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Another match between the Australians and Yorkshire was ended last Saturday, when the county was defeated by seven wickets. M'Donnell (82 and, not out, 23) did best for the Colonial team; and Grimshaw (30 and, not out, 37) batted very well on the other side. Rain interfered considerably with the match between Lancashire and Nottinghamshire, which resulted in a draw slightly in favour of the former county, for which Barlow (not out, 44 and 49) did best. There was some heavy scoring in the contest between Middlesex and Surrey. For the former team, which won by eight wickets, Messrs. A.J. Webbe (70 and, not out, 40), Walker (61), and C.T. Studd (42 and, not out, 39), did best; whilst Mr. W. W. Read (26 and 70) contributed largely to the losers' score. This week the Australians have batten Northumberland in one innings with 95 runs to spare. Our visitors appeared likely to make a very small total, but Messrs. Horan (not out, 70) and Garrett (59) completely altered the aspect of the game, and the Northumbrians could do nothing with the bowling opposed to them, Palmer taking eleven wickets for 27 runs. Essex, for which Pickett bowled very successfully, beat Suffolk by 72 runs; Herefordshire defeated Shropshire by 39 runs; and Somersetshire succumbed to Hampshire by ten wickets. Gloucestershire, which a year or two ago was the champion county, is scoring badly this season, and bas been beaten by Notts by an innings and 26 runs. Barnes (63) and Flowers (47) made the best scores for the winners.

The Five Miles Bicycle Championship was decided at the Crystal palace on Saturday. The final heat produced a grand race, and was well by J. S. Whatton, Cambridge University B.C.

Source: The Illustrated London News, No.2256—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 29, 1882, p.111