffee house
Gassiot Peter, Mercht. 9, Finsbury square
Gastineau & Deeble, Brokers, 28, Throgmorton street
Gataker T. Hamburg Mercht. 23, Prince' str. Lothbury
Gatfield & Sons, Hat Warehouse, 62, Newgate street
Gattey Joseph & Co. Druggists, 16, Cloak lane
Gattie Wm. Perfumer, 52, New Bond street
Gatward & Hundley, Saw makers, Redlion mar. Whitecross st.
Graveller & Dettmar, Sugar refiners, Virginia str. Ratcliff highway
Gaunt J. & R. Corn dealers, Little Abingdon str. Westminster
Gaunt, Lucas & Lay, Button Manufacturers, 12, Milk str. Cheapside
Gawthorne Wm. Grocer, 119, Drury lane
Gay James, Oil & Colourman, 66, Fenchurch street
Gayleard James, Hatter, 82, New Bond street
Gearing & Taylers, Weavers, 1, King street, Cheapside
Gedge R. & J. W. Linen drapers, 1, Leicester square
Gedge Richard, Linen draper, 39, Oxford street
Geering & West, Attornies, 5, Shorter's co. Throgmorton st.
Geldard John, Linen draper, 106, New Bond street
Geledneki Anthony, Mercht. 55, Queen street, Cheapside
Gent James, Chymist & Druggist, 11, St. James's street
Gentil John-H. Mercht. 16, Middle Moorfields
George Benj. Needle & Fish hook maker, 70, Snow hill
George J. Tinplate worker & Brazier, 422, Strand
George B. & J. Mercers, 18, Holywell street, Ditto
Gerard Joseph, Turner to his Majesty, 188, Piccadilly
Gerard J. Auctioneer & Commission Broker, 8, Litchfield str. Soho
German J. & R. Hosiers, 164, Fenchurch street
Gerner A. Glass cutter & Engraver, 340, Oxford street
Gerrard James, Corn factor, 87, Cannon street
Gervaise & Co. Coal Merchts. Upper Ground, Blackfriars road
Gevers & Ingman, Cast Iron Warehouse, 145, Upper Thames st.
Gibbon A. & J. Mast, Oar & Block makers, 247, Wapping
Gibbon Geo, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 12, Rood lane
Gibbons E. Upholsterer, 3, Bucklersbury
Gibbs James, Cutler, 137, New Bond street
Gibbs Wm. Wine & Brandy Mercht. St. Catherine's square
Gibbs Tho. Tobacco & Snuff Manufactory, 17, John st. Oxford st.
Gibson Bartho, Linen draper, Castle street, Leicester square
Gibson Edward, Linen draper, 149, Bishopsgate without
Gibson Robert, Army & Hunting Sadler, &c. Coventry str. Haymarket
Gibson R. Wharfinger & Shipping broker, 7, Villar's st. Strand
Gibson & Son, Notary Publics, 9, Lombard street
Gibson & Gisborne, Playing Card makers, 58, Mortimer str. Cavendish square
Gibson H. Silk Manufacturer, 96, Watling street
Gibson Benjamin, Grocer, 15, Birchin lane
Gibson Craswell, Grocer & Tea dealer, 124, Whitechapel
Gifford Wm. Long's Warehouse, 43, Tavistock st. Covent ga.
Gifford William, Goldbeater, 2, Maiden lane, Wood street
Gilbert, Wright & Hooke, Mathematical Instrument makers, 148, Leadenhall street
Gilbert John & Sons, Grocers & Tea dealers, 70, Chiswell str.
Gilbert Tho. & Co. Sail makers & Ship chandlers, 222, Wapping
Gilbert Wm. Grocer, Great Surry street, Blackfriars road
Gilbert & Gilkerson, Mathematical Instrument, makers, 8, Postern row, Tower hill
Gilbert Henry, Hatter & Hosier, 124, Holborn hill
Gilbert John, Hardwareman, 17, Golden lane
Gilbert Edward, Grocer, 139, Whitechapel
Gilbert John, Linen draper, Rotherhith
Gilbertson William, Linen draper, 104, Oxford street
Gilchrist & Co. Navy Agents, 9, Symond's inn, Chancery la.
Gildart Tho. Mercht. 4, New Broad street
Gilding F. Upholsterer & Cabinet maker, 113, Aldersgate st.
Giles, Sidgwick & Farrington, Corn factors, 4, Fowke's buildings, Tower street
Giles John, Oilman & Salter, 18, Tooley street
Giles Wm. & Tho. Coopers, 20, Water lane, Tower street
Gill William, Esq. Alderman, Treasurer of Christ's Hospital, at the Hospital
Gill & Maxey, Cotton dealers & Wholesale Upholsterers, 135, Aldersgate street
Gill John, Wine Mercht. 199, Strand
Gill & Norton, Wholesale Linen drapers & Manchester Warehousemen, 7, Laurence lane, Cheapside
Gill T. Glass & Chinaman, 14, Lower Brooke st. Grosvenor sq.
Gillbe Humphrey, Coal Mercht. 16, St. Dunstan's hill
Gilles Lewis, Worsted Lace & Fringe Manufacturer, 39, Long acre
Gillespy Eliz. & T. Coal factors & Sail makers, Wapping
Gillespy James, Shoe Warehouse, 44, Newgate street
Gillet John, Tinplate worker, 128, Lower Thames street
Gilliat John & Tho. Merchts., Ball court, Giltspur street
Gillies Wm. Corn factor, 20, St. Mary hill
Gillman William, Linen draper, 23, Barbican
Gillow Robert & Co. Merchts. Cabinet makers & Upholsterers, 176, Oxford street
Gilpin & Newton, Woollen drapers, 432, Strand
Gilson Robert, Army Agent, 28, Coventry street, Piccadilly
Gilson Thomas, Woollen draper, 173, Fenchurch street
Gilson Thomas, Linen draper, 95, Minories
Gilzean Robert, Mercht. New Lloyd's Coffee house
Gimber & Son, Fish hook & Needle makers, 10?, Crooked la. Cannon street
Gimber Stephen, Brush maker & Turner, 37, Holborn
Gimbert Rich. Cork cutter to his Majesty, 37, Piccadilly
Ginger Richard, Salter & Oilman, 20, Queenhith
Ginger William & Son, Booksellers, College str. Westminster
Girdlers & Slaughters, Cheesemongers, 114, St. Martin's la. Charing cross
Gladhill Thomas, Man's Mercer, 9, Bartholomew lane
Glaister Samuel, Exchange broker, 9, Poultry
Glandfield & Pascall, Wine Merchts. 445, Strand
Glass William, Stationer, 3, Castle alley, Cornhill
Glazbrook W. Hatter, Hosier & Glover, 102, Whitechapel
Gledhill & Bell, Warehousemen, 50, Jermyn str. Piccadilly
Gledstanes George, Wine Mercht. 12, Salisbury str. Strand
Glen & Pead, Merchts. 31, New Broad street buildings
Glenny George, Mercht. 32, Walbrook
Glover David, Sugar refiner, 19, Martin's lane, Cannon str.
Glover & Sons, Upholsterers, 63, Piccadilly
Glover S. Grocer & Tea dealer, 13, Great Russel st. Covent-g.
Glyn Sir Richard-Car, Knt. Alderman, Jermyn str. St. James's
Goad John, Linen draper, 47, Bishopsgate within
Goadby & Berry, Stationers, 18, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Goddard & Mark, Woollen drapers, 17, Gerrard str. Soho
Goddard Rob. Wax & TalIow chandler, 63, Fleet market
Goddard F. Watchmaker & Jeweller, 8, Rathbone place
Godfree R. Upholsterer & Cabinet maker, Union st. Westminst.
Godfrey John, Tinplate worker, 36, Chiswell str. Moorfields
Godfrey M. Grocer & Tea dealer, 74, Piccadilly
Godfrey Ambrose, Chymist, 31, Southampton str. Strand
Godfrey Benj. Cordial Warehouse, 61, Bishopsgate without
Godfrey Walter, Coal Mercht. Milford lane, Strand
Godin B. & S. Silk Weavers, 8, Duke street, Spitalfields
Godfall Philip & Co. Coach makers, 103, Long acre
Godfell Edm. Wine & Brandy Mercht. 74, Lower Thames str.
Godfell Tho. Coal Mercht. King Edward stairs, Wapping
Godfell Tho. jun. Coal Mercht. & Wharfinger, Wapping
Godwin, Coles & Co. Brokers, Scot's yd. Bush-l. Cannon str.
Godwin B. Bottle Warehouse, 11, Bush lane, Cannon street
Godwin John, Goldsmith, 161, Strand
Goff & Amey, Silk dyers, 8, Ivey lane, Newgate street
Goff Daniel, Gun maker, 58, Mansel str. Goodman's fields
Goff & Whitfield, Coal Merchts. 5, Broad str. Ratcliff highway, or Coal Exchange
Goff Thomas, Orange Mercht. 33, Pudding lane
Gogney Thomas, Packer, 29, Bow lane, Cheapside
Goldar Jabez, Engraver, 16, Charlotte str. Blackfriars road
Golden Daniel, jun. Linen draper, 178, Strand
Goldfinch H. Manufacturer of Hosiery & Hats, 57, Lombard str.
Golding, Macknamara & Co. Merchts. 29, Queen st. Cheapsi.
Golding Wm. Mercht. 1, Three Crown court, Borough
Golding T. Perfumer to her Majesty, 42, Cornhill
Golding Bartholomew, Wine Mercht. 29, Queen st. Cheapside
Goldsmid Asher, Broker, 44, Mansel str. Goodman's fields
Goldsmid B. & A. Merchts. 6, Capel court, Bartholomew lane
Goldsmid A. Son & D. Eliason, Merchts. 25, Lemon street, Goodman's fields
Goldsmith William, Teaman, 44, Long acre
Goldsmith Wm. Bookseller, 1, Warwick co. Warwick lane
Godwin John, Corn dealer, 29, Broad street, St. Giles's
Goll T. D. Silversmith, Jeweller & Laceman, 2, New st. Covent-g
Gombertz Solomon-B. Mercht. 3, Bury str. St. Mary axe
Gooch Horace, Linen draper, 35, Oxford street
Good Joseph, Bookseller & Stationer, 159, New Bond street
Good Richard, Stationer, 63, Bishogsgate without
Good James, Linen draper, 27, Little Newport street
Goodall John, Mercht. South Sea House, Threadneedle street
Goodall John, Surgeons Instrument maker, 3, St. Saviour's Church yard, Borough
Goobehere, Wigan & Co. Goldsmiths, 86, Cheapside
Goode B. & T. Silk Printers, Pelham st. Mile End New Town
Goodchild, Slater & Jackson, Ironmongers, Cousin-l. Thames st.
Goodchild Thomas, Window Glass cutter, 252, Tooley street
Goodchild Joseph, Window Glass cutter, 2, ditto
Goodenough T. & Son, Cheesemongers, 91, Bishopsgate without
Goodeson Sam. Grocer & Tea dealer, 18, Welclose square
Goodhall J. Mercer, 28, Holywell street, Strand
Goodhart Emanuel, Sugar refiner, Horse ferry, Limehouse
Goodhart Jacob, Sugar refiner, 4, Ratcliff highway
Goodhew William, Sugar refiner, Church street, Deptford
Goodier C. Tallow chandler & Oilman, 35, Pudding la. Eastcheap
Goodman, John, Scale maker, 19, Snow hill
Goodson James Sadler, Harness maker & Ironmonger, 19, Change alley, Cornhill
Goodwin Geo. Woolen draper, 23, Coventry str. Piccadilly
Goodwin Wm. Plumber, 134, Salisbury court, Fleet street
Goodwin G. Coachspring & Axletree maker, Coal yd. Drury la.
Goodwin James, Oilman & Hard Soap maker, 8, Saffron hill
Goodwin, Platt & Goodwin, Dyers, 25, Park steet, Southwark
Goodwin David, Cooper, 11, Lower Shadwell
Goodwyn, Skinner & Thornton, Brewers, 21, Lower East Smithfield
Goom Stephen, Glue maker, Tyre's gateway, Bermondsey st.
Gopsill? Tho. Corn & Flour Mercht. 5, Church row, Horslydown
Gordon, Dermer & Co. Seedsmen, 25, Fenchurch street
Gordon Geo. Boot & Shoe maker, Cockspur str. Charing cross
Gordon & Foott, Distillers, St. John's street, Clerkenwell
Gordon Wm. Watchmaker, 15, Cross street, Islington
Gordons & Stanley, Ironmongers, 46, Lime street
Gore John & Co. Merchts. 112, Bishopsgate within
Gore Tho. Chymist & Druggist, 18, St.Martin's co. Leicester fields
Gorham & Clark, Lime Merchts. Earl street, Blackfriars
Gorman Tho. Mercht. 26, New Broad street
Gorman E. S. & J. Ellis, Insurance brokers, 26, Ditto
Gosling Rob. Surgeon & Apothecary, 11, Fenchurch street
Gosling Wm. Wine Mercht. 69, Mark lane
Goss J. W. Wharfinger, Bull wharf, Queenhith
Gosse, Benwell & Co. Malt Distillers, York pl. Battersea
Gosset James, Weaver & Haberdasher, 13, Norton Falgate
Gossett Daniel, Commission Broker, Mason's hall, Basinghall str.
Gottlieb V. Anti Attrition Axletree & Nautical Machine maker, Blackfriars road
Gotty John, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 12, Idol la. Tower str.
Govett James, Man's Mercer, 10 & 11, Aldgate within
Gouge Rich. Cheesemonger & Grocer, 62, Whitecross street
Gouger Geo. Ribbon Manufacturer, 48, Newgate street
Gough Wm. Paper hanging Manufacturer & Stationer, 6, Aldgate without
Gough Joseph, Stationer, 6, Gracechurch street
Gough Wm. Distiller, Tothill street, Westminster
Goujon & Baker, Chip & Leghorn Hat Warehouse, 33, Newgate str.
Gould & Edis, Merchts. 5, Little Eastcheap
Gould & Son, Cabinet makers & Upholsterers, 78, Gracechurch str.
Gould Morgan, Hatter, 31, Ludgate hill
Gould M. Cutler, 79, St. Paul's Church yard
Gould M. Confectioner, 136, New Bond street
Goulden Tho. Reed maker, 3, Stewart street, Spitalfields
Goulding Tho. Sugar mill maker & Iron founder, 45, Bankside, Southwark
Goulding Geo. Music Warehouse, 6, James str. Covent gar.
Gouldsmith E. Wholesale Hardwareman, 16, Little Britain
Gouldsmith & King, Embroiderers, 108, New Bond street
Goundrey Wm. Grocer & Tea dealer, 1, Upper Mary le bon
Gout Ralph, Clock & Watchmaker, 6, Norman st. Old str.
Gouthit Wm. Dry salter & Hop Mercht. 9, Old Fish street
Govan Arch. & James, Merchts. 24, Prince's str. Lothbury
Gow F. & C. Oil & Colour Shop, 80, Whitechapel
Gowland Tho. jun. Mercht. 2, Gould square, Crutched friars
Gowland Tho. Snuff maker, 317, High Holborn
Gowland Tho. Mercht. 2, Gould square, & 15, America sq.
Grace & Freemans, Indigo makers, 6, Aldermanbury Postern
Grace James, Anchorsmith, 326, Rotherhith
Graff B. F. Agent & Insurance broker, 19, Basinghall street
Graftey Luke, Holier, 59, Cheapside
Grafton Rob. Stock broker, 34, Coleman street
Graham J. Cabinet maker & Upholsterer, 7, St. Paul's Church yard
Graham Gascoign, Whalebone cutter, 52, Old Compton str. Soho
Graham A. Orange Mercht. 12, Botolph lane
Graham & Litchfield, Upholsterers, 72, St. Martin's la. Charing cr.
Graham T. & Co. Ship chandlers, 49, Lower Shadwell
Grange & Gregory, Confectioners, 178, Piccadilly
Grant W. Paper staining & Hanging Warehouse, 47, Greek st. Soho
Grant John, Watchmaker, 75, Fleet street
Grant John, jun. Oil & Colourman, 53, Newgate street
Grant John, Wine Mercht. 2, Copthall co. Throgmorton str.
Grant John, Goldsmith & Jeweller, 3, Cockspur street
Grant Rob. Mercht. 31, Redlion square
Grant Alex. Mercht. 121, Bishopsgate within
Grape T. R. Oil & Colourman, 13, Shoreditch
Gratton Tho. Corn dealer, 6, Ditto
Gravell & Tolkien, Clock & Watchmakers, 49, St. John's st. Smithfi.
Graves & Thorpe, Linen drapers, 18, Holborn
Gray Wm. Jeweller, 13, New Bond street
Gray J. & G. Wholesale Jewellers, Goldsmiths & Hardwaremen, 4, Billiter square
Gray & Freeman, Linen drapers, 71, Cornhill
Gray John & Walker, Brandy. Merchts. 2, Water la. Tower st.
Gray T. Jeweller & Goldsmith, 25, Strand
Gray Newman, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 24, Newgate str.
Gray Richard, Ironmonger, 20, King street, Tower hill
Grayhurst P. & M. Hardwaremen & Watchmakers, 65, Strand
Greatorex & Kemp, Distillers, 7, St. Catherine's
Greaves Geo. Cotton Mercht. 12, Lothbury
Greaves Wm. Silk broker, Tom's Coffee house, Cornhill
Greaves Joseph, Insurance broker, Lloyd's Coffee house
Greaves, Hodson, Newton & Leach, Wholesale Linen drapers, 132, Cheapside
Greaves & Hall, Grocers, 36, Mark lane
Greaves Joshua, Leather seller, 4, Fish street hill
Greaves John, Uphoisterer & Carpet Warehouse, 179, Borough
Green James, Clock & Watch maker, 8, Philpot lane
Green Geo. & Co. Shag Weavers, 14, Lothbury
Green John, Oilman & Cork cutter, 2, Limehouse
Green John, Rag Mercht. Sugar loaf co. Upper Thames str.
Green & Co. Coach Ironmongers & Founders, 164, Drury lane
Green Tho. Skinner, 18, Dean street, Tooley street
Green Tho. Skinner, Maze, Southwark
Green Philip, Plumber, 125, Aldersgate street
Green Tho. Mill stone Mercht. 70, Borough
Green Tho. Ironmonger, 117, Upper Thames street
Green Wm. Ironmonger, 19, Great Eastcheap
Green Wm. Manchester Warehouse, 32, Crooked lane
Green Wm. Teaman & Grocer, 132, Minories
Green Wm. Stationer, 32, New Bond street
Green Wm. Mercer, 44, Holborn hill
Green Joseph, Mercht, 11, London wall
Green Joseph, Mercht. 40, Crispin street, Spitalfields
Green Jos. & Char. Haberdashers, 10, Coventry st. Haymarket
Green J. Cooper, Truss hoop & Measure maker, 26, Great Tower st.
Green Samnel, Watchmaker, 112, Bunhill row
Green Henry, Working Goldsmith, 62, St. Martin's le grand
Green & Ward, Goldsmiths, Jewellers & Cutlers, 1, Ludgate st.
Green & Limpus, Wholesale Potters & Glassmen, 62, Up. Thames str.
Greenaway Tho. Hatter & Hosier, 38, Bishopsgate within
Greene T. & J. Skutt, Attornies, Great Alie st. Goodman's fi.
Greenhill Tho. Stationer, 14, Gracechurch street
Greenhill Joseph, Wax & Tallow chandler, Tottenham court r.
Greenland Wm. Pipe Manufacturer, 60, Lower East Smithfield
Greens & Walford, Factors, 4, Little Winchester street
Greensill Edward, Jeweller, 34, Strand
Greensill & Son, Jewellers & Goldsmiths, 35, Ditto
Greenway Stafford, Ostrich Feather Mercht. 6, Bartlet's build. Holb.
Greenwood James, Hop factor, 2, Maidstone build. Borough
Greenwood Tho. Cabinetmaker, 23, Fenchurch street
Greenwood T. Currier & Leather cutter, Whites gr. Bermondsey
Greenwood Alex. Warehouseman, 8, Milk street, Cheapside
Greer John, Cutler, 13, Ludgate street
Gregg Tho. & Co. Merchts. 25, Broad street
Gregg & Gregg, Attornies, 7, Skinners' hall, Dowgate hill
Gregory Mark & Tho. & Co. Merchts. 8, King's arms yard, Coleman street
Gregory Philip, Chymist & Druggist, 17, Wapping wall
Gregory Geo. Glover, 2, Great Turnstile, Holborn
Gregory James, Linen draper, 186, Piccadilly
Gregson John, Watchmaker to the Prince of Wales, 36, Bruton? street, Hanover square
Gregson Jesse, Attorney, 9, Copthall co. Throgmorton street
Gregson & Co. Dutch Merchts. 77, Watling street
Grellet Geo. & Charles, Merchts. 51, Lime street
Grellier Henry & Son, Weavers, 2, Wood str. Spitalfields
Grellier Peter, Stationer, 10, Mary le bon str. Golden square
Grellier Paul, Tea dealer, Swallow street, Oxford street
Grenfell Pascoe, jun. Copper Office, over the Royal Exchange
Grenfell Pascoe & Wm. Merchts. 8, St Mildred's co. Poultry
Greville, Maynard & Co. Vinegar makers, 189, St. John's str.
Grey Geo. & David, Curriers & Leather cutters, 89, Drury la.
Grey John, Hardwareman, 68, Leadenhall street
Grey Joseph, Button seller, 15, Milk street, Cheapside
Grice James, Anchorsmith, 326, Rotherhith
Grice Peter, Grocer & Tea dealer, 115, Wapping
Grier John, Mercht. 32, Bucklersbury
Grierson Charles, Gun maker to his Majesty, 10, New Bond st.
Griffin Geo. Wharfinger, Griffin's wharf, Southwark
Griffin, Hebert & Griffin, Weavers, 36, Stewart str. Spitalfield
Griffin David, Wharfinger, Beal's wharf, Tooley street
Griffin John, Oil & Colourman, 1, Ludgate hill
Griffin John, Ironmonger, 42, Holborn
Griffin & Lay, Hosiers, Hatters & Glover, 117, Oxford str.
Griffin Sam. Charity School Clothier, 4, Great St. Helen's
Griffin & Son, Hosiers, Haberdashers & Glovers, 123, New Bond str.
Griffin & Morgan, Potters, Lambeth
Griffith Tho. & Char. Whip makers, 322, High Holborn
Griffith & Son, Wine Merchts. 53, Pall Mall
Griffith Wm. Wine, Rum & Brandy Mercht. George inn, Smithfield
Griffith Richard, Tinplate worker, 111, Fleet street
Griffith, Roberdeau & Hopkins, Auctioneers, 92, Blackman str.
Griffith W. & S. Chymists & Apothecaries, 52, Brick la. Spitalfield
Griffith & Phipps, Attornies, 12, Hart street, Crutched Friars
Griffiths J. Mineral Water Warehouse, 27, St. Alban's st. Pall Mall
Griffiths C. Wharfinger, Bell & Star wharf, Upper Thames street
Griffiths Griffith, Woollen draper, 24, Stanhope str. Clare market
Griffiths John, Tinplate worker, New street, Covent garden
Griffiths & Freeman, Linen drapers, 138, Cheapside
Griffiths John, Brandy & Hop Mercht. 29, Pudding lane
Griffiths James, Wine Mercht. 10, Doctor's commons
Griffiths John, Upholsterer & Cabinet maker, Great Alie str.
Griffiths James, Wine & Brandy Merch. Fore str. Lambeth
Griffiths George, Timber Mercht. 7, Francis street, Tottenham court road
Grill Claes, Swedish Consul & Mercht. 2, Dunster's co. Mincing la.
Grimes & Co. Needle Manufactory, 119, Fetter la. Fleet str.
Grimwood, Hudson & Barritt, Seedsmen, 159, Piccadilly
Grindall Richard, Surgeon, 2, Austin friars
Grindall Thomas, Distiller, 13, Broad street, Bloomsbury
Grindle John, Chymist & Druggist, 2, Haymarket
Grisewood George, Sadler, Finsbury place, Moorfields
Grissell Wm. Corn factor, 95, Fenchurch street
Grob John-Ernst, Sugar refiner, 11, College hill
Grob J. A. & Co. Cyder Merchts. 75, Upper Thames street
Grojan Francis, Attorney, 15, Vine street, Piccadilly
Groombridge Stephen, Linen draper, 52, Smithfield
Grosvenor & Chater, Stationers, 11, Cornhill
Grosvenor Geo. Perfumer & Hardwareman, 303, High Holborn
Grote & Co. Merchts. 102, Leadenhall street
Grove Richard, Watch & Clock maker, 93, Wood street
Grover E. Brass & Iron Foundry, New Whitehorse co. Borough
Groyn Edward, Timber Mercht. Cuper's bridge, Lambeth
Grubb P. Rum & Brandy Mercht. Jamaica Coffee ho. Cornhill
Grymes J. R. & Co. Merchts. 16, Mark lane
Gubbins Thomas, Hosier, 92, Newgate street
Guest Michael, Mercer, 40, Bedford street, Covent garden
Guest J. Potter & Glass seller, 164, St. John's str. Clerkenwell
Guest J. Wholesale Japan Warehouse, 16, Staining la. Wood st.
Guillemard I & J. Weavers, 20, Stuart street, Spitalfields
Gumbrell & Scrivenor, Hop factors, 84, Borough
Gundry & Miller, Wine Merchts. 6, St. Dunstan's-h. Tower st.
Gunnell Samuel, Coal Mercht. 4, College str. Westminster
Gunson Rob. Duffel & Rugg Manufactory, 10, Prince's str. Park, Southwark
Gunter James, Confectioner, 31, New Bond street
Gurden Benjamin, Wholesale Jeweller, 114, Wood street
Gurry James, Haberdasher, 37, Gracechurch street
Guth John, Mercht. 6, Three King court, Lombard street
Gutteridge & Beddome, Tanner, 3, Long lane, Southwark
Gutterson Thomas, Brewer, Bell wharf, Shadwell
Gutzmer Henry, Sugar refiner, 20, Lower Shadwell
Guy & Adams, Stock brokers, 5, Change alley, Cornhill
Guy James, Callendrer, Lower James street, Golden square
Guy John, Stock broker, 5, Pope's head alley, Cornhill
Guyon & Bowden, Merchts. 3, Union court, Broad street
Gwatkin Edw. Mercht. 6, Jeffery's square, St. Mary axe
Gyfford & Co. Brewers, Castle street, Long acre
Gyfford Robert, Stationer, 35, Tower street

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