Genealogy Documents

London Chronicle (18th C. newspaper)

The Globe Newspaper Extracts, 1852.

Charities of London, 1867
An Account of the Operations, Resources, and General Condition of the Charitable, Educational, and Religious Institutions of London, England.

Pension Funds, London, 1867

Grammar Schools, London, 1867

Commissioners for Tax, 1866

London History: Bermondsey
A short history of the Parish of Bermondsey with notes on its boundaries, 1868

London Street, Index, List Post Office, A to Z, 1930

Metropolitan Police Daily Orders, 1861
Dealing with promotions, fines, reprimands, etc. these Daily Orders provide an insight into the policing of Victorian London.

Street Literature Crime, Executions, Politics, Royalty, England

Police Gazette, 1921

Guy's Hospital Gazette, 1872

Murder of Greenwich Pensioner

Extract of Names, Penny Post Enquiry, 1838

Jury List, 1862

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Population London & UK 1881, Boroughs, Counties, British Isles

Population London London Boroughs, 1881

United Kingdom Solicitors' Register, 1845
[Register of properties and investments for sale]

Police Gazette, 1921, Army Deserters
Deserters and Absentees from His Majesty's Services, Army, Navy, Air Force - showing Name, Regiment, Description, etc.

Commissioners for Tax, 1866
An Act to appoint additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes. [6th August 1866]

Middlesex Land Owners Report, 1871
Owners of Land above 1 Acre

History: London Docks Brief history of the Port of London, 1834

The Great Eastern, Millwall Docks Brief history of the building of Brunel's great ship, 1856

Marlborough: List of Burgesses, 1855

Apprentice: Skegg, to Branch, 1802

Batt's Farm, Mitcham, 1828

McIntosh, Bromley, 1882

Jane Dow, a Bankrupt, 1826

Dreadful Suicide

Shocking Murder

Act: Westminster Bridge. 1859. (with Names of householders affected)

Topography: UK Prints, Views

View: Dover

View: Gibraltar

View: Canons

View: Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

Print: Duke of Argyll's House

View: Abergavenny, Wales

View: Assize Courts, Liverpool

Sale of English Goods, Canton

Sydney Gazette, 1825

The following seven items relate to the Phillips family of Bermondsey, builders of Bermondsey Square.

Parish of Bermondsey (An account, 1868)

Bermondsey - Property Sale
(with Names of Tenants)

Bermondsey Square

Will, Phillips, Bermondsey, 1786

Phillips: Funeral Carriage Design (filesize 130K)

Phillips: Omnibus Design


Bacon's Free School

Bermondsey Parochial Charity Schools

Bermondsey Curfew Bell

Joiners' Company Seal

Leadenhall Market

Bermondsey Leystall

St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey

Montague House, Lambeth

Whitworth, Retirment

Kennington & Stockwell in the 18th Century

Bermondsey Volunteers

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