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The Court

The last few days of her Majesty at Windsor were busily employed in receiving and in entertaining numerous distinguished personages, as well as various members of her own family and relatives, including the Prince and Princess of Wales and their three daughters; the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince and Princess Christain, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, and the Prince of Leiningen and his son Prince Ernest. The Premier had audience, and, with Mrs. Gladstone, dined with the Queen. Prince Lucien Bonaparte lunched with her Majesty, and the Nawab-Vicar-ul-Oomra, with Mir Laik Ali Khan Bahadur and Mir Saadat Ali Khan Bahadur, sons of Sir Salar Jung, attended by Sidar Diler Jung Bahadur, were presented, and the Siamese Minister presented his credentials. The Queen passed a little time at Frogmore, Divine service being performed in the Royal Mausoleum on Sunday by the Vicar of Windsor; Her Majesty and Princess Beatrice receiving the holy communion. Princess Christian breakfasted with the Queen the next morning at Frogmore. The band of the Scots Guards played in the quadrangle of the castle in the evening. Her Majesty and Princess Beatrice arrived at Osborne on Wednesday.

The Prince and Princess of Wales

The garden party given by the Prince and Princess on Thursday week at Marlborough House to meet the Queen was attended by the elite of society, both in diplomatic and general circles. There were also present Princess Beatrice, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince and Princess Christian, and Princesses Victoria and Franciska of Schleswig-Holstein, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, the Duke of Cambridge, and the Duke and Duchess of Teck. The Prince and Princess dined with Earl and Countess Sidney at their residence in Cleveland-square, St. James's, the next evening, and afterwards went to Lady Aveland's ball in Belgrave square. His Royal Highness presided last Saturday at Marlborough House over a meeting of her Majesty's Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851; the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Christian, the Duke of Cambridge, and the Duke of Teck being present. Prince Frederick William of Hesse took leave of the Prince and Princess on Monday on his departure from England. The Princess, with Princess Christian, was present at the concert held at Dudley House for the Hospital for Women, Soho-square. In the evening the Prince and Princess were at a dance given by the Hon. W. and Mrs. Gerard at their residence in Curzon-street. On Tuesday their Royal highnesses visited the camp at Wimbledon, and lunched with Earl and Countess Brownlow. Their Royal Highnesses went to a ball in the evening given by the Brazilian Minister and Baroness de Penedo at the Brazilian Legation in Grosvenor-gardens. The Prince and Princess leave town for the season on Monday, when they go to Goodwood for the race week. The Prince has forwarded a second donation of fifty guineas towards the funds of the Metropolitan and City Police Orphanage.

The Duke of Edinburgh, after a few days' absence, rejoined the Reserve Squadron on Monday at Weymouth.

Prince and Princess Christian dined with the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador and Countess Karolyi at the Austrian Embassy on Monday, and the next evening the Archduke and Archduchess Raiser of Austria dined with their Excellencies.

The Duke of Albany on Tuesday received at Claremont Dr. Samuel Kinns, the author of " Moses and Geology; or, The Harmony of the Bible with Science; " and, on accepting a copy of this work, his loyal Highness said that he was greatly interested in the subject. The duke; and Duchess will lay the foundation-stone of a free library at Preston in September.

The Duke of Cambridge presented the prizes on Tuesday to the students and nurse probationers of the London Hospital.

Yesterday week the Duchess of Teck presided at the annual commemoration at the Village Homes near Addlestone. The Duke and Duchess dined with the Archbishop of Canterbury on Monday; and they were at Lady Wilson's ball in Grosvenor-square on Tuesday.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2255—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 22, 1882, p.86