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Clerkenwell Prison.


This is a new prison, situated near the old prison, and not far from Spa Fields; it has been recently built, and is not yet quite finished. It is calculated to contain 240 persons; but the keeper thinks that 340 may be confined there; the greatest number ever confined in the old building was in September, 1817, when 324 prisoners where[sic] there at one time, being an excess of nearly 100 above the average amount; from 200 to 230 may be considered as the ordinary number. When the Commons' committee visited this prison, there were 95 males and 54 females within its walls. There are six yards on each side of the prison, making in the whole twelve.

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Source: Leigh's New Picture of London. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand;
by W. Clowes, Northumberland Court. 1819