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Lincoln's Inn

Is situated on the west side of Chancery Lane, where formerly stood the houses of the bishop of Chichester and the Black Friars; the latter erected about the year 1222, and the former about l226: but both of them falling into the possession of Henry Lacey, earl of Lincoln, he built in their place a stately mansion for his city residence. It afterwards reverted to the bishopric of Chichester, and was demised by Robert Sherbourn, bishop of that see, to Mr. William Syliard, a student, for a term of years; after the expiration of which, Dr. Richard Sampson, his successor, in the year 1536, passed the inheritance thereof to the said Syliard, and, Eustace, his brother; and the latter, in 1579, conveyed the house and gardens, in fee, to Richard Kingsmill, and the rest of the benchers.

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Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819