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Newspaper Extracts:
Illustrated London News

No.2256—Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 29, 1882

[Iron Houses]

General Home News


Fashionable Marriages

[Cricket Marches]

The Goodwood Meeting

[Racing at Sandown]

Obituary: John Cotton

Obituary: Alexander Haldane

Obituary: Rev. W. Martin

[Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners]

Burton-on-Trent: Holy Trinity Church

Harvest Prospects

Church at Snodland

Stolen body of an Earl

Old School Customs

Huntley and Palmer Biscuits

John Brogden, Jeweller

Garbler of Spices

[Death of Waterloo veteran

[Royal Academy of Music]

Obituary: Hablot Browne

Obituary: W. Ward

[French Law of Marriage]

The Court, Royalty

[Prince and Princess of Wales]

[Salt Lake City]

[London school prizes]

[University Students at Manchester]

New Bishop of Newcastle

[Gatling Gun, 240K]

[English & American Marines, 270K]

[American News]

Misc. News

[Fatal fall on Alps]

[Fire trials]

[War in Egypt]

Military position in Egypt, 180K

Bombardment of Alexandria

Landing Troops

[Wounded Sailor]

European Refugees

Will and Bequests

Will: Archer

Will: Baxter

Will: Hopkinson

Will: Nisbet

Will: Palgrave

Will: Powell

Will: Smith

Will: Stevenson

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