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Guy's Hospital Gazette.

No. 1.  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1872.     Twopence.

IN launching this little sheet—which it is intended to publish weekly—we, the Editorial Committee, wish to draw the attention of Guy's men to what our present intentions are.

There can be little doubt but that there has been a great want of some medium of communication between one class of Guy's men and another. Guy's Hospital is a large place, and it is quite impossible for any student to expect to be cognisant of all that takes place within its walls.

It is therefore obvious that every student misses much that is interesting, and that a great many things take place in the Hospital, from which he might derive useful information, but which it is impossible for him to see simply because he is not ubiquitous. It is, therefore, our intent to bring before each student an account of everything of interest that passes at Guy's, so that he may as it were have his powers of observation multiplied.

As this paper will be published weekly, we shall be enabled by its means to inform students of many things which are to take place during the ensuing week, and thus enable him to make better use of his time than he otherwise could do.

We would ask all Guy's men to aid us with every information they may think will be useful to their fellow students. To the Surgical, Medical, and Clinical Clerks we shall look for reports of remarkable cases; to the P.M. Clerks for notes of interesting autopsies, and to the others, each in their several departments, for an account of such facts as they may come across, in discharging the duties of their own several appointments, and may think likely to prove of value to others. And we trust that all Guy's men will do their best to support and aid our undertaking, which has as one of its prominent objects the formation of a closer bond of union between the several classes of students than the usual course of study now tends to produce.

It is perhaps scarcely necessary to say that money making is not the object, and that all the promoters of this little paper hope for, is that sufficient patronage will be extended to it to enable it to pay its way.
We do not wish this paper to consist of two or three special articles, strung together by clever brains, but rather a statement of facts that have occurred or are about to occur in the Hospital; and though out first number may seem to be meagre in the news it conveys, yet we hope as our sources of information become multiplied, to collect in future numbers all the news that may be of value to students.

Our pages will also be open to letters from Correspondents, and we shall always be happy to answer, as far as lies in our power any questions that may be put to us in that form.

Our advertising columns will also he open, at a cheap rate, for all students who may have any articles of a professional character to dispose of. We would draw special attention to the column entitled "Our Note Book," containing, as it will do, the most important aphorisms let fall from the lips of our teachers and which up to this time have been heard only by the few who chanced to have been present at the time they were spoken, hut now will be given to all through the medium of this paper.

With regard to the accuracy of statements contained in our pages, we can only say that in every case we shall endeavour to do our best to publish only news obtained from reliable sources, and to verify our reporter's statements as much as possible. Should, however, any inaccurate statements appear in spite of our care we will always correct the mistake in our next number. But in no case do we hold ourselves responsible for opinions expressed in any communication which may be addressed to us.
We conclude by wishing all old students a welcome back to work again, and no less a hearty welcome to those new students who come among us now for the first time.

We earnestly hope that this little publication may have such a tendency as to enable us the better to work through the ensuing session, and with a unity and a harmony that will cause us in after life—far away it be from the scene of our present labours—to remember with pleasure the days of our studentship, when the helpful co-operation of our fellow-workers made the time pass so pleasantly and profitably.


Case of Typhoid Fever occurring in a Patient, who has been in the Hospital 2 months.
Emma Y-----,aet. 23, was admitted into No. 23 (Mary) Ward on 15th July, 1872, suffering from paraplegia.
For this she was treated with little success till September 20th, when she had a rigor.
By the 24th symptoms of Typhoid Fever were fully developed.
This is a case of considerable interest with regard to the infectiousness of Typhoid Fever.
On the 8th September a Patient was admitted into Mary Ward (No. 7), suffering from a violent attack of Typhoid Fever. Twelve days afterwards Emma Y----- had a rigor, followed by the usual symptoms of the disease. The two patients lie in different sections of the Ward, and are under different nurses. Emma Y----- has been confined to her bed for two months, and therefore has not used the water-closet of the Ward. How has the germ been conveyed?
Case simulating Pericarditis.
Stephen F-----,aet. 42, Stephen Ward No. 37. Patient was admitted on September 11th, complaining of pain over the left scapula.
He was spitting a great deal of tenacious sputa of a yellowish colour.
There is a hard mass in the right cervical region, and another probably malignant in the left axilla.
The Physical signs are—Dullness on percussion all over left side of chest —deficient vocal resonance—deficient respiratory murmers—absence of tactile vibration.
A rub synchronous with the heart's impulse is heard over the sternum, and appeared for the first time on the date of admission.
There are no febrile symptoms.
The case was naturally set down to be one of Pericarditis, but on the rub continuing to be heard for 3 weeks, Dr. Wilks came to the conclusion that the sound must be exocardial.
On the 27th September the rub could be distinctly heard, the other condition also remaining the same.
Dr. Wilks remarked that he had often seen cases in the Post-mortem Room that during life were set down to be Pericarditis, but which turned out to be inflammation of that part of the pleura which lies in front of the heart.
Case of Malignant Disease of Oesophagus—Gastrotomy—Death.
Joseph -----,aet. 53, admitted in Naaman Ward (No. 7) on the 15th September.
He was suffering for 12 months from constriction of his throat.
No attempt was made to pass a bougie. On the 17th—Gastrotomy was decided upon and performed by Mr. Bryant. After this ½ gr. of morphia was given in suppository.
18th—Patient's strength seemed failing. Brandy was passed into the stomach through the opening, but without avail, as patient died at 6.30 a.m.
(Post-mortem Examination.)
Broncho-pneumonia of both lungs. Glottis filled with mucus. Just below this in oesphagus was an ulcerating malignant surface, which had contracted the canal and just allowed a director to pass. It extended about 3 inches down the oesophagus. About 4 inches from cardiac end of oesophagus was a growth which almost filled the canal, and would have rendered the operation of gastrotomy unavailing, though the position of the cancer would have permitted it. There was no peritonitis. About an ounce of blood has escaped into the peritoneum. The wound in the stomach was situated about 4 inches from pylorus, and round it was a slight trace of adhesion.

Matches Arranged.

First Fifteen.
Saturday, October    5 —
       "           "          12 —
       "           "          19 —
       "           "          26 —St. George's—Nunhead
       "    November   2 —University College—Tuffnell Park
       "           "           9 —King's College—Victoria Park
       "           "         16 —London Hospital—Nunhead
       "           "         23 —Richmond—Richmond
       "           "         30 —Clapham Rovers—Clapham
       "    December   7 —St. Thomas's—Clapham
       "           "        14 — Blackheath—Nunhead
Saturday, January   11 —
       "           "          18  —
       "           "          25—St. Thomas's—Nunhead
    "     February     1—King's—Nunhead
       "           "            8—Old Paulines—Nunhead
       "          "          15 —Clapham Rovers—Nunhead
       "           "          22—London—Victoria Park
    "      March        1—St. George's—Battersea
       "           "            8—Blackheath—Blackheath
       "           "          15—University College—Nunhead
                   Second Fifteen.
Saturday, October  19 —St. Paul's—Nunhead
Saturday, January   18 —International College-Their Ground
    "      February   8 —St. Paul's School—

Medical Books.
E. J. Stoneham, new & second-hand bookseller,
14, borough high street,
(A few doors from London Bridge.)
new books (medical and general) supplied
at a discount of 3d. in the schilling.
Books Bought or Exchanged, in Town or Country for immediate Cash.

J. Millikin, Surgical Instrument Maker to the above Institutions begs to announce that he has no connexion whatever with Nos.7, Southwark Street, and 12, Palace Road, and that all communications intended for him must, in order to insure prompt attention, be addressed to
3, St. Thomas's Street, Borough,
where he is now conducting his business of Manufacturer of every description of Surgical Instrument and Appliance, Artificial Legs, Arms, and Hands, Trusses, Amputating and Minor Operating Cases.
We wish to draw attention to the new Prospectus, which has evidently been prepared with great care and is obviously a marked improvement on the old one. The Hospital is becoming such a large place as really do require a plan to guide fresh men about its numerous departments. With regard to the history of the Hospital, a great omission existed in the old Prospectus as to the share William Hunt had in the establishment of the school; this defect has been remedied in the present edition, and a correct and concise account is presented to the reader.

Session 1872-3

The introductory Address will be given by Dr. Pye Smith,
in the Anatomical Theatre, at 2 p.m.
The Lectures commence as follows:-
Wednesday, October 2 —Anatomy, 9 a.m.
         "               "             Medicine, 3 p.m.
         "               "             Physiology, 4.15 p.m.
Thursday,     October 3 —Chemistry, 11 a.m.
         "               "             Practical Physiology, 1.30 p.m
         "               "             Surgery, 3.30 p.m.
     (signed)            J. C. STEELE, Superintendent.

            Appointments made July, 1872.
Res. Obst. Assistants—
        J. R. Hughes, Buchanan, Harries
Surgeon's Dressers—
          Spurgin -                        Mr. Birkett
Elliott, Nash -                           Mr. Forster
Groves, Ashby -                       Mr. Bryant
Hughes -                                  Mr. Durham
Clinical Assistants—
        Golding Bird, Branfoot, Clumm, G.
F. J. Smith, Morley, D. Duke -
Eye Wards—
T. Jones, Langdale, Hicks -
Asst. Physic. Clerks—
         Simmonds, Burton -                   Dr. Moxon
Gibb, Field, French, Blackburn -         Dr. Fagge
Reid, Bingham -                                  Dr. Pye Smith
Clin. Ward Clerks—
         Stericker, Pinching, Dalton, Clare,
         C.B. Elliot, Wigan, F. J. S. Smith,
         Rigby, T. C. Jones, Booth, Lees,
         Crespin, Hetley, Barnard, Lewis,
         Saunders, Nunez -
Aural Surgeon's Dressers—
          Ransford, Simmonds -
Ass. Surgeon's Dressers—
D. C. Morgan, May, Hooper, Tyson,
Harsant, Foster, Davies, Crouch -           Mr. Howse
Rudd, H. Clarke, H. M. Smith,
Keyworth, Griffiths, Metcalfe, H. P.
Taylor -                                                   Mr. Colley
Dressers in Surgery—
         Wilcocks, Rendall, Forty, Dring,
         Hood, Churchward, Mason, Hind,
         Winckworth, Duran, Crowther, D.
         T. Evans, Morton, H. Evans, Wild-
          ing, Sangster, T. C. Jones -
Post Mortem Clerks—
      Hawton, Carey, Wilkins, Bevers,
      Sweetland, Day -   -
Surg. Ward Clerks—
          Jennings, Kavanagh, A. H. Jones, W.
          N. Jones; Powell, H. Duke, Caddy,
          Ockendon, Brammitt, Giblin, Paley,
          Pritchard, D. T. Evans, Morris,
          Richards, Barlow, Manwaring, Wal-

 Obst. Out-patients—
F. J. S. Smith, Guard, Barnard,
  Palmer    -      -        -         -
Dental Surg. Dressers—
     Field, French, Bevers, Burton -
Ass. Surg. Clerks—
 Greene, Snook, Pritchard      -
       (Signed)  J. C. STEELE, Superintendent

                    Gynaecological Classes,
                            24, St. George's Street,
                                       Hanover Square, W.
Gentlemen who, in their fourth year, are desirous of joining the Ward Classes, are requested to communicate by letter with Dr. J. Braxton Hicks, at the above direction.
The appointment is made for 1 month.
Gentlemen can select the most convenient month to themselves at the time of application.
               (Signed)             J. C. STEELE,

                                                                    24, George Street,
                                        Hanover Square, W.
            Obstetrical Operations.
Dr. J. Braxton Hicks will give Practical Demonstrations in above named subjects during the Winter Session. Gentlemen who, in their fourth year, are desirous of joining
are requested to communicate with Dr. Hicks by letter at the above direction, specifying the month most convenient to them.
 (signed) J. C. S..

A Photograph of Residents will be taken at 11 a.m., on Thursday, October 3rd. Gentlemen able to attend will oblige by giving names to
                                 J. D. Harris,
  Sept. 17                       Junr. in Charity.

Up to 4 p.m. on Monday 41 new students had entered their names on the books of the Hospital,
There will be no operations on Tuesday, the 1st. Mr. Bryant will probably amputate through the thigh on Wednesday, the 2nd.
Physical Society.—We strongly advise all Students to lose no time in giving their names and subscriptions to one of the Presidents