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Governor, Consuls and Court of Assistants of the RUSSIA COMPANY.


SOURCE: Kent's Directory for the Year 1794. Cities of London and Westminster, & Borough of Southwark.

Forster Edward, Esq. Governor, 38, Threadneedle-str.
Amyand Tho. Esq. Lawrence-pountney-hill
Boehm Edmund, Esq. New Broad-street
Boehm Roger, Esq. Lower Grosvenor-street
Bonar Thomson, Esq. 7, New Broad-street-buildings
Brogden James, Esq. Sise-lane
Forster Thomas-Furly, sen. Esq. 38, Threadneedle-street
Forster Thomas-Furly, jun. Esq. Ditto
Langley Thomas, Esq. Ditto
Norris Henry-Handley, Esq. 19, St. Mary-ax
Osborne Isaac, Esq. 5, Lawrence-pountney-hill
Paris John, Esq. 31, New Broad-street-buildings
Porter Wm. Esq. 5, Copthall-court, Throgmorton-street
Raikes Thomas, Esq. 10, New Broad-street
Raikes William-Matthew, Esq. New Broad-street-buildings
Raikes Wm. Esq. Alderman's-walk, Bishopsgate
Sutherland A. H. Esq. New Broad-street
Thornton Godfrey, Esq. 28, Austin-friars
Thornton Henry, Esq. 6, King's-arms-yard, Coleman-street
Thornton Samuel, Esq. 6, Ditto
Thornton Robert, sen. Esq. Kensington
Thornton Robert, jun. Esq. Clapham
Thornton Sthephen [sic], Esq. 28, Austin-friars
Smalley Cornwall, Esq. Tokenhouse-yard
Yeldham Richard-M. Esq. 2, New Broad-street
Astell William-Thornton, Esq. Clapham, First Consul
Rucker John-Anthony, Esq. 2, Suffolk-lane, Thames-street, Second Consul
Peters George, Esq. 32, Old Bethlem, Third Consul
Anderson John-William, Esq. 5, Charterhouse-square, Fourth Consul
Baxter Alexander, Esq. Consul, 26, Clements-lane

    Greenwood A. Secretary, 11, Staining-lane

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