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Some account of the

and of the rise and progress of the
commercial Navy of Great Britain. 1834

SOURCE: The Saturday Magazine, No. 117. Supplement, April, 1834


View of Trinity House

Exercises so important an influence on the navigation and commerce of the country, especially on that of the metropolis, that our account would be incomplete were we not to furnish some notice of it.

The " Guilde, or Fraternitie of the most glorious and undivided Trinitie" of Deptford Stronde, was originated by Sir Thomas Spert, Comptroller of the Navy, in the reign of Henry the Eighth. It appears, however, that a society of mariners had existed there at a much earlier period, as the charter granted by Henry the Eighth, in 1515, confirmed all "the ancient rights and privileges of the shipmen and mariners of England," with their property at Deptford, to the present Corporation. Originally the society was composed of seamen alone, but this was only for a short period; and, at the present time, the Marquis Camden is Master, and the King, the Duke of Wellington, Earl Grey, and many other persons of rank and influence, are numbered amongst its " Elder Brethren." Trinity House, cont'd

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