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[Newspaper cutting , source unknown, 1868]

TO THE EDITOR. Sir,—As I see two sermons are announced to he preached in the Old Church, on behalf of the above schools I have intruded on your space in the hope that some of our Southwark friends may rally round us. The sermon in the evening, by the Rev. Wm. Curling, will, I have no doubt, from that gentleman's old association with the parish, draw a great number of hearers and, it is to be hoped, cause proportionate increase to the funds of this charity. The manufacturers residing out of the parish should, I think, send their subscriptions for this school, as a youth able to read and write must be far more useful to them than one of no education at all. Affluent Bermondsey residents every year become scarcer, and as we depend a great deal on collections at the half-yearly sermons, which have of late been sadly deficient in amount, I thought an appeal through your columns might have some good effect

The children of the school (although a charity) are not clothed in any absurd fashion of by-gone days, but the boys have neat brown jackets, and the girls dresses of the same colour; and neither have any badge whatever. Should any of your readers feel disposed to assist the charity, our hon.secretary, Dr. Cuolahan. 3, Grange road, will be happy to receive any subscriptions.

I remain, A SUBSCRIBER. 20th Nov.1868