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No. 16. FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1921. Vol. VIII.



Photographs (large file 500K)

298.James Ivor Newton Maddocks, aliases Newton Maddocks, Ivor Maddocks and The Imperial Supply Co., C.R.O., No. 4839-1915.

Description : B. (Cardiff) 1886, 5ft. 42in., c. pale, h. dk. brown, e. brown.

Personal Weaknesses, Peculiarities, etc. : Addicted to drink; excitable ; walks quickly ; very plausible and boasts of property ownership, large contracts of works, etc.; fond of the company of loose women.

Sentenced at Warwick (Co.) Sess., 19-10-1920. to 9 mos. impt. for fraud. Liberated, 11.6.1921, to Birmingham. Pre. con. of fraud and a minor offence at NEATH, BARRY and HEREFORD.

(i) Advertised in London and Provincial newspapers and trade journals various articles for sale; obtained cash with order, and made plausible excuses for not forwarding the goods; if the demands of the victim became too insistent he returned the money in order to avoid proceedings being taken against him. Used elaborate bill heads and represented himself to be in a large way of business.

(ii) Obtained a contract to complete 30 or 40 houses, his uncle supplying him with the necessary material. At the close of the contract he left the district, failed to pay for the material and used his uncle's name to obtain credit.

(iii) Obtained horses, watches, typewriters, drilling machines, dogs, fowls and a motor car from persons in different parts of the country by means of worthless cheques.

(iv) As The South Wales Cider Company, obtained money by representing he had a large amount of cider for sale. Under the pretext that he was in a position to supply scrap metal, obtained money from a marine store dealer.

The portrait is a good likeness.

Specimen of handwriting at C.R.O.

299. James Woods, aliases John McNamee, James Anderson, John McCusker and James Ferguson, C.R.O.. No. 570-1912.

Description : B. (says, Liverpool, Newcastle and Ireland) 1888, 5ft. 32in., c. sallow, h. dk. brown, e. brown, wart on middle finger.

Sentenced at Southampton Sess., 12-1-1921, to 6 mos. impt. for shopbreaking. Liberated,

11-6-1921, to Winchester. Pre. con. ofhousebreaking, larceny, burglary, shopbreaking and a minor offence at GLASGOW,GARRICHMORE,ENNISKILLEN and on K and X.

(I) In the early hours of the morning broke into a lock-up shop, situated near the dock where his ship was berthed, by smashing the glass panel of the door and pulling back the bolt. Stole various articles of wearing apparel and decamped.

(ii) Broke into a lock-up grocer's shop during the night and stole clothing, tobacco, postage stamps and cash. To effect entry he pulled down the shutter from a window, broke the pane of glass near the catch and removed the fastener.

(iii) Effected entry into a mansion through the billiard room window. A servant saw the light he carried and gave the alarm.

(iv) Using a ladder, entered a dwelling house and shop by a second floor window which had been left unfastened. He was discovered by a servant trying to force his way into the shop portion of the premises.

Specimen of handwriting at G.P.O.

The portrait is a good likeness

300 Elijah Grant, C.R.O. No. 1323-1917.

Description : B. (Sheffield) 1886, 5ft. 10in., c. fresh, h. dk. brown, e. grey, scar over rt. eye, l. side neck, each wrist and palm of 1. hand.

Personal Weaknesses, Peculiarities, etc. Slow of speech.

Sentenced at York Ass., 8-3-1919, to 3 yrs. pen. for burglary. Liberated on licence, 7.6-1921, to Sheffield. Pre. con. of burglary and housebreaking at SHEFFIELD and WEST HARTLEPOOL.

When sentenced at Sheffield, 18 other cases of burglary and housebreaking were taken into consideration.

(i) In the con. quoted he entered a dwelling house by night through a window on the ground floor which had been left unfastened. Stole a brooch, purse containing money, etc., and decamped.

(ii) During the night climbed over the wall surrounding a dwelling house and effected entry into the building by means of opening the kitchen window, which had been left unlatched. Stole various articles of clothing and food.

The portrait is a good likeness.

Specimen of handwriting at G.P.O.

301. Irvin Barlow, alias Ervin Barlow, C.R.O. No. 97-1912.

Description: B. (says, Dewsbury, Leeds, and Heckmondwike) 1889, 5ft. 4in., c. fresh, h. fair, e. hazel, scar on l. cheek and over 1. eye.

Sentenced at Hants Ass., 20-11-1920, to 7 and 7 mos. impt. (conc.) for larceny (2 cases). Liberated, 16-5-1921, to Liphook, Hants. Pre. con. of burglary, housebreaking, larceny, warehousebreaking. shopbreaking and conspiracy to steal at SALFORD,SALISBURY,CAMBERLEY,ALDERSHOT and HASTINGS.

(i) Entered an unlocked shed which adjoined a building in course of erection and stole therefrom a carpenter's bag containing tools. Erased the owner's name from the tools and re-stamped them with his own.

(ii) During the early hours of the morning, in company with a confederate, climbed over the gate into the grounds of a private house, forced the padlock from the gate and proceeded to the garage where, after an unsuccessful attempt to force the doors from the outside, gained access through the window, the bars of which they forced apart. Opening the doors of the garage from the inside, they stole a car, suit of clothes, etc., and drove off; they had proceeded about l00 yds. when the engine gave out and the car had to be abandoned.

Disposed of property to pawnbrokers.

Associate Henry Davis, C.R.O., No. 1795-09 (who has been convicted with him).

The portrait is a good likeness.

Specimen of handwriting at C.R.O.

302. Cathleen McCormac, aliases Catherine Craven, Kathleen Isabella Craven, Isabella Craven, Nurse Carson and Sister Carson, C.R.O. No. 152-1921.

Description : B. (Aldershot) 1881, 4ft. 10in., c. pale, h. grey, e. blue, scars rt. neck.

Personal Weaknesses, Peculiarities, etc. : Is fairly active; addicted to drink ; has been known to dye her hair an auburn colour.

Sentenced at Surrey Sess., 10-8-1920, to 12 mos. impt. for larceny. Liberated, 11-6-1921, into the M.P.D. Pre. con. of larceny and receiving at DOVER,BRIGHTON and on R.

(i) Through an advertisement in a newspaper was engaged at a nursing home and stole clothing, boots, money, etc., from a house where she had been sent to attend a case. Stated she was a niece of Sir Edward Carson and sister to Lady Barten ; that she had been nursing in France during the war and the scar on her neck was the result of a wound.

(ii) Obtained, by means of false references a situation as nurse in a nurses' institution. Later was sent to attend an old lady at her private residence, and whilst there stole three diamond rings from which she caused the diamonds to be removed and paste stones substituted. Two of the diamonds she forwarded to her mother at Brighton for disposal, and pledged the third with a local pawnbroker

The portrait is a good likeness.

Specimen of handwriting at C.R.O.

303. Douglas Arthur Nowland, aliases Douglas Nowland and Lawrence Branton, C.R.O. No. 18383-1916.

Description : B. (London) 1899, 5ft. 4in., c. fresh, h. black, e. brown.

Personal Weaknesses, Peculiarities, etc. : Well spoken ; dresses smartly; is a reputed sodomite.

Sentenced at Middlesex Sess., 6-3-1920, to 18 mos. impt. (conc.), for burglary (3 cases). Liberated, 7-6-1921, into the M.P.D. Pre. con. of larceny and housebreaking on F and V.

(i) Walked into flats left unattendedthe outer doors having been left open for the convenience of the tenants and stole a perambulator, gramophone, bicycle, etc.

(ii) Burglariously entered a dwelling house by forcing front room window.

(iii) With a confederate effected entry, during the day, into houses by breaking glass panels in front door and pulling back the catch.

(iv) Entered the hall of a hotel and stole attache case. Engaged a room at a hotel, went to the booking clerk and obtained the key a room occupied by some other person and stole jewellery, clothing, etc.

(v) Obtained money by forging the endorsement of a cheque and two sums of £1 by presenting at a post office, stolen savings bank books, and forging the necessary particulars on the withdrawal "on demand" notices.

Associate: Ronald Guy Knott, C.R.O. No. 7861-1918 (who has been convicted with him), now in a B.I The portrait is a good likeness.

Specimen of handwriting at C.R.O.

Subsequent History. [Editor: m.s. addition states "Died H.M. Prison Parkhurst on 16.11.34"]

The following persons who have already appeared in Supplement A have been re-convicted as follows:-

304. Mary Fraser, Case No. 79 (Vol. I.), was sentenced as Mary Jones, at C.L.S., 21-7-1921, to 6 mos. impt., for obtaining credit by fraud. Entered a shop, ordered a meal which she consumed and left the premises. When brought back it was found she had no money.

305. Frederick Ryan Trousdale, Case No. 121 (Vol. I.), was sentenced as Charles Cecil Trevalyan, at Brownhills Pol. Ct., 13-7-1921, to 14 days and 3 mos. impt., for (1) fraud, (2) failing to notify change of address. Method as in original case. A case of failing to pay driver of a motor car which he had hired was taken into consideration when sentence was passed.

306. Horace Holt, Case No. 182 (Vol. I.), was sentenced as William Henry Morgan, at Swansea Ass.,

12-7-1921, to 18 mos. (conc.), for false pretences (two cases). Inserted an advertisement in a South Wales paper offering potatoes for sale, the conditions were cash with order. He received cheques from two people, but failed to forward the potatoes, and later absconded. Used elaborate billheads with the names of Henry Phillips or W. H. Morgan, Potatoe Merchant.

William Read, Case No. 223 (Vol. I.), was sentenced as William Smith, at Hereford (City) Pol. Ct., 21-7-1921, to 6 mos. impt., for aggravated assault.

307. George McDonald, Case No. 245 (Vol. I.), was sentenced as John Henry Starkey, at Birmingham Pol. Ct., 13-6-1921, to 6 mos. impt., for larceny. Was employed as handy man at a motor garage, and when leaving work at night stole a motor car wheel, which he carried away with him.

308. James Roberts, Case No.280 (Vol. I.), was brought up on Home Office Order and sentenced as James Reginald Goode, at Hants Ass., 11-7-1921, to 18 mos. impt., for forgery. Posed as an ex-major and induced two tradesmen to join him in partnership, altered cheques after they had been signed by his partners, cashed them, and absconded with the money.

Henry James Duggan, Case No. 301 (Vol. I.), was brought up on a Home Office Order and sentenced at Portsmouth Sess., 15-7-1921, to 15 mos. impt., for housebreaking. Sentence to run conc. with that passed on 7-5-1921.

309. John Norbury, Case No. 307 (Vol. I.), was at Epsom P. Sess., 25-7-1921, fined £10 and bound over in the sum of £10 for 12 mos., for larceny. Entered a new unoccupied house and whilst a workman was busy in an upper room took a wallet and contents from his coat which was hanging on a door.

310. Douglas Roper, Case No. 281 (Vol. II.), was sentenced as Douglas Nunn, at Bury St. Edmunds P. Sess., 21-7-1921, to 3 mos. impt., for attempting to steal money from a church offertory box. Method as in original case.

Charles Baulch, Case No. 297 (Vol. II.), was sentenced as George Morris, at Leeds City Sess., 4-7-1921, to 6 mos. impt. (conc.), for false pretences (two cases). Sentence to run concurrent with that of 27-6-1921.

311. George Purchase, Case No. 370 (Vol. II.), was sentenced as John Cousins, at West Kent Sess.,

7-7-1921, to 18 mos. impt., for receiving. Was originally charged with burglary. Broke into a dwelling house by night by scaling the wall at rear of premises and breaking window near catch fastener. When inside, opened the back door and gate so as to ensure a way of escape if disturbed, stole money and two gold rings. Quieted the dog by giving him mince pies; consumed food on the premises. Liberated from previous sentence 31-5-1921.

Charles Jones, Case No. 140 (Vol. III.), was sentenced as Charles West, at Taunton Pol. Ct., 25-6-1921, to 1 mo. impt., for assaulting a police constable.

312. William Ray, Case No. 155 (Vol. III.), was sentenced as William Brown, at C.C.C., 18-7-1921, to

3 yrs. pen., for shopbreaking and larceny. Entered a boot shop by the window, which he broke with a brick, and stole clothing, money, etc.

George Stanley Wilson, Case No. 63 (Vol. IV.), was sentenced at Wallasey Pol. Ct., 11-7-1921, to 3, 3, 3 and 3 mos. impt. (cons.), for false pretences (3 cases) and larceny. Method as in last par. (ii) and (iii) of original case.

313. Llewellyn Price, Case No. 386 (Vol. IV.), was sentenced as Thomas Price, at Derby Sess., 11-7-1921, to 3mos. impt., for attempted burglary. Attempted to gain entrance into a dwelling house and shop by trying to force open the front door of the shop with his knee.

George Williams, Case No. 55 (Vol. V.), was sentenced as John Sharp, at C.L.S., 21-7-1921, to 12 mos. impt., for being an incorrigible rogue.

Harold Pickard, Case No. 127 (Vol. V.), was sentenced as Harold Norman Pickard, at Swadlincote P. Sess., 5-7-1921, to 6 and 6 mos. impt. (cons.), for false pretences. Method as in (ii) original case.

Cyril Jackson, Case No. 232 (Vol. V.), was sentenced as Cyril Harrison, at Marylebone Pol. Ct., 11-7-1921, to 2 mos. impt., for being in unlawful possession of 3 gent's raincoats.

314. Albert Edward Meadows, Case No. 325 (Vol. V.), was sentenced at Warwick Ass., 7-7-1921, to 12 mos. impt., for larceny. Stole lady's cycle left unattended in the street.

Thomas Foster, Case No. 340 (Vol. V.), was sentenced at Castleford (W.R.) Pol. Ct., 6-7-1921, to 3 mos. impt. for stealing one gallon of beer.

315. Alan Potter, Case No. 461 (Vol. V.), was sentenced at Westminster Pol. Ct. (L.), 25-7-1921, to 6 mos. impt. for larceny. Entered a hotel as a visitor, stole an overcoat, umbrella, etc., from the hall, and absconded.

316. James Frederick Titmass, Case No. 5 (Vol. VI.), was sentenced as James Frederick Boyce, at Liverpool (Co.) Sess., 12-7-1921, to 12 mos. impt. for obtaining money by false pretences (3 cases). Stating he was an authorised collector on behalf of Discharged Soldiers and Sailors Fund, collected various monies which he converted to his own use; 7 other cases of false pretences at Seaforth, Ormskirk, Stockton-on-Tees, and one case of larceny at Manchester were taken into consideration when sentence was passed.

John Lampey, Case No. 70 (Vol. VI.), was sentenced at Guildhall Pol. Ct. (L.), 9-7-1921, to 9 mos. impt. under the Prevention of Crimes Act. Stole a watch and chain from the person.

317. Edward Gordon, Case No. 72 (Vol. VI.), was sentenced as Albert Smith, at Chichester Sess., 12-7-1921, to 3 yrs. pen. for false pretences. As Regimental Sergeant-major Smith, V.C., etc., called on clergymen, War Pensions' Committees, etc., produced a savings bank withdrawal form filled in for £25, stated he was in urgent need and borrowed money which he promised to repay on receipt of the warrant from the post office. Usually asked loser to post the withdrawal form. Thirty-four cases, in various parts of the country, were taken into consideration when sentence was passed. Has used the following names Sergt.-major Nurse, V.C., Forbes, Brown, Fisher, Bunce, Howard and Maton.

318. John Levenson, Case No. 160 (Vol. VI.), was sentenced as Jack Levenson, at C.C.C., 18-7-1921, to 9 mos. impt. for obtaining credit by false pretences. Telephoned to garage proprietors, hired motor cars by falsely representing he was attached to the War Office and Ministry of Health, and failed to pay for same.

Frank Aldred, Case No. 198 (Vol. VI.), was sentenced at Manchester (City) Pol. Ct., 14-7-1921, to 3 and 3 mos. impt. (cons.) for receiving (2 cases). Found in possession of 2 dozen lady's skirts, part proceeds of a case of warehousebreaking.

319. George Wood, Case No. 240 (Vol. VI.), was sentenced at Middlesex Sess., 2-7-1921, to 32 yrs. pen. (conc.) and 5 yrs. p.d. for (1) horsestealing, 3 cases, (2) larceny, and (3) being a h.c. (1) Method as in (1) original case; (2) Forced door of coach-house and stole a quantity of petrol.

Benjamin Hampson, Case No. 295 (Vol. VI.), was sentenced at Bow Street Pol. Ct. (L.), 15-7-1921, to 2 mos. impt. as a suspected person, attempting to pick pockets.

George West, Case No. 73 (Vol. VII), was sentenced as Cornelius Jukes, at Birmingham Sess., 1-7-1921, to 15 mos. impt. for shopbreaking. Method as in (ii) original case.

320. Robert Truman, Case No. 273 (Vol. VII.), was sentenced at South Western Pol. Ct. (L.), 6-7-1921, to 6 weeks impt. and pay £2 costs to prosecutrix, for larceny. Called at a shop, represented he had been sent by the landlord to measure the premises, and during the temporary absence of the occupier he stole money from the till and absconded.

321. Winifred Joan Perry, Case No. 437 (Vol. VII.), was, as Winifred Joan Paget, at Staffordshire Sess.,

28.6-1921, bound over for 3 yrs. for larceny—servant. Obtained a situation as kennel maid in answer to an advertisement, represented herself to be the widow of an officer, and in the absence of her employer, stole jewellery and clothing. A further case of larceny at Manchester City was taken into consideration when sentence was passed.

322. James Livingstone, Case No. 1 (Vol. VIII.), was sentenced at Bow Street Pol. Ct. (L.), 16-7-1921, to 3 mos. impt. for larceny—trick. Made the acquaintance of prosecutrix in the street, went to her flat for an immoral purpose, gave her a worthless cheque for £5 and obtained £1 change. Has also issued worthless cheques in the name of Sir William Davidson, M.P.

323. Thomas James Ridsdale, Case No. 23 (Vol. VIII.), was sentenced as James Henry Ridsdale, at South Western Pol. Ct. (L.), 12-7-1921, to 6 mos. impt. for larceny. Whilst serving in the Army, borrowed a portmanteau and civilian clothing from a comrade for the purpose of proceeding on leave and sold them.

324. Thomas Benjamin Anderson, Case No. 56 (Vol. VIII.), was sentenced as Thomas Anderson, at

C.L.S., 6-7-1921, to 4 yrs. pen. and 5 yrs. p.d. for shopbreaking (2 cases) and being a h.c. Bored

a hole through a wall and thereby effected entry into a shop occupied by a firm of wholesale chemists.

Bored a hole in the wall separating the former place and a jeweller's shop. George Cole, C.R.O.

No. 664-03, and John Crew, C.R.O. No. 243-13, were convicted with him.

325. George Hammett, Case No. 58 (Vol. VIII.),was sentenced at C.L.S., 20-7-1921, to 21 mos. impt. for larceny. Was employed by losers as a carman and delivered goods at a shop not served by them.

326. Frederick Teale, Case No. 76 (Vol. VIII.), was sentenced at Portsmouth Sess., 14-7-1921, to 3 yrs. pen. for larceny. Took rooms at a public house, represented his uncle was a banker, gained the confidence of the licensee, was allowed to use the sitting room, where he discovered the keys of the safe, from which he stole money, etc. Invited the landlord to accompany him in a motor to a neighbouring town, and from there took train to London.


Henry Clifton, Case No. 205 (Vol. I.) was liberated, 27-7-1921, to Exeter.

Timothy Connell, Case No. 7 (Vol. II.), was liberated, 23-7-1921, into the M.P.D. Intended address : 61, Swan Street, High Street, Borough.

Edward Cook, Case No. 115 (Vol. II.), and Latest Information, 1-4-1921, was not liberated until 5-5-1921, owing to loss of remission marks.

George Henry Richards, Case No. 135 (Vol. II.), died 18-5-1921.

John Warrington, Case No. 273 (Vol. II.), died 17-11-1918.

Percy Jeffery Lewin, Case No. 319 (Vol. III.), was liberated, 22-7-1921, into the M.P.D. Intended address : 9, West Square, St. George's Road, S.E. 1.

James Cooksley, Case No. 47 (Vol. V.), was liberated, 20-7-1921, into the M.P.D. Intended address 35, Pullen's Buildings, Peacock Street, Newington Butts. The C.R.O. number in original case should read 1828-1902, not 1828-1903.

George Ludbrook Evans, Case No. 135 (Vol. V.), was liberated on licence, 12-7-1921, into the M.P.D.

Percy Baker, Case No. 215 (Vol. V.), was liberated on licence, 18-7-1921, to Glasgow.

John Burns, Case No. 85 (Vol. VI.), was liberated, 23-7-1921, to Manchester.

Note.— In the event of information being received of the DEATH of any criminal whose particulars have appeared in POLICE GAZETTE SUPPLEMENTA, the fact should be notified to C.R.O.

As the latest information or subsequent convictions of criminals, whose particulars have been inserted in Supplement A, will appear in each issue at the end of the cases, the original numbers should be cross-referenced on the printed lines provided for that purpose