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The London Chronicle
Universal Evening Post

from THURSDAY, May 18, to SATURDAY, May 20, 1758.?

The Preston man of war from Gibraltar, with her convoy, arrived safe at Genoa, and proceeded from thence to Leghorn, with the ships for that port and Smyrna.

The Barbara, Lasbays, from Gottingen to the Murray Firth, is taken by a French privateer.

A bank note of 20l. was found last Wednesday in one of the charity boxes at the Foundling hospital.

A few days since the Rev. Mr. John Whittington, rector of Orford in Suffolk, was married to Mrs. Brett, of Westminster.

We hear an officer in the army, of family and fortune, and a young heiress of upwards of 200,000l. fortune, are gone into Scotland to be married there. Public Advertiser.

We hear from Birmingham, that on Thursday fe'nnight Mr. Ruston, merchant, of that town, was married to Miss Eaves.

Yesterday the Lady of Thomas Potter, Esq; was safely delivered of a daughter, at his house in Cleveland-Row, St. James's.

Yesterday morning died in an apoplectic fit, Mr. Perkins, one of the aldermen of Huntingdon. He had been in town two days, was taken ill the night before he died as he was in company, and never spoke from the time he was taken ill.

Yesterday morning died, at his chambers in Lincoln's-inn, Mr. George Crow, attorney.

Wednesday died at his house in South Audley-street, in the 16th year of his age, William Vansittat, Esq; of Lincolnshire.

Yesterday died, aged 78, Mr. Cornelius Drew, who had been 29 years clerk of the Union fire-office, and one of the oldest clerks in the South-Sea-house.

Yesterday a drayman was squeezed between a post and his dray in Whitecross-street, and died on the spot.

At Guildford races on Tuesday last his Majesty's plate of one hundred guineas was won by Mr. Roger's chesnut horse, Jack of Newbury, got by Babraham, from the Duke of Bridgewater's Villager, got by Castle; and Mr. Grisewood's Dumplin, got by Dumplin.

On Wednesday a plate of 50l. for four year olds, was won by Mr. Wildman's bay colt, got by Babraham.

                                                    Whitehall, April 12. 1758Whereas it hath been humbly represented to his Majesty, that on Tuesday the 11th instant, at Eleven o'Clock at night, the Temporary Bridge erected for a Passage during the Alteration of London Bridge was set on Fire, and in the Space of a few Hours burnt down and entirely consumed, whereby the Passage over the said bridge is totally destroyed; and whereas there are the strongest Grounds to believe, that the said Temporary Bridge was wilfully and maliciously set on fire by the Contrivance or Conspiracy of evil disposed and wicked Persons, his Majesty for the better discovery and bringing to Justice the Perpetrator or Perpetrators of a Crime so very infamous and detestable, is hereby pleased to promote his most gracious Pardon to any one of the Persons concerned in contriving the same, (except the Person or Persons who actually set the said Temporary Bridge on Fire,) who shall discover the Person or Persons who set the said Bridge on Fire, so that he, she or they, be apprehended and convicted thereof. W. PITT.

And, as a further Encouragement, the Mayor, Aldermen, and Commons of the City of London, in Common Council assembled, do hereby promise a Reward of 20l.? to any Person making such Discovery as aforesaid, (except the Person or Persons who actually set the said Bridge on Fire,) to be paid by the Chamberlain of London, on Conviction of such Offender or Offenders.
Guildhall, April 12, 1758. Hodges.

WANTED,An Advowson from 200l. to 600l. a Year, with any Life upwards of Fifty upon it; or a next Presentation of about the same yearly Value, provided there is an old Incumbent.
Any Person (being a Principal) may direct to Mr. Wm. Dobey, opposite the Sun Tavern, in Holborn.

To be LETT, Furnished, A very good House, consisting of three Parlours and a large Hall below stairs, five Bedchambers, a Dressing Room and a large Study, and two small Rooms, five large Garrets, with as many beds as may be wanted; over the Scullery and Dairy there are seven Bedchambers for servants; there are all reasonable Conveniences for Servants, such as Store-Rooms, Clossets, Shelves; good Stabling for ten Horses at least Coach-houses, Brew-houses, Out-houses, &c. with or without Land; The Gardens in good Order, a Dove-house, Fish-ponds, well stock'd, in a fine Sporting Country, a Mile from Buckenham, a Market Town in Norfolk; 16 miles from Norwich, and 99 from London.
Enquire of Mr. Jackson, Bookseller, in St. James's Street.


This Day are published, Price One Guinea, TWELVE CONCERTOS in Seven Parts, for VIOLINS, &c. Composed by Charles Avison, Organist in Newcastle upon Tyne. Opera Sefta, ? Sold by J. Jackson in Cheapside; and J. Walsh in Catherine-street. Also Proposals for publishing Mr. Avison's Concertos in Score, for the use of Performers on the Harpsichord.

This Day was published, Price bound 4s.

And this Day was published, The Seventh Edition of the First Volume.
Printed for L. Davis and D. Reymers, against Gray's Inn-Gate, Holborn; to be had also of Mr. Henderson, at the Royal Exchange.

This Day was published,
In Two Volumes Octavo, Price Eight Shillings bound, the Third Edition improved, ofThe General PRACTICE of PHYSIC; extracted chiefly from the Writings of the most celebrated practical Physicians, and the medical Essays, Transactions, Journals, and literary Correspondence of the learned Societies in Europe. To which is prefixed an Introduction containing the Distinction of familiar Diseases, the use of the Non naturals, and Account of the Pulse, the Content of the Nervous Parts, and a sketch of the Animal Oeconomy.By R. BROOKES, M.D.
Printed for J. Newbery, in St. Paul's Church-yard.

Country News Kingston-upon-Thames, May 18. Tho' rain is vastly wanted westward of London, the grass burnt up, and the barley not able to get thro' the ground, it being so hard and dry; yet on Monday last, just by Chertsey in Surry, a sort of water-spout fell on a field of Barley on the side of a hill, and washed barley, and all before it; beat down a garden wall, and ran into the cellars of a gentleman's house. The oldest man living remembers not so violent and heavy a shower of rain; but it spread but a little way.

There is just laid in a fresh parcel of fine Hollands of the best fabric at 4 s. and 5 s. an ?, and a large Sortment of fine strong Irish Cloths at 18 d. and 2 s. and some exceeding fine and neat ditto at 3 s. and 4 s. a Yard; good Irish Sheeting 11 d. a Yard, fine ditto 20d. and 2 s. Damask and Diaper Table Cloths at 3 s. a-piece; very large and fine ditto at 8s. at FORSTER's Linen Warehouses at Charing Cross, in Portugal-street, Clare Market, and near the Bridge Foot, in the Borough. Also fine clear Lawns at 2 s. and 3 s. a Yard; fine clear Muslins ? wide, and Yard and Half wide, at 5s. a yard; plain and flowered Scotch Gauze at 18d. a Yard. The above Articles are the best of their Kind, and sold cheaper, and for less Profits than common; which he is enabled to do by large and quick Returns.

This day was publish'd, Price 2 s. 6d.
The Second Edition, of Minutes of the proceedings at the Trial of Rear Admiral KNOWLES before a Court-Martial, held on board his Majesty's Yatch the Charlotte, at Deptford, for his Conduct and Behaviour in and relating to an Engagement with a Spanish Squadron on the First of October, 1748. By Mr. Charles Fearne, Judge-Advocate of his Majesty's Fleet.Printed for R. and J. Dodsley in Pallmall; and sold by M. Cooper in Pater-noster-row.

LONDON: Sold by J. Wilkie, behind the Chapter-House, in St. Paul's Church Yard, where Advertisements, and Letters to the Authors, are taken in: And where all Persons who choose to be regularly served with this Paper are deferred to apply.