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Leadenhall Market

To the Editor of the City Press.

Sir,—It is a matter of surprise to me, considering the many improvements that have been made and are making in the City, that the old hide market at Leadenhall is suffered to exist, and that at a time when every foot of available ground is so valuable in the City, the market, occupying, as it does, nearly an acre of ground. Surely it wants but little agitation in the Common Council to alter this, particularly as there is a skin market in Bermondsey, which might be increased to almost any extent. The nuisance of a hide market being held in so crowded a situation is not the only one, since most of the hide salesmen, like the tanners, having their yards in Bermondsey, the hides have to be carted over London-bridge to the City, sold at Leadenhall, and again carted back to Bermondsey to be tanned, thereby increasing the traffic over this at all times crowded bridge. Trusting that this state of things may be soon be remedied,—
I am, &c. Henry Hyde