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Directory of London and Westminster,
& Borough of Southwark.

SOURCE: Kent's Directory for the Year 1794. Cities of London and Westminster, & Borough of Southwark.

An alphabetical List of the Names and Places of Abode of the Directors of Companies, Persons in Public Business, Merchts., and other eminent Traders in the Cities of London and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark.

Habgood & Joiner, Wholesale Haberdashers, 5, Rood lane, Fenchurch street
Habgood James & Co. Manchester Warehouse, 49, Friday st.
Habgood & Butler, Haberdashers & Hosiers, 40, Welcose sq.
Hacket William, Ship broker, 27, Nicholas lane
Hackett C. N. Oil & Colourman, 62, Minories
Haden Rob. & Philip, Cheesemongers, 361, Hermitage
Hadfield Joseph, Mercht. 1, Crown court, Broad street
Hadfield John, Grocer, 43, Houndsditch
Hadley & Son, Engine makers, 63, Long acre
Hadley & Co. Leather & Shoe Warehouse, 87, Lower East Smithfield
Haedy Joseph, Glass Manufactory, 287, Strand
Hagen Jacob & Son, Merchts. Mill street, Dockhead
Haggard Mark, Mercht. 13, Angel court, Throgmorton street
Hague Edward, Tobacco broker, 57, Fenchurch street
Hague James, Mercht. Narrow street, Limehouse
Hahn & Fixen, Sugar refiners, St. Ann's lane, Westminster
Hahn & Son, Sugar refiners, Labour in vain hill
Haig & Chippendale, Upholsterers, 60, St. Martin's la. Charing cr.
Haig Rob. Wine Mercht. 3, Three Cranes wh. Upper Thames str.
Haigh George, Weaver & Mercer, 9, Houndsditch
Haigh John & Daniel & Co. Merchts. 6, Aldermanbury
Haighton Edmund, Linen draper, 71, High Holborn
Haines Wm. Grocer & Tea dealer, 31, Crown str. Moorfields
Hains R. & G. Tobacconists, 40, Aldersgate street
Hair Robert, Tea dealer & Grocer, 104, New Bond street
Hairs & Co. Seed & Nurserymen, 29, St. James street
Hairs John, Seedman, 73, Oxford street
Haist J. Ship & Insurance broker, 21, Nicholas la. Lombard st.
Haldimand Anthony-Francis, Mercht. 51, St. Mary axe
Hale & Griffin, Iron founders, 13, Whitecross street
Hale, Toy & Mills, Hosiers, 24, Borough
Hale H. Oilman, 2, Birchin lane, Cornhill
Hale, Simmonds & Hale, Brewers, 9, Redcross str. Cripplegate
Hale Wm. Grocer, Cockspur street, Charing cross
Hale J. & J. M. Hale, Agents & Conveyancers, 23, Davies street, Berkley square
Hales William, Stationer, 127, Fenchurch street
Halford Robert, Gilt Leather & Screen Manufacturer, 13, St. Paul's Church yard
Halford John, Stock broker, 12, Finch lane, Cornhill
Halford Thomas, Haberdasher, 34, City road
Hall Anthony, Linen draper, 3, Union street, Borough
Hall Wm. Mercht. 62, Bread street
Hall & Co. Manchester & Button Warehouse, 31, Houndsditch
Hall & Forsyth, Velvet Weavers, 54, Bow lane
Hall Nich. Mercht. 20, London street, Fenchurch street
Hall & Bull, Linen drapers, 47, Borough
Hall Abraham, Paper Hanging maker, 8, Aldermanbury
Hall William, Hosier, 1, London bridge
Hall William, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 15, Duke street, Lincoln's inn fields
Hall Wm. Weaver, 22, Steward street, Spitalfields
Hall Wm. Cabinet maker, 2, Broker row, Moorfields
Hall William, Hat maker, 18, Borough
Hall Wm. Glass & Staffordshire Warehouse, Newington causeway, Surry
Hall Robert, Grocer, 293, Borough
Hall Thomas, Apothecary, 70, Watling street
Hall, Son & Mercer, Blackwelhall factors, 1, Basinghall str.
Hall John, Man's Mercht, 111, New Bond street
Hall Ralph, Haberdasher, 106, Leadenhall street
Hall John, Cheesemonger, 60, Blackman street, Southwark
Hall George, Mercht. 44, Watling street
Hall Samuel, Tinplate worker, 152, Fenchurch street
Hall, Cox & Hall, Wholesale Hosiers, 12, Lad lane, Wood str.
Hall Henry, Tea dealer & Grocer, 209, High Holborn
Hall Thomas, Silk dyer, 32, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Hall Edward, Playing Card maker, 25, Piccadilly
Hall Rich. Manchester Warehouseman, 23, Laurence la. Cheapside
Hall & Margrath, Haberdashers, 49, Cheapside
Hall & Ludlow, Warehousemen, 69, Watling street
Hallet & Cox, Weavers, 42, Bow lane, Cheapside
Hallier Wm. Tinplate worker, 18, Bread street
Hallows James, Weaver & Wholesale Haberdasher, Goldsmith street, Wood street
Halstone Wm. Tanner & Leather factor, 5, Long la. Southw.
Ham Tho. Linen draper, 19, St. James's street
Ham, Perigal & Ham, Weavers, 7, Whitelion str. Spitalfields
Hambrough J. Gunpowder Mercht. 1, Savage gar. Tower-h
Hambrough John, Wine Mercht. 1, Ditto
Hamer John, Lighterman & Coal Mercht. 15, Bankside, Southwark, & Lambeth marsh
Hamerton William, Mercht. 37, Threadneedle street
Hamerton Charles, Mealman, 29, Bread street
Hamerton Charles, jun. Stone Mercht. Whitefriars dock
Hamerton J. Grocer & Tea dealer, 90, Chancery lane
Hamilton T. Artificial Florist & Feather Mercht. 66, St. James's str
Hamilton Wm. Upholder, 54, Whitechapel
Hamilton & Tournay, Ship & Insurance brokers, 5, Mincing-l.
Hamilton Gavin, Mercht. 12, Goldsmith street, Wood street
Hamley, LeGrand & Lacey, Wholesale Haberdashers, 36, Borough
Hamlin Wm. Mathematical Instrument maker, 111, Leadenhall st.
Hamman & Mawley, Grocers & Tea dealers, Borough
Hammatt Wm. Notary Public, 17, Birchin lane
Hammett Sir Benjamin, Knt. Alderman, 21, Lombard street
Hammett & Phillips, Cheesemongers, 6, Broadway, Blackfriars
Hammond Richard, Distiller, 7, Sol's row, Tottenham court
Hammond & Jones, Silk cloth Manufactory, Gower's garden's, Goodman's fields
Hammond G. Wholesale Cheesemonger, 145, Whitechapel
Hammond William, Broker, Lloyd's Coffee house, or Sweeting's rents, Stock Exchange
Hammond Wm. Wholesale Cheesemonger, 50, Little Eastcheap
Hammond & Ferard, Silkmen, 7, Goldsmith str. Cheapside
Hamond & Son, Haberdashers, 47, Cheapside
Hamond Peter, Turkey Mercht. John's Coffee ho. Cornhill
Hampton F. Velvet & Silk Manufacturer, 61, Aldermanbury
Hampton William, Stationer, 32, Great Tower hill
Hanbury & Smith, Brewers, 48, Whitecross street
Hanbury R. Wine & Brandy Mercht. St. Mary axe
Hance James & Co. Merchts. Castle court, Budge row
Hancock George, Tobacconist, 304, Borough
Hancock & Oxley, Vinegar makers, Darby str. Rosemary lane
Hancock C. Musical Instrument maker, Parliament st. Westminster
Hancock J. Mast & Block maker, Fountain stairs, Rotherhith
Hancock & Shepherd, Glassmen, Cockspur street
Hancock J. & S. Wholesale Grocers & Hop Merchts. 18, Bread street hill
Hancock Robert, Attorney & Notary Public, 19 South Moulton street, Grosvenor square
Hancocks & Wakefield, Hosiers & Nottingham Warehouse, 2, Clement's court, Milk street, Cheapside
Hand Thomas, Oil & Colourman, 9, Fleet street
Hand John, Stationer & Dissector of Maps for teaching Geography, 2, Little Newport street, Soho
Hand Joseph, Russia Matt Warehouse, 5, Wormwood street, Bishopsgate within
Hank Richard, Timber Mercht. Limehouse hole
Hankins & Hartley, Coach makers, 58, Long acre
Hankinson J. & Co. Warehousemen & Factors, 6, Lothbury
Hanmore & Jones, Perfumers, 2, Poultry
Hanrott & Burkitt, Druggists & Chymists, 7, Ditto
Hansard Hugh-Josiah, Esq. Agent, 38, Gerrard street, Soho
Hanscombe William, Whip maker, 26, Little Moorfields
Hanson John, Mercht. 27, Miles's lane, Cannon street
Hanson Francis, Blackwelhall factor, 29, Cateaton street
Hanson, Pearson & Co. Warehousemen, Steel yd. Thames str.
Hanson John & Benjamin, Tea Dealers, 323, High Holborn
Hanson John, Ironmonger & Brazier, 3, Bruton str. Bond str.
Hanson Samuel & Son, Orange Merchts. 47, Botolph lane
Hanson Benjamin & Son, Orange Merchts. 8, Ditto
Hanson Edward, Orange Mercht. 27, Pudding lane
Hapson J. & B. Tea dealers, 323, High Holborn
Harbidge J. Chest maker & Undertaker, 18, Finch la. Cornhill
Harby & Chilcot, Hair Merchts. 45, Essex street, Strand
Hardacre & Bisson, Distillers, 8, Cock hill, Ratcliff
Hardcastle, Reyner & Corsbie, Merchts. Duck's foot-l, Thames st.
Hardcastle, Field & Sons, Merchts. 8, Old swan stairs
Hardie & Sandom, Merchts. & Insurance brokers, 15 Lombard street
Hardess, Mantz & Co. Potters & Hardwaremen, 277, Wapping
Harding Wm. Coal Mercht. 10, Adelphi wharf, Strand
Harding & Co. Goldsmiths, 43, Minories
Hardisty Wm. Lighterman, Hungerford market
Hardman Zachariah, Hatter, 11, Gracechurch street
Hardwidge James, Needle maker, Long lane, Southwark
Hardy John & Tho. Hardwaremen, 127, Leadenhall street
Hardy J. Wholesale Grocer & Tea dealer, 17, Nightingale lane
Hardy Joshua, Cork cutter, 26, Little Eastcheap
Hardy J. Bookseller & Stationer, 33, Broad str. Ratcliff cross
Hardy S. Playing Card maker, Old bailey
Hare Alex. Watchmaker, 17, Greville str. Hatton garden
Hare Richard, Hatter, 431, Strand
Harford John, Mercht. Paradise row, Stoke Newington
Harford & Barlow, Merchts. Frederick place, Old Jewry
Harford & Battersby, Brass & Copper Company, 22, Bread str.
Harford & Co. Brewers, Fore street, Limehouse
Hargrave & Freeborough, Glass & Staffordshire Warehouse, 71, St. Martin's lane, Charing cross
Harley the Right Hon. Tho. Alderman & Mercht. 152, Aldersgate st.
Harlow Elizabeth, Bookseller, 46, Pall mall
Harman, Hoare & Co. Merchts. Frederick place, Old Jewry
Harmar & Rayer, Brandy, Rum & Wine Merchts. 63, Cannon st.
Harper Ambrose, Brass founder, 34, Queen street, Cheapside
Harper Wm. Mercht. & Manufacturer, 18, King str. Ditto
Harper Tho. Goldsmith & Jeweller, 207, Fleet street
Harriman W. Wholesale Paper & Rag Mercht. 81, Upper Thames st.
Harrington John, sen. Trunk maker, 311, High Holborn
Harrington John, jun. Truss maker, 305, Ditto
Harrington Sam. Sail maker, Prince's street, Rotherhith
Harrington Wm. Dyer, 19, Helmet row, Old street
Harriott Tho. Shoe Warehouse, 79, Newgate street
Harris Charles, Statuary & Mason, 162, Strand
Harris John-Bewley, Cotton Mercht. 159, Upper Thames str.
Harris Rich. Soap maker, 27, Old Fish street
Harris Joseph, Tea dealer, 14, Abchurch lane
Harris & Co. Tobacco Merchts. 30, Goulston sq. Whitechapel
Harris John, Grocer & Tea dealer, 60, Wapping
Harris John & Anthony, Haberdashers, Bridge str. Westminster
Harris John, Hatter, 55 & 56, Cannon street
Harris John, Glass cutter, Chamber street, Goodman's fields
Harris John, Broker, 10, Beer lane, Tower street
Harris John, Auctioneer & Appraiser, 12, Gracechurch street
Harris Jos. Wholesale Gingerbread baker, 117, Bishopsgate without
Harris J. Man's Mercer, 22, Great Surry str. Blackfriars road
Harris Wm. Tea dealer & Grocer, Ditto
Harris Sam. Chymist & Druggist, 166, Fenchurch street
Harris Quarles[sic] & Sons, Merchts. 41, Crutched friars
Harris, Son & Taylor, Druggists & Chymists, 20, St. Paul's Church yd.
Harris Wm. Engaver, 4, Pall Mall
Harris Mary, Silk Throwster, Osborn pl. Brick la. Spitalfields
Harris Rob. Wholesale Linen draper, 43, Watling street
Harris & Venning, Ribbon Manufacturers, 37, Milk street
Harris & Holdsworth, Seedsmen, 5, Lower Thames street
Harris Josiah, Carpet Warehouse, 3, Talbot co. Gracechurch st.
Harris John, Painter, 26, Great Winchester street
Harris John, Coach founder, Plater & Ironmonger, 83, Long acre
Harris Timothy, Hosier, 113, Wood street, Cheapside
Harris, Bernard & Co. Linen drapers, 3, Barge yd. Bucklersbury
Harris, Bourne & Co. Mercers, St. Clement's Church yard
Harris Joseph, Timber Mercht. & Hoop dealer, 11, Phoenix str. Soho
Harris & Swabb, Hair Merchts. 5, West street, Soho
Harrison Tho. Hosier, 37, High Holborn
Harrison Benj. Bottle Warehouse, 27, Savage gar. Tower hill
Harrison Anthony, City Guager, 69, Lower Thames street
Harrison & Co. Perfumers, 56, Cornhill
Harrison Richard, Sadler to his Majesty, 67, Charing cross
Harrison Richard, Brewer, Long lane, Smithfield
Harrison Thomas-Wm. Wharfinger, St. Catherine's
Harrison Anthony, Haycork & Lamb, Ribbon Weavers & Warehousemen, 81, Watling street
Harrison Geo. Warehouseman, Bull head passage, Wood street
Harrison, Ansley & Co. Merchts. 52, Bread street
Harrison W. & John, Merchts. 13 & 14, Ditto
Harrison A, Milliner, 338, Strand
Harrison Wm. Broker, 13, Little Tower street
Harrison & Burn, Glass & Staffordshire Warehouse, 22, Barbican
Harrison, Smith & Starey, Wholesale Linen drapers, 6, Watling str.
Harrison & Ellis, Oil & Colourmen, 30, Tooley street
Harrison & Staniland, Tobacconists & Snuff makers, 10, George street, Tower hill
Harrison Ambrose, Tallow chandler, 12, Fort str. Spitalfields
Harrison & Co. Booksellers, 18, Paternoster row
Harrison & Lelkendey, Sugar refiners, Welclose square
Harrison & Thompson, Gun makers, Swan street, Minories
Harryman Wm. Iron Mercht. Dyers hall, 95, Upper Thames st.
Hart, Chabot & Bredell, Scarlet dyers, 4, White row, Spitalfields
Hart Henry, Playing Card maker, 16, Lamb's conduit street
Hart Moses, Mercht. & Spermaceti Manufacturer, 215, Bermondsey street, Southwark
Hart & Stables, Haberdashers, 6, Hanway yard, Oxford street
Hart John, Perfumer, 20, Fenchurch street
Hart Tho. Grocer & Oilmen, 48, Brick lane, Spitalfields
Hart W. Linen draper, Mercer & Hosier, 9, King str. Covent garden
Hart & Pearson, Coal Merchts. 5, Horslydown lane
Hartell Wm. Currier & Leather cutter, 70, Old Gravel lane
Hartley Tho. Hat Manufacturer, 232, Strand
Hartley & Son, Mercers, 67, Fleet street
Hartley & Son, Looking glass & Frame makers, 108, Newgate str.
Hartley Sam. & Co. Merchts. 33, Swithin's la. Lombard str.
Hartley Tho. Wharfinger, Shad Thames
Hartnell John, Grocer, 82, Bishopsgate within
Hartshorne John, Sail maker, 238, Wapping
Hartshorn John, Cheesemonger, 69, Great Tower street
Harvey Geo. Mercht. 22, Lawrence lane, Cheapside
Harvey John Coal Mercht. 37, Golden square
Harvey Philip, Broker, 5, Baker's buildings, Old Bethlem
Harvey James, Brush maker & Turner, 76, Borough High str.
Harvey Wm. Linen draper, 142, Minories
Harvey & Dye, Metal Button, Trimming & Manchester Warehouse, 38, St. Martin's le grand
Harwood W. Grocer & Tea dealer, 19, Little Tower hill
Harwood D. Grocer & Tea dealer, 19, King st. Tower hill
Hasker Wm. Cooper, 28, Stoney street, Southwark
Haslam, Kinder & Leigh, Warehousemen, 127, Cheapside
Hassell & Steinman, Linen drapers 12, Fish street hill
Hastings Thomas, Tallow chandler, 190, Tooley street
Hatch, Smith & Curries, Malt Distillers, Bromley, Middlesex
Hatch John, Timber Mercht. White street, Borough
Hatchett John, Son & Co. Coach makers, 121, Long acre
Hatfield Tho. Shoe Manufacturer, 5, King str. Snow hill
Hatter John, Mast & Block maker, 360, Rotherhith wall
Hattersley Tho. Oil Mercht. & Spermaceti Refiner, Half moon street, Bishopsgate without
Hattin John, Mercht. 22, Great Castle str. Oxford market
Hatsell & Finch, Mercers, 157, Strand
Hattam Walter, Ironmonger, 84, St. John's str. Smithfield
Havelland & Stephens, Watchmakers, 32, Aldgate High str.
Hawell & Colthirst, Merchts. 28, Surry street, Strand
Hawes Tho. Ironmonger, 91, Old Gravel lane, Wapping
Hawes Benj. Blue maker, 126, Upper Thames street
Hawes John & Co. Sugar Refiners, 1, Mansel str. Goodman's fi.
Hawkes James, Ironmonger, 106, Long acre
Hawkes Tho. Cap maker & Hatter, 17, Piccadilly
Hawkes Tho. Mercht. 120, Goswell street
Hawkes Tho. Coal Mercht. Temple wharf, Whitefriars
Hawkes T. Sadler & Harness maker, 31, Lothbury
Hawkins Tho. Clock & Watchmaker, 6, Castle alley, Cornhill
Hawkins T. W. Stationer & Rag Mercht. 39, Borough
Hawkins John, Jeweller, 12, Cheapside
Hawkins Wm. Oilman & Salter, 10, Edward str. Portman sq.
Hawkins Daniel, Oil & Colourman, 88, Bishopsgate without
Hawkins Rich. Turner & Looking glass Manufacturer, 41, Snow-h.
Hawkins James, Stationer, 8, Well court, Queen str. Cheapside
Hawkleys Rob. Hardwareman & Perfumer, 74, Strand
Hawks W. & Co. Ironmongers & Steel Manufacturers, Bull Wharf la.
Hawksworth Wm. Linen draper, Great Surry st. Blackfriars road
Hawley Isaac, Linen draper, 83, Oxford street
Haworth Edmund & Co. Callico printers, 129, Cheapside
Haworth Richard, Apothecary, 52, Chancery lane
Haxell & Co. Nottingham Warehouse, 292, Strand
Hay D. Hosier & Linen draper, 33, Pall Mall
Haycraft Thomas, Ironmonger & Brazier, Broadway, Deptford
Hayden H. S. Rope maker, 71, Whitechapel road
Haydon John, Haberdasher, 153, Cheapside
Hayes John, Bookseller, 252, High Holborn
Hayes E. Wine Mercht. Gainsford street, Shad Thames
Hayes Samuel, Bookseller, 332, Oxford street
Hayes C. J. Floor cloth Manufacturer, 9, Cloak-l. Dowgate-h.
Hayley Edward, Laceman, 140, Long acre
Hayling J. Tinplate worker & Brazier, 5, St. James's market
Hayman John, Chymist, 22, Golden square
Hayman Thomas, Wine Mercht. 77, Mark lane
Hayne J. W. & T. Hosiers & Patentees of the British Lace, 32, Milk street, Cheapside
Haynes Rich. Man's Mercer, 13, Bedford co. Covent garden
Haynes & Kentish, Jewellers & Goldsmiths, 18, Cornhill
Haynes William, Callico glazer, 3, Broadway, Blackfriars
Hayter, Peirson & Sammon, Merchts. & Allum Agents, 6, King street, Cheapside
Hayton Amos, Mercht. 79, Mark lane
Hayward Robert, Chymist, 10, Ludgate hill
Hayward William, Mercht. 59, Fenchurch street
Hayward Tho. Carpet & Floorcloth Manufacturer, 37, Newington causeway, Surry
Hayward Thomas, Ribbon Weaver, 5, Friday street
Hayward C. China, Glass & Carpet Warehouse, 115, St. Martin's la.
Hayward Thomas, Weaver, 30, St. Paul's Church yard
Hayward Samuel, Glass cutter, 20, Bread street
Hayward R. Wax & Spermaceti Candle Manufactory, 25, Long acre
Haywood Wm. Cooper, 17, Little Tower street
Hazard, Burne & Warner, Stockbrokers, 93, Cornhill
Head Sir Edmund, Mercht. 8, Cook's court, Cary street
Headach T. Grocer & Teaman, Little Newport street, Soho
Heale James, Tea dealer & Grocer, 23, Bermondsey street
Healy George, Tobacconist, 229, Piccadilly
Healy J. Tobacconist & Snuff maker, 197, Bishopsgate without
Heaps & Ellis, Hat pressers, 40, Wood street
Hearn J. Stoughton's Elixir Warehouse, 63, Threadneedle str.
Hearn & Hart, Linen drapers, 81, Holborn bridge
Hearsey, Mendham & Co. Orange Merchts. 8, Lower Thames st.
Hearsey Andrew, Orange Mercht. 111, Ditto
Heath J. & B. Shoe Warehouse, 115, Fore street, Cripplegate
Heath John, Hat maker, 366, King stairs, Rotherhith
Heath Thomas, Mast maker, Shad Thames
Heath Wm. Paper stainer, 10, Well co. Queen str. Cheapside
Heath H. Wine Cooper, 20, Beer lane, Tower street
Heath Thomas, Cabinet maker, 42, Brewer str. Golden squ.
Heath & Co. Agents, 1, Hart street, Cripplegate
Heath Wm. Paper stainer & Marble Paper maker, 10, Well? court, Queen street, Cheapside
Heath J. & J. Wholesale Hosiers, 3, Milk street, Ditto
Heathcote M. Manchester Warehouseman, 25, Milk str. Ditto
Heathcote J. & Co. Merchts. Love lane, Aldermanbury
Heather W. Navigation Warehouse, 157, Leadenhall street
Heathfield Peter, Silk broker, Tom's Coffee house, Cornhill
Heatley B. Mercht. & Glass Warehouse, 2 Bell co. Mincing la.
Hebb Wm. Snuff maker, 11, Old Bond street
Hebden George, Wine & Beer Mercht. 101, Fenchurch str.
Hebden John, Linen draper, 301, High Holborn
Hecker & Scott, Merchts. 15, Fenchurch street
Hecker J. A. & J. H. Merchts. 17, Coleman street
Hedges Edw. Print seller & Colour Warehouse, 92, Cornhill
Heighington Charles, Haberdasher, Hosier & Glover, 169, Borough
Heintz Elias, Mercht. 2, Sion College garden, Aldermanbury
Hellear? & Co. Haberdashers, 2, Holborn bridge
Helsa John, Fringe & Tassel Manufacturer, 35, Tavistock str.
Hemans C. & B. Handkerchief & Buckram Warehouse, 83, Watling st.
Hemming Richard, Goldsmith, 151, New Bond street
Hemmings & Son, Cheesemongers, 91, St. Martin's la. Charing cr.
Henbest T. Basil Tanner & Leather dresser, Long la. Southwark
Henckell G. Insurance broker, 5, Austin friars
Henckell J. Iron Hoop Warehouse, 104, Upper Thames str.
Henderson John, Mercht. 1, Mitre court, Milk street
Henderson John, Jeweller & Goldsmith, 21, Cornhill
Henderson & Nixon, Corn factors, 33, Great Tower hill
Henderson Thomas & Co. Warehousemen, 7, Huggin lane
Henderson & Wilson, Wine & Brandy Merchts. 20, Great Eastcheap
Hendre & Son, Wholesale Perfumers, 13, Shug la. Piccadilly
Hendrie Robert, Dyer, 15, Fleur de Luce str. Spitalfields
Henley Michael, Coal Mercht. 343, Hermitage
Henlock & Dewes, Sugar refiners, 1, Cole Harbour, Thames st.
Hennell & Son, Working Goldsmiths, 11, Foster lane
Henessy & Taylor, Jewellers, 13, Nicholas sq. Aldersgate str.
Hennett James, Notary Public, 4, Birchin lane, Cornhill
Henry Thomas, Grocer, 103, Whitechapel
Hensley Abraham, Block Tin Manufactory, 31, Cheapside
Hepburn John, Tanner & Leather factor, 8, Long la. Southw.
Hepburn & Powell, Grocers & Tea dealers, 52, Redlion str. Holborn
Hepburn W. Currier & Leather cutter, 23, Brook str. Ditto
Heppell John, Upholsterer, 53, Wigmore str. Cavendish square
Herbert Tho. Cotton Mercht. 4, Chequer yard, Dowgate hill
Herbert Isaac, Bookseller, 6, Pall Mall
Herbert James, Cooper, Wapping
Herne & Thompson, Linen drapers, 121, High Holborn
Herne & Pearce, Attornies, 41, Paternoster row
Herne Wm. & Son, Orchel makers, 7, Hoxton
Herne M. Brush maker & Turner, 47, Crooked lane
Herne Lewis, Ironmonger, 1, George street, Foster lane
Herne Tho. Wine Mercht. 154, New Bond street
Heron, Lenox & Co. Merchts. 4, Billiter square
Heron A. Wholesale Linen draper, 92, Wood street
Herries & Co. Merchts. 4, Jeffery's square, St. Mary axe
Herring Robert, Upholder & Auctioneer, 109, Fleet str.
Herron Richard, Tobacconist, 233, Borough
Hertel & Co. Mercht. 4, Green Lettice lane, Cannon street
Heseltine T. Grocer & Tea dealer, 33, Lamb str. Spitalfields
Heseltine Samuel, Shirt & Stock Warehouse, 207, Strand
Heseltine & Fromow, Sugar factors, 33, Nicholas l. Lombard st.
Heseltine Benj. & Edw. Wholesale Tea dealers, 25, Ditto
Hesketh John, Oilman, 152, Borough
Hesketh William, Mercht. 47, Old Broad street
Hesketh James, Map, Print & Chart seller, 13, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Hesse & Judde, Weavers, 6, Whitelion street, Norton falgate
Hetherington John, Army Clothier, Buckingham str. Strand
Hetherington & Maskew, Wholesale Tea dealers, 34, Nicholas-l.
Heward Robert, Oil & Colourman, 8, Cannon street
Hewetson R. & H. Lacemen, 30, King street. Covent garden
Hewetson J. & R. Corn factors, 1, Catherine co. Tower hill
Hewett Wm. & James, Salesmen, 18 West Smithfield
Hewiett Grant, Mohair Mercht. 31, King street, Cheapside
Hewitt Edward, Mercht. 6, Wood street, Cheapside
Hewitt John, Stock broker, Stock Exchange
Hewitt Richard, Wine Mercht. 27, Cannon street
Hewitt & Friswell, Tallow chandlers, 58, New Bond street
Hewitt Rob. Stock broker, 144, Bishopsgate without
Hewitt Alex. Shoe Warehouse, 5, George yard, Lombard str.
Hewitt Edward, Weaver, 20, Middle Moorfields
Hewlett Wm. Ironmonger & Brazier, 460, Strand
Hewlett Thomas, Oil & Colourman, 22, Piccadilly
Hewlett Matthew, Leather dresser, Banner str. Bunhill row
Hewlins P. Cabinet maker, &c. 15, St. Martin's la. Charing cr.
Hewson Wm. Chinaman, 86, Aldgate without
Hewson Wm. Chinaman, 388, Strand
Heyde J. V. Tobacconist & Snuff maker, 207 Bermondsey str.
Heyman H. Agent for the Hans Towns, Lincoln's inn fields
Heyman M. Mercht. Grigsby's Coffee house, Threadneedle st.
Hibberdine Wm. Tea dealer, 27, Crutched friars
Hibbert, Fuhr & Hibbert, Merchts, 9, Mincing lane
Hibbert Joseph & Co. Wine, Brandy & Beer Merchts. 2, Hylord's court, Crutched friars
Hibbs Elias, Brandy & Rum Mercht. 2, Monument yard
Hickey Joseph, sen. Attorney, 14, Argyle street
Hickey Joseph, jun. Attorney, 64, Jermyn street, Piccadilly
Hick C. W. Hat maker, 81, Newgate street
Hickinbottom? John, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 86, Jermyn str.
Hickman Henry, Mercer & Linen draper, 339, Oxford street
Hicks Wm. Soap maker, 1, Maze pond, Southwark
Hicks Wm. Milliner & Haberdasher, 43, Broad st. Ratcliff cr.
Hicks Sampson, Tea dealer, 22, Saville street, Piccadilly
Hickson & Stowe, Sugar refiners, Narrow street, Ratcliff
Higginbotham J. Fishing rod & Tackle makers, 91, Strand
Higgins Thomas, Grocer, 36, London wall
Higgins Henry, Haberdasher, 24, Aldgate within
Higgins James, Chymist & Druggist, 193, Strand
Higgins John, Hat Manufacturer, 393, Ditto
Higgins John, Linen draper, 14, Great Surry st. Blackfriars-r.
Higginson, Barnard & Wheeler, Merchts. 2, New co. Swithin's lane, Cannon street
Higginson John, Clock & Watchmaker, 27, Strand
Highmore Anthony, Attorney, 3, Bury court, St. Mary axe
Hilhouse Richard, Grocer & Tea dealer, 116, Great Russel street, Bloomsbury
Hill Charles, Silversmith, 3, Charing cross
Hill F. Clothier, 20, Basinghall street
Hill J. & Co. Merchts. & Insurance brokers, 6, New buildings, Prescot street
Hill Stephen, Oil & Colourman, 80, Bishopsgate without
Hill Edmund, Gunpowder Mercht. 1, Savage gard. Tower hi.
Hill Sampson-C. Jeweller & Watchmaker, 5, Ball alley, Lombard str.
Hill James, Manufacturer & Worker in Gold, 49, Lombard st.
Hill Sarah & Son, Oil & Hop Merchts. 82, Smithfield
Hill William, Orange Mercht. 4, Botolph lane
Hill Richard, Wax chandler, 66, Snow hill
Hill & Son, Silk dyers, 14, Little Pultney str. Golden square
Hill Edward, Sadler's Ironmonger, 135, Upper Thames str.
Hill Edward & Co. White Lead makers & Colourmen, Bankside, Southwark
Hill Richard, Tobacconist, 70, Fore street, Moorfields
Hill & Mellish, Ship builders, Limehouse hole
Hill & Edwards, Linen drapers, 16, York str. Covent garden
Hill Wm. & Sons, Wholesale Ironmongers, 88, Wood street
Hill Timothy, Ironmonger, 1, Bridge road, Lambeth
Hill Robert, Linen draper, 29, Barbican
Hill Wm. Anchorsmith & Ironmonger, 56, Wapping wall
Hill Joseph, Haberdasher, 51, Cheapside
Hillcock Robert, China & Glassman, 57, Ditto
Hilliker Wm. Hop Mercht. 111, St John's street, Smithfield
Hills & Holehouse, Salters & Oilmen, 107, Borough
Hillyard & Nourse, Lace Merchts. 68, Welbeck str. Cavendish squ.
Hilton John & Adam Chadwick, Merchts. 8, Ironmonger lane
Hinchcliff, Hollier & Son, Refiners 1, Little Love-l. Aldermanbury
Hinchcliff & Rhodes, Mercers, 12, Bedford str. Covent garden
Hinckesman A. & R. Booksellers & Stationers, 146, Fleet street
Hincksman Robert, Linen draper, 321, High Holborn
Hinde & Butterfield, Grocers & Tea dealers. 88, Cheapside
Hinde John, Pewterer & Tinplate worker, 134, Whitechapel
Hindle J. & J. Auctioneers, 60, Shoreditch
Hinton Samuel, Grocer & Tea dealer, 3, Gerrard str. Soho
Hinton Samuel, Gunpowder Office, 3, Ditto
Hippius J. G. Mercht. 16, Throgmorton street
Hippuff Charles, Stock broker, 26, Birchin lane
Hitchcock Birkhead, Woollen draper, 100, Leadenhall street
Hitchin John, Woolstapler, 95, Bermondsey street
Hitchin A. & J. Leather sellers, 4, Gerrard street, Soho
Hitchins Nathaniel, Rectifier, Lower East Smithfield
Hitchon J. Haberdasher & Whalebone cutter, 2, Newcastle st. Strand
Hitchon Jonathan & William, Haberdashers & Whalebone cutters, 67, Chandois street, Covent garden
Hoare Robert, Haberdasher, 55, Fenchurch street
Hoare William, Tobacconist, 111, Fleet street
Hobbs William, Orange Mercht. 59, Fleet market
Hobbs James, Tanner, Grange road, Bermondsey
Hobkirk & Milne, Merchts. 68, Coleman street
Hobson J. T. Corner & Leather cutter, 1, Whitelion street, Spitalfields
Hodges Benjamin, Distiller, Millbank street, Westminster
Hodges John, Stock broker, King's arms passage, Cornhill
Hodges Edward, Mercht. 10, over the Royal Exchange
Hodges Nathaniel, Rope maker, Greenland dock
Hodgkins J. Ship's Agent, 30, Great Hermitage str. Wapping
Hodgson G. Grocer & Tea dealer, 9, Chandois str. Covent gar.
Hodgson Geo. Timber Mercht. King's arms stairs, Lambeth
Hodgson Atkinson, Mercht. 3, Shorter's co. Throgmorton st.
Hodgson Joseph, Brandy Mercht. 24, Bishopsgate within
Hodgson W. Coal Mercht. 31, Canterbury square, Southwark
Hodgson William, Upholsterer & Cabinet maker, 70, Great Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields Hodgson & Lee, Leather sellers, 6, St. Paul's Church yard
Hodgson, Weller & Alloway, Malt Distillers, Battersea
Hodgson William, Woollen draper, 50, Strand
Hodgson George & Co. Brewers, Bow bridge
Hodgson John, Mercht. 33, Fore street, Cripplegate
Hodgson John, Coal Mercht. 6, Adelphi wharf
Hodgson John, Tea dealer, Tottenham court road
Hodgson John, Coal Mercht. 31, Friday street, Cheapside
Hodson & Hayter, Packers, 58, Mark lane
Hodson & Esdaile, Hamburgh Merchts. 39, Lothbury
Hodson Joseph, Linen draper, 96, Cheapside
Hoffham Luder, Mercht. John's Coffee house, or Rotherhith
Hoffmann M. Confectioner, 3, Bishopsgate within
Hogan M. Lighterman, 42, Charles street, Horslydown
Hogermolen Wm. Mercht. 118, Bishopsgate within
Hogg A. Bookseller, 16, Paternoster row
Hoggart Lancelot, Linen draper, 39, Bishopsgate without
Hoggart & Fulbrook, Wholesale Sadlers, 142, Fenchurch street
Hogsflesh & Clay, Ribbon Weavers, 2, Paternoster-r. Cheapside
Holah, Carus & Holah, Wholesale Tea dealers, 191, Bishopsgate without
Holbird James, Upholsterer, &c. 16, Noble street, Cheapside
Holborn Robert, Teaman, 28, Redlion street, Spitalfields
Holbrooke James, Brewer, Darby street, Rosemary lane
Holcombe Thomas & Son, Brewers, Maze pond, Southwark
Holden John, Whip Manufacturer, Cock lane, Smithfield
Holden Joseph, Mercht. Tom's Coffee house, Cornhill
Holdsworth John, Cork dealer, 9, Tottenham court road
Holdsworth & Mascall, Wine Merchts. George yd. Lombard st.
Holdsworth, Hardcastle & Baker, Leather sellers, 33, Aldgate within
Holdsworth Wm. Chymist & Druggist, 180, Upper East Smith.
Hole T. W. Grocer & Tea dealer, 1, Moor str. Seven Dials
Holesworth Benj. Insurance & Stock broker, Hambro' Coffee-h.
Holford John-Josiah, Mercht. 36, Old Broad street
Holford Nathan, Oilman, Bridge street, Westminster
Holland & Son, Oilmen, 56, Strand
Holland Jarvis, Mercht. Rainbow Coffee house, Cornhill
Holland, Waistell & Horton, Hosiers, 99, High Holborn
Holland Wm. Linen draper, 42, Chiswell street
Holland & Tunstall, Lapidaries & Glass cutters, 2, High st. St. Giles's
Holland S. Wax & Tallow chandler, 10, Bell yd. Gracechurch str.
Holland & Streeton, Ribbon Manufacturers, 130, Wood str.
Holliday Richard, Cheesemonger, 88, Fleet street
Hollingsworth S. Corn dealer & Lighterman, Thomas st. Southwa.
Hollingsworth T. Corn Lighterman, 2, Gainsford str. Shad Thames
Hollingsworth Wm. Temper Lime burner, Nine Elms
Holloway Thomas, Attorney, 57, Chancery lane
Holloway Stephen, Linen draper, 201, Borough
Holloway, Rodbard & Harris, Coal Merchts. Essex-wh. Strand
Holme Wm. Paper Warehouse, 25, Norton falgate
Holme Jacob, Timber Mercht. 34, Warwick str. Golden squ.
Holme William, Distiller, 28, Upper Thames street
Holme, Bunnett & Pix, Ironmongers, 165, Borough
Holmes John, Watchmaker, near Somerset house, Strand
Holmes John, Mercht. 16, Water lane, Thames street
Holmes John, Glass house, Temple street, Fleet street
Holmes William, Oilman, 352, Wapping
Holmes & Griffin, Sedan Chair makers, Whitcomb st. Leicester fie.
Holmes William, Linen draper, 91, Bishopsgate within
Holmes E. Wholesale Paper & Rag Warehouse, 59, Holborn hill
Holmes & De Hague, Stock brokers, 10, Castle all. Cornhill
Holmes, Hall & Co. Packers, 9, Crosby sq. Bishopsgate within
Holmes Rob. Warehouseman, 37, St. Martin's le grand
Holmes & Pyke, Coach makers, 109, Long acre
Holmes Joseph & Co. Silk Manufacturers, 63, Friday street, Cheapside
Holmes & Pierce, Cheesemongers, 68, Borough
Holmes & Laurie, Truss makers, 2, Bartholomew cl. Smithfi.
Holmes William, Silversmith, 10, Clerkenwell green
Holmes, Myers & Holmes, Tea dealers, 85, Aldersgate street
Holneis J. & W. Merchts. 7, Cross lane, St. Mary hill
Holness Wm. & John, Coopers, Shad Thames, Southwark
Holt John, Haberdasher, 236, St. Margaret's hill, Borough
Holt Gabriel, Linen draper, 1, Prince's str. Leicester fields
Holt James, Scale maker, 51, Haymarket
Holt John, Pocket book maker, 2, Huggin lane
Holton George, Grocer & Tea dealer, 143, Holborn hill
Holtzmeyer G. W. Sugar refiner, 268, Whitechapel road
Holy Daniel, Wilkinson & Co. Silver Plated Manufacturers, 8, New Bridge street, Blackfriars
Holyoak John, Coach maker, 46, Barbican
Holyoake & Dixon, Wholesale Brush makers & Turners, 158, Fenchurch street
Homan S. Bookseller & Stationer, New Gravel lane, Wapping
Homersham Thomas, Tallow Manufacturer, 170, Borough
Homersham Thomas, Upholder, 245, Ditto
Homewood Edw. Cooper, 5, Cole harbour, Upper Thames st.
Homewood T. Sugar refiner, Joiners hall build. Upper Thames st.
Hone John, Attorney, 5, Savage gardens, Tower hill
Honiborne Thomas, Hosier, 22, Great Tower hill
Hood William & Co. Founders & Ironmongers, Carron Warehouse, Earl street, Blackfriars
Hood John & Co. Merchts. 5, Crosby square, Bishopsgate st.
Hoffstetter? D. & Gourgas, Merchts. 3, St. Martin's la. Cannon str.
Hoogenberg Peter-H, Notary Public, 8, Bell squa. Moorfields
Hook James & Son, Coal Merchts. Westminster bridge
Hooke Thomas, Stationer, 8, Walbrook
Hooker John, Linen draper, 23, Cheapside
Hooker Wm. Wholesale Linen draper, 20, Friday street
Hooker Jos. Hair Mercht. Gun alley, Bermondsey street
Hookham & Carpenter, Booksellers & Stationers, 147, New Bond st.
Hooley James, Hat Manufacturer, 52, High Holborn
Hooper George, sen. Mercht. 391, Rotherhith wall
Hooper Benj. Chymist & Druggist, 9, Queen str. Cheapside
Hooper James, Mercer, 149, New Bond street
Hooper Henry, Jeweller & Toyman, 39, Cheapside
Hooper & Son, Wine & Brandy Merchts. 113, St. John's str.
Hooper Wm. Grocer & Tea dealer, 42, Coventry st. Piccadilly
Hooper William, Glass Warehouse, 249, High Holborn
Hooper J. K. Chymist, 249, Tooley street
Hooper & Nicholl, Sail makers, 391, Rotherhith
Hooper Stephen, Currier & Leather cutter, 98, Houndsditch
Hope M. Packer, 23, Leadenhall street
Hopkins Benj. Grocer, 1, Redcross street, Cripplegate
Hopkins & Bakers, Lace Merchts. 2, St. Paul's Church yard
Hopkins John, Esq. Alderman, 36, Paternoster row
Hopkins, Jackson & Manley, Druggists, 36, Ditto
Hopkins John, Hosier, 49, Paternoster row
Hopkins Richard, Mercht. 65, Lower Thames street
Hopkins W. Silk Throwster, 24, Leman str. Goodman's fields
Hopkins W. Brazier & Ironmonger, 30, Greek street, Soho
Hopkins & Jennings, Silk dyers, 8, Fleur de luce st. Spitalfi.
Hopkins & Gray, Ship Insurance brokers, 13, Change alley
Hopkins & Lincolne, Hard Soap makers, 60, Barbican
Hopkins Henry, Ship carver, Paradise street, Rotherhith
Hopkins T. & C. Merchts. 13, Great St. Helen's, Bishopsgate within
Hopkins Wm. Grocer, 9, Upper East Smithfield
Hopkins Joshua, Dyer, Quaker street, Spitalfields
Hopkinson Benjamin, Coach maker, 77, High Holborn
Hopley Randle, Wine & Brandy Mercht. 22, Great Tower str.
Hoppe Charles, Wax & Tallow chandler, 18, Ditto
Hopping James, Hat maker, 86, Borough
Hopps Wm. Linen draper, 42, Cannon street
Hopton John, Mercht. 147, Fenchurch street
Hore Edward, Wharfinger, 262, Hermitage, Wapping
Horlock J. Oil & Colourman, 35, Bermondsey street
Horlock Joseph, Hosier, 213, Borough
Horman John, Cabinet maker & Upholsterer, 48, Essex st. Strand
Horn Tho. Hosier, 14, Mary le bon street, Piccadilly
Horn, Laremuth & Co. Wholesale Perfumers, 15, Great
Queen street, Lincoln's inn fields
Horn & Jackson, Distillers, 34, Redcross street, Southwark
Hornby & Nicholson, Wine & Brandy Merchts. Coal Exchange
Hornby Geo. Wine & Brandy Mercht. Piccadilly
Horncastle Wm. Stationer, 85, New Bond street
Horne Rob. Drum & Colour maker, 20, Barbican
Horne John, Sadler, 44, Chiswell street
Horne Sam. & Co. Merchts. 12, Sise lane, Budge row
Horne, Whiting & Horne, Coal Merchts. Bankside
Horne Crighton, Glass maker, Portland str. Ratcliff highway
Horne W. H. Hatter & Hosier, 111, Fenchurch street
Horner J. Linen draper, 157, Minories
Hornsby & Co. Stock brokers, 26, Cornhill
Hornyold & Mills, Packers, 2, Coleman street buildings
Horsley & Catherwood, Brass founders, Haberdashers walk, Hoxton
Horton & March, Hosiers, 12, Newgate street
Horton J. & T. Merchts. 8, Lawrence pountney la. Cannon str.
Horwell Wm. Cheesemonger, 39, Broad street, Bloomsbury
Hose & Co. Wholesale Furriers, 6, Cock court, Ludgate hill
Hose Tho. Shoe Warehouse, 33, Lombard street
Hose John-Daniel, Skinner & Furrier, 19, Ludgate hill
Hotham & Turner, Grocers, 39, Cannon street
Hough John, Coal Mercht. & Lighterman, Prospect row, Bermondsey
Hougham S. & C, Working Goldsmiths, 138, Aldersgate str.
Houghton Henry, Irish & Scotch Factor, 61, Bread st. Cheapside
Houlditch, Benwell & Coach makers, 93, Long acre
Houlditch R. & Co. Corn & Coal Merchts. Bow, Middlesex
Hounsom John, Linen draper, 167, Fleet street
House Harry, Wine Mercht. & Oilman, 135, Pall Mall
Houston Sam. Packer, 31, Great St. Helen's
How Jeremiah, Corn dealer, 16, St. John's str. Smithfield
How John, Ironmonger, 204, Shoreditch
How Wm. Brewer, Skinner street, Bishopsgate without
Howard & Son, Ironmongers & Braziers, 11, St. Paul's Church yard
Howard Edward, Watchmaker, 6, Great Kirby str. Hatton garden
Howard & Palmer, Copper Merchts. 11, St. Paul's Church yard
Howard Rob. Tinplate worker, 115, Old street
Howard James, Ironmonger, 51, Shoreditch
Howden Rob. Surgeon & Apothecary, 21, Cannon street
Howe & Crow, Chymists & Druggists, 65, Smithfield
Howell, Taylor, Howell & Booth, Hosiers, 116, Newgate street
Howell Edward, Hop factor, 14, Borough
Howell John, Tobacconist, 36, Borough
Howell Charles, Brandy Mercht. 1, Aldgate
Howell & Colthirst, Merchts. 28, Surry street, Strand
Howell Sam. Linen draper, 76, Whitechapel
Howell Wm. Wine & Brandy Mercht. Garraway's Coffee house, Change alley
Howell & Atlee, Distillers, 226, Upper Thames street
Howes John, Stationer & Bookseller, 27, Birchin lane, Cornhill
Howes Wm. Distiller & Brandy Mercht. 5, Little Distaff lane
Howgate W. Haberdasher, New Bridge street, Blackfriars
Howgrave Charles, Haberdasher, 11, Bishopsgate without
Howis & Co. Oilmen, 20, Jermyn street, Piccadilly
Howis Edward & Co. Oilmen, 36, Carnaby market
Howitt John, Silk dresser, 21, Whitecross alley, Moorfields
Howlett S. Mercht. 53, Gracechurch street
Howse & Terry, Distillers, 9, Old Bailey
Howse Charles, Clock & Watchmaker, 5, Great Tower str.
Howse M. Tinplate worker, 30, New Bond street
Hubbard & Moss, Men's Mercers, 9, Charing cross
Hubbert & Rowcroft, Ship brokers, 121, Bishopsgate within
Hubbert & Rowcroft, Sail makers & Wharfingers, Cherry garden stairs, Rotherhith or 121, Bishopsgate within
Hucks Sam. Cooper, East lane, Rotherhith, or Senegal Coffee House
Hudson John, Pewter Manufactory, 41, Fetter lane
Hudson Wm. Linen draper, 13, Cheapside
Hudson Geo. Coal Mercht. 6, Upper Thames street
Hudson Joseph & Co. Plumbers, 26, Abchurch lane
Hudson & Lowrie, Warehousemen, 6, Ludgate hill
Hudson & Clark, Hardwaremen, 9, Welclose square
Hudson & Corney, Cabinet maker, 4, Broad street, Soho
Hudswell Rob. Factor, 31, Basinghall street
Huffam Solomon, Sail maker, Narrow street, Limehouse
Hufton W. Aquafortis & Colour maker, 96, Whitechapel road
Hughes Isaac, Turkey Mercht. 47, Old Broad street
Hughes Wm. Haberdasher & Hosier, 5, Holborn bars
Hughes J. T. Provision Mercht. & Ship chandler, 13, Iron gate
Hughes & Walsh, Stationers, 2, Inner Temple lane
Hughes T. Grocer & Tea dealer, 114, St. John's street, Smithfield
Hughes Edward, Confectioner, 2, New Bond street
Hughes Edward, Colourman, 16, Piccadilly
Hughes Robert, Attorney, 25 Watling street
Hughes & Son, Truss maker, 247, High Holborn
Hughes Hugh, Linen draper, 194, Shadwell High street
Hughes Isaac, Grocer & Tea dealer, 21, Whitechapel
Hull Joseph, Skinner & Furrier, 231, Bermondsey street
Hulm Geo. Oil & Colourman, 265, Strand
Hulme S. Brandy Mercht. 7, Lambeth hill, Doctor's commons
Hulme Wm. & Joseph, Tobacconists, 6, Bread street hill
Humble & Henderson, Appraisers & Auctioneers, 424, Strand
Hume Joseph, Chymist, 108, Long acre
Humfrys & Son, Grocers, 5, Bread street hill
Humfrey & Man, Sugar coopers, 23, Harp la. Tower street
Hummel C. Stocking Manufacturer, 27, New street, Covent garden
Humphrey Tho. Linen draper, 46, Fore street, Cripplegate
Humphrey & Howell, Commission Warehouse, 17, Ironmonger-l.
Humphreys Rich. Chymists & Druggists, 27, Aldgate within
Hundlebee A. Copper Manufacturer, Crown str. Moorfields
Hunt Wm. Silkman, 117 Bishopsgate within
Hunt Joseph, Glass cutter, 35, Smithfield
Hunt Charles, Grocer & Tea dealer, 93, Newgate street
Hunt Thomas & Rowland, Mercht. 2, Sise lane
Hunt Tho. & R. Hosiers, 27, Wood street, Cheapside
Hunt Wm. Sadler, 79, Coleman street
Hunt & Hughes, Curriers & Leather cutters, 160, Bermondsey st.
Hunt & Son, Wine Merchts. 70, Great Tower street
Hunt James, Wine Mercht. 101, Pall Mall
Hunt Paul, Linen draper, 65, High Holborn
Hunt J. Stationer & Paste Board Manufacturer, 6, Aldgate
Hunt John, Seedsman, 53, Borough
Hunt & Scott, Distillers, 90, Shoreditch
Hunt Richard, Linen draper, 17, Bishopsgate without
Hunt Rich. Agent, Marsh gate, Homerton
Hunter Tho. Watchmaker, 156, Fenchurch street
Hunter T. Man's Mercer & Button seller, 5, Pilgrim str. Blackfriars
Hunter T. Clock maker & Bell founder, 54, Goswell street
Hunter Rob. Mercht. 7, King's arms yard, Coleman street
Hunter & Blanchard, Merchts. 24, Bishopsgate within
Hunter Wm. Jeweller & Goldsmith, 51, Lombard street
Hunter John, Man's Mercer & Button seller, 93, St. Martin's lane, Charing cross
Hunter James, Hop Mercht. 32, Mark lane
Hunter David, Mercht. 17, New Broad street
Hunter P. Mercht. 2, Hooper's sq. Prescot str. Goodman's fields
Huntley Jepthah, Hat maker, 17, Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Huntley, Brown & Bacon, Linen drapers, 146, Leadenhall st.
Hurcombe Joseph, Oilman, 17, St. Paul's Church yard
Hurley John, Grocer & Tea dealer, 62, Conduit str. Bond str.
Hurry E. C. Mercht. 35, Threadneedle street
Hurry & Davy, Coal factors, Coal Exchange, or 6, Little Aylie st.
Hurst Henry, Ship chandler, 63, Lower Shadwell
Hurst John, Warehouseman, 1, Crosby sq. Bishopsgate within
Huson Wm.  Grocer & Tea dealer, 47, Newgate street
Hussey William-Wheatley, Attorney, 2, Old Broad street
Hussey Wm. China Warehouse, 9, Gough sq. Fleet street
Hutchins Wm. Oilman, 56, Gracechurch street
Hutchins Charles, Wholesale dealer, Water street wharf, Strand
Hutchinson I. Tobacconist, 11, Cannon street
Hutchinson Tho. Silk Mercer, 51, West Smithfield
Hutchinson Joseph, Wine cooper, 10, Warwick st. Carnaby mar.
Hutton Benj. Laceman, 5, Newgate street
Hutton, Jackson & Magrath, Silk Weavers, 2, Angel co. Friday str.
Hutton Wm. Linen draper, 94, Minories
Huxley John, Sieve maker & Turner, 63, Wood str. Cheapside
Huxley Joseph, Brewer, 36, Queen street, Southwark
Huxley Rob. Wire worker, 26, Crooked lane
Hyde T. Working Goldsmith, 33, Gutter lane, Cheapside
Hyde James, Working Goldsmith, 38, Ditto
Hyde John & Co. Merchts. 13, Lothbury
Hyett Dudley, Mercht. Tom's Coffee house, Cornhill
Hynan W. Surgeon & Apothecary, 173, Ratcliff highway
Hyrons Geo. Mathematical Instrument maker, 82, Queen st. Park, Southwark

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